Did Someone Say FREE Donuts??!!

Well…I wondered just when they were gonna drop this on us. It’s only been in there since the start of the event. Lol.



Righteous Indignation Pt.1
Homer Starts

Make Homer Complain On The Internet (x3)– 45seconds / $3 1XP
Bonus Payout 10XP 2 Donuts

Righteous Indignation Pt.2
Homer Starts 

Make Homer Raise A Stink On The Forums (x3)-45seconds / $3 1XP
Bonus Payout 10XP 2 Donuts

Righteous Indignation Pt.3
Homer Starts

Make Homer Stir Up Internet Hate (x3)– 3 minutes / $6 2XP
Bonus Paypout 10XP 6 Donuts

Righteous Indignation Pt.4
Homer Starts

Make Homer Back Off EA – 24hrs / $600 150XP
Goal Complete 100$ 10XP



p.s. It looks like this will only last 24hrs. Still trying to confirm, but would suggest start it within the next 23 hrs. Once started…it’s quite quick as you can see. At least get you free donuts within a few minutes. 🙂

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58 responses to “Did Someone Say FREE Donuts??!!

  1. Hello. I get that the task was only for 24 hours and I was far too busy collecting gift cards to pay attention to it but how do I get it off my task bar?????

  2. my homer is stuck with this stupid complain on the internet task that i cannot complete because it was i guess only for 24 hours so how do i get the task off of my task menu? it really annoying sitting there../

  3. who i get free donuts

  4. Ever since the update I cannot seem to get homer to complain on the internet please can you tell me why?

    • This task was limited time and had to be started within a specific time period (within 24 hrs of its launch in the game), so unless you had already started the progress on the quest line and just had to finish the final task…there is no way to turn the clock back on a limited event. Sorry.

      • I already did 2/3 for the first part

        • I believe you needed to be to the last part of the quest before update in order for it to work. Sorry. There is really no way to retrieve past content once it has been removed from the game. You might have luck taking the matter up with EA. It is worth a try.

  5. Did no one happen to notice the dialogue AFTER the 24 hours are up? EA teasing us with a true Sideshow Bob character, the Stonecutters, and most importantly, what I’m waiting for, the monorail !!!!! I’ve already started saving just in case they make the monorail cost in the 7 figures.

    • Oh we’ve got you covered…and have a post planned on those very things coming shortly! 🙂 But I agree…got to save up for the Monorail!

      • Mono!….D’oh!

        (Btw: In advance to this song, Lanley mentions: ‘Y’know, a town with money is like a mule with a spinning wheel. No one knows how he got it and danged if he knows how to use it!’ <– This is a quite precise description for the 'Wheel of F…'. I am still trying to find out if it works randomized or can be forced to make you happy.:D )

  6. In Homer style “Woo hoo !”
    loving the donuts, about time after all those darn cards we have been collecting. Would have been nice to have 1-2-3 donuts chucked in as a Happy Holiday Players !
    Not that it probably does much, I just want the helter shelter. At least I’m sure that’s all I need on the wheel.
    Have been lucky to win $1k afew times or afew cards on the wheel but I just want that shelter ! *stops feet*
    Gimme Gimme Gimme !!!!

    • Clausco Tower is what I want still have a few prizes on the wheel.

      • I’m not counting an ice sculpture or two (I think) as frustrating the spins can be when they get so close to what you want and …click… that extra roll over to something else has had m such damn it afew times.

        From memory a dialogue opens up with ClausCo, I can’t remember now …
        For some reason when I first got ClausCo it reminded me of (gasp!) Futurama ‘s naughty santa Clause *oops*

      • KP you are right about this, the wheel appeals and teases the addict in all of us.

        I was kinda of hoping robot santa would appear with the Clausco tower.

      • Ahh yes the pure tease of want want want and ever so close to get a pure decoration … *yay me !*

        Oddly enough I did think of Robot Santa too… Isn’t that weird ?
        Santa Claus is over worked, tired and stressed out and has turned evil or gone completely nuts and asks Homers help on how to stay sane -_-

  7. The dialogue in the new year day quest is so good, even funnier when your dad the replies to this blog.

    And a spoiler for 2014……..

  8. Do we get a anything after 24 hours? It sounded like a tease for more gifts when Homer whined about a new building and vehicle being ‘just pixels’. I’m holding off on the 24 hour task because I’m trying to keep Homer on gift card tasks. I haven’t won the shelter or Clausco yet and I’ve had an insane number of spins. I’m still trying to earn tokens. Btw, this sux. 🙁

    • After 24 hours, it’s just some funny dialogue. No need to rush doing that task.

      • Thanks. I’m also counting on Santa Ned’s tasks being around for a while. I can’t keep old Neddy away from the Ski-doo. Nothing else comes close to the 105 gift cards you get from those ten hours.

