Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Howdy Hey Turkey Tappers!

Woohoo, it’s finally Turkey Day here in the US! And you know what that means? Turkey, mashed potatoes, apple pie, pumpkin pie, football, stretchy pants and insane sales at the mall! You may notice things a little quiet around here today (you can always find all the latest on the Thanksgiving Update here), as the Addicts staff celebrates the holiday with their families (yes, even I had a heart today and let Bunny out of the basement and Wookiee out of the attic. Just for today, tomorrow they’re right back there!) but don’t worry we’ll be back at it tomorrow!

However, we couldn’t let a day dedicated to being thankful go with out a special THANK YOU to all of our AMAZING readers! We are so thankful for each and every one of you taking the time to read our posts and comment! So from Wookiee, Bunny, and myself THANK YOU!!!

Now for a little extra fun. In my family, and many families, we have a tradition on Thanksgiving, we go around the table and each take a turn saying what we’re most thankful for over the past year. So, I thought it would be fun if my Addicts family each took a turn and shared with you, our AMAZING readers, what we’re most thankful for this year! So with that being said….Wookiee…you’re up:

First off, it is so hard for be to be short and to the point with what I’m thankful for.  I am one of those guys that is thankful every morning to wake up and every night to go to sleep with a roof over my noggin (trust me when I say it could be worse).  The boss tells me I need to be more restrained so since I’m thankful for her too… here it goes.  4 things I’m thankful for and choose to write about.

 1) First off, I’m thankful for Jesus and his influence in my life.  I purposely try real hard not to shove religion in anyone’s face but I would be remiss if I didn’t thank him for everything good and bad in my life and helping me personally to get through it all.

 2) I am so thankful for my beautiful children and wonderful family and friends.  Without them, every day would be so much harder even the days they infuriate me lol.

3) I am thankful that a a team of techies & business people saw the potential of creating a silly little town-builder game about The Simpsons and that I got the opportunity to become more involved in said game and have subsequently met some of the most amazing people in the world (and even been able to put in my two cents about it all).

4) Last but certainly not least, I am thankful for my fellow pistachios, dunes and peanuts on the Addicts team AND mostly for you constant reader.  Without them and you, what I have to say wouldn’t matter at all so THANKS from the bottom of my heart.

GOD BLESS and have an amazing day wherever that may be!

Well said Fuzzball, and sucking up the the boss will get you everywhere!

Speaking of Bunny….I guess I should give her a turn too huh? OK Bunny, you’re up!



I’m grateful for the readers that actually appreciate my level of crazy writing…though I’m sure they all are just laughing at me.

I’m also grateful for random outlet plugs at restaurants so I can charge my phone and play TSTO. I need my daily fix

In all honesty, I am truly grateful for our readers. I notice the regulars that always come back. Making me giggle, sparking great convo, or just telling me off. You all are a great treasure to me. Keep me on my fluffy toes.

Lastly, I’m grateful for my fellow writers. You’ve become like family to me. Each with your own quirks and sibling banter. It’s given great joy to be part of such an amazing team. I LOVE YOU GUYS AND GAL!

Aw so sweet Bunny…now back in the basement! 🙂
So I guess now it’s my turn….

I’m grateful for long red lights so I can Tap and moderate comments! Shhh don’t tell!

I’m grateful for my amazing family. While they don’t understand my Tapped Out addiction (and often roll their eyes at me) they’re still supportive…in their own weird ways!

I’m extremely grateful for the Apple Cider Sangria that will get me through today at my in-laws! 🙂

I’m also grateful for the grease I keep adding to Bunny’s wheel in the basement. SPLAT! 🙂

I know we’ve said it before…but I’m EXTREMELY grateful for each and every one of our amazing readers! You guys keep us on our toes and with out you there would be no Addicts (well we’d probably still write..but only our moms would read!) and for that I’m truly grateful!

And finally….to my dysfunctional Addicts family. My little nutcase family.  Love each and everyone of you for so many different reasons but mostly because you all make me feel better about my own crazy!  

Here at Addicts we’ve all been blessed in so many ways and we hope you have too. In that spirit we’d like to invite you to take a moment and let us know in the comments below what you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Well, before we start to carve into the Turkey (or Bunducken) we’d like to take just one more moment of your time. As I mentioned above, today’s a day to reflect on all you’re thankful for in life & in that spirit, if you can, we’d like to invite you to donate to two charities that are near and dear to our hearts (especially mine and our other founder Mark’s): St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital & the National Brain Tumor Society. Two fantastic organizations working hard to combat Pediatric Catastrophic diseases and finding a cure for all those living with brain tumors today and the future. You can find out more about each organization by clicking on the links above. And, if you can, we’d like to encourage you to donate to these amazing foundations by clicking the images below.
292912_10150669958137808_1501381278_n          stjude_logo

Happy Thanksgiving Tappers (whether you celebrate it or not…we all celebrate it through TSTO)! 

4 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Thank you to everyone here for a friendly welcoming sight and forum.

  2. I’m thankful that you’ve allowed me to be a little part of this amazing machine that is TSTOaddicts. You really wanna lock bunny up, send her to the forums! Its still super fun over there despite how quiet it can get which leads me to my next thing. Thankful for my family, the three little girls and two little boys who make up the majority of my time and their mom who I get for myself after they’ve all gone to bed and the rare occasions that we find a baby sitter crazy enough so we can go out (these kids don’t allow for recycled sitters!!!). Greatful that mom is understanding in that I get to do most of what she misses out on while she’s at work and she still comes home and lets me tap!

    Thankful for my family and friends whom I don’t see much but social media keeps us in line and a lot of them feel as if I had seen them just yesterday. Thankful for inspiration while I’m constantly creating new worlds in my mind and thankful for what sparse time I am allotted to put those dreams and worlds down in a practical medium.

    I’m most thankful for Red Bull, the cigarettes that will hopefully some day see themselves out the door, Eggo Blueberry waffles that make breakfast time sooooo much easier and my uncle who is constantly dragging me outside to work on this or that. Don’t let him replace your shocks/struts alone!

    Thank the creator for each and every beautiful day that may lead to the sun sticking around a little bit longer than 4pm. (summertime please)

    Thank you, commentators and addicts and staff. You guys are beautiful and I’m so very fortunate to have found you. Wow, I’ve got a secret family. Shhh…

    Happy Thanksgiving! Kids are destroying the house, gotta go!!!

  3. I’m thankful for free donuts. Amen.

  4. I’m thankful for you guys and your awesome site! Keep up the good work, enjoy your day off, and get lots of tryptophan from turkey eatin’ and grubbing down!
    Thank guys! We are thankful for all of you!
    (Special shout-out to my friends bunny and wookiee for being super excellent gnarly neighbor-eenos! You’re rad!)

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