Where Did THAT Come From- Unemployment Office

Bunny bouncing back to harass you…err…I mean enlighten you on one of the new buildings brought to us courtesy of Level 37.


As you progress through Kirk’s walkthrough, Weekend Dad Part 15, you will be prompted to build the Unemployment Office ($310,500). So where on earth can you see the Unemployment Office in the Simpsons Episodes and why is Kirk involved?

Well, let’s get started. In Realty Bites, there are multiple story lines flowing through the episode (pretty normal). Marge is trying her hand at the realty business at Red Blazer Realty and Homer has bought Snake’s precious car at a police auction.

While Marge is trying to sell homes, Homer is joy riding all over Springfield in the newly acquired car. Snake, seeing Homer is not taking care of his baby, walks out of the minimum security prison to try and stop him (he’s ruining it for the rest of them). One of his methods was to string ACME piano wire across the road. Homer, of course, ducks down to grab a gumball…just narrowly avoiding the wire.

Meanwhile, and unknowingly approaching the wire, Kirk is shaking his sub sandwich in the air. He is upset they didn’t cut it in half. As he drives through the wire, his arm is cut…in half. How ironic. Lol.

unemployment office 5

unemployment office 6

unemployment office 7

Towards the end of the episode, Marge is fired from her job thanks to Homer and Snake crashing the car into the house she almost just sold to the Flanders family. Homer takes her to the Unemployment Office (again just a quick flash in the episode).

unemployment office 1

Among others there, we see Kirk with his arm in a sling.

unemployment office 8

Another quick blip in an episode and BOOM…in the game. Lol. EA just loves that, don’t they?

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