New Simpsons Episode- The Kid’s Alright

Shhh…I’m not here. They think I am ***cough cough*** “sick”, but I secretly took off in the Hawaiin islands and am sipping some cool drinks by the beach. The furry creature in the basement is really just the shavings from the Wookiee fuzzball’s last hair cut. Don’t say a word, maybe I can stay here 2 more weeks. 😛

So a new episode was on tonight? Anyone catch it? Yah? Can you tell me what happened so I can write it up? NO??!!! **sigh**  FINE! I guess I will have to make something up. Hmmm….Homer became Mayor, Marge left Homer for Cletus, Bart was given the Nobel Peace Prize, Lisa married Ralphie and lives in the trailer his Dad confiscated from a drug bust, and Maggie…she took over the colony of aliens on Rigel VII and is leading an attack on Springfield as we speak. GREAT EPISODE! THE END!

What do you mean that’s not what you saw? Not my fault. No one would tell me. Psssh…I guess I will have to wiggle n tune the “rabbit ears” to see if I can get some reception and pick it up. You’re all so picky. 😛

The ACTUAL Episode, The Kid’s Alright,  started out with a “Silly Simpsony”. (For you youngn’s, these were some odd lil musical cartoons from Disney. Mostly black and white. Some actually I still enjoy to this day.)

kids alright .jpg

All the characters from the Simpsons had been turned into musical instruments.

kids alright 0

Because it started with music, I assumed the entire show would be musically pushed. Lisa did start out with singing “One is the Loneliest Number”

(What on earth is Willie doing?)

kids alright 1

There is a storm brewing outside as Lisa makes her way back into the school. Bart, the typical brother, torments her in the halls with spit wads while she runs for cover in the Library. There she runs into the new girl, Isabel. She has all the same likes as Lisa, gets the same references, deciphers Lisa’s anagrams. They become instant friends.

kids alright 4

Isabel suggests they do their report on Roosevelt together. During the presentation, Lisa quickly realizes her new friend is a Republican.

And now…commercials…I need some chocolate, a new car, and…uhhh…I have no clue what that one is for so I will just pass.

Back to the show. Lisa is really struggling with her new “best friend” being so different. Marge steps in to offer Lisa a lil insight. She takes her to the attic to show her that Marge herself was a Republican in the 80’s. Lisa decides to give it another try. She runs into Isabel in the Library again. Isabel explains she is sorry and her mother explained Lisa is just going through a Liberal Phase (after Marge told Lisa that Isabel is just going through a Republican Phase. Too many phases. Can I just have a phaser please?)

The Springfield Republican Party is keeping a close eye on young Isabel. They want to use her to start recruiting more Republicans due to she is a, “young dynamic latina”. (What does GOP stand for?)

kids alright 8

Blah…more commercials…maybe I should use my bunny feet and run fast forward past all these.

Lisa signs up to run for class rep…against Isabel…and Ralph?

Lisa explains to Isabel she wants it to be a fair campaign. Stick with the issues (Nelson blurts out their past relationship). Burns, in Isabel’s locker, tells her they need to talk. They go to Phineas Q. Butterfat’s Ice Cream Parlor where the other Republicans are waiting. They explain to her they are going to ensure she wins the school election. To their surprise, she turns them all down. Said she will do it all on her own. Mr. Burns is not having this. He swears he can buy the 2nd grade election, just like he bought the Sexiest Man Alive competition (***shudder*** Can’t. Unsee.)

kids alright 13

Lisa is becoming frustrated as she sees the kind of advertisement Isabel is getting. Isabel lets Lisa know it is not by choice. She has no way to stop it. Nor…does she want to. So Lisa enlists the help of Bart. He makes people remember pain when they think of Isabel, with the help of a few dodge balls. After a being presented with a mean video of Isabel, Lisa doesn’t want his help anymore as she is turning more into…Mr. Burns (UN-TENT UN-TENT!)

kids alright 17

Just out of curiosity, just exactly WHAT is lil Maggie serving at her “imaginary bar”, and where can I get some? Lol

kids alright 18

After the elections, Lisa “dreams” of other Liberals. She is annoyed that they all are losers. She does realizes though just what she has to do. Homer ends up hopping in the dream and yelling at Clinton that he used to be fum.

kids alright 19

The two girls show they don’t care who wins (it was Isabel). They will still remain friends.

kids alright 20

Mr. Burns, excited for the win, asks Smithers to release the balloons…which crush him and he is rushed to the Hospital (HA HA!).

kids alright 21

In the end, Lisa is just happy knowing people like her ideas…even though they’d vote for another Liberal…just not her.


There…all done…tidy n neat. Now, I am off to Maggie’s. I here it from the stuffed pig she can make a great drink.


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  1. Part of the reason why the new episodes are unpopular is the trend to turn toward more and more political propaganda.

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