      • Just funny dialogue Homer has delivered a spoiler on behalf of EA:-D 😀

    • The chances of getting ClausCo in any given spin are 1.56%. Statistically, that means there is a 20.7568% chance you will still not get ClausCo after 100 spins. There’s a 9.457% chance you will still not get ClausCo even after 150 spins.
      There is a significant portion of players who are just completely wasting their time – multiply these percentages by the millions of people playing the game. Either EA didn’t calculate these odds (properly or at all), or worse, they did and are utter *********, stringing people along for no chance of payoff.

      • I have been going over the numbers again and again for the wheel. I see the attempt at percentages, but it still seems…incomplete. It is there game afterall and they do have the right to not disclose the secrets to anyone. I am glad they let us peak into as much as they do right now. A lot of companies won’t allow that. Lol. All I can do is look at the Wheel is as a slot machine in Vegas. Shiny n pretty n fun to play. Up to the player how much time and money they will spend on it. I am still having fun. I have two games, my original…and my Addicts 2D account. In my addicts I spent donuts and got ALL the prizes withing 100 tokens. In my original, I still have 3 major items on the wheel. I don’t mind getting money or cards as the money I can still use in that Freemium game and the cards…well now that I hit 30,000…I get a new token every 1000 which is going quick with continuing to send them to hunt for the Simpsons. So I get like 2-4 coins a day to play with for Free. I haven’t spent any donuts and have been playing since event opened. I just look at it as I got them for free. Luck is just that. No one really knows for sure when or where the jackpot will hit, but eventually it will. Lol

  9. Oh my gosh this is so funny! I’ve spent so much time on the EA forums (raising a stink) and sending emails to EA from the 24th to now. I think they’re getting pretty sick of me… but my counter stopped that day and hasn’t moved since!
    Then they sent me a response in Swedish, which made me more angry, THEN they sent me a response which was not even close to what I said the problem was, which made me even more angry…
    Then they offered me 15 donuts and I told them I didn’t want them, that I was out 24 tokens @10 donuts each and that just wasn’t going to appease me.
    This is the last letter I got from them, looks like maybe I put up enough of a fuss to get noticed, or at least get someone aggravated lol
    Dear Sarah,
    Thank you for contacting Electronic Arts

    After reviewing your Email I understand that you did get the rewards after hitting 30,000 gift cards I understand that it really disappointing. I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

    I would like to inform you that the most our players are facing the same issue. So, we contacted our development team and discussed about the issue. Now that the development team is aware about the issue so they are working on the it and will try their best to fix the issue.

    So, I would request you to cooperate with our development team and so some patience.
    EA Customer Experience

    They don’t speak English very well, so I’m not really surprised that they don’t understand it very well either. Like when he says “you did get” should be “you did not get” etc…
    Anyway, this little dialogue with Homer is like… my life for the last week.
    Including the “not enough donuts to cover it!” lol

    Theyre coming to take me away hehe hoho haha…. to the funny farm, where life is beautiful all the time…

    Uh, anyway…, so that last part… back off EA for 24 hours, I’ll take that as a hint and do just that. 😉

  10. I finished the first task before I saw this post, but there were no donuts. I’m in the middle of the Mr Plow quest line too so Homer’s off doing that for 8 hours. Did I mess this one up?

    • You have all of today (about 14 hrs) to start and get the first 3 done. No problem as they are so quick. Just make sure you start right away as soon as his 8 hr is done. 😉

      • Thanks Bunny. I see the problem now. I missed that each task was x3 and there wasn’t a thought bubble after x1. I got it goin’ now.

        • Yah…those tasks times ## can get yah if you don’t look. Lol. You get so trained to watch for the bubble and ! that without it, you get lost. I do it too.

  11. I think you made a typo
    You said the 24 hrs task gets you 6$,but that’s wrong

  12. Thanks EA. Now get your heads out of your butts and fix my gift card/spin token glitch.

    • Yep…10 donuts isn’t going to shut me up. EA if you don’t fix this glitch and give everyone the spin tokens they deserve, expect us doing as Homer did and “raise a stink on the forums.” I’m going to be really pissed off if I don’t get all the wheel prizes before the event is over. At my current rate of gift card collecting they’ll owe me 50 spin tokens by the end of the event! Boo-urns.

      By the way, maybe EA will pay more attention if you guys put up a post about how many people are affected by this glitch. Might make them actually try to fix it.

      • I know glitches are frustrating. Even the Addicts Team has been plagued with them in the past. EA is already well aware of the glitch. Not sure how deeply rooted the glitch is, so not sure time it’ll take to isolate…create a patch…and launch an update to fix it. All we can do is keep having all effected contact them. It lets them know just how wide spread it is and if one market sided (android/apple) so they can track it down faster.

        Overall…they are getting glitches fixed faster with each new event. And I’m seeing a lot less of them. I think it helps that we are being more vocal as soon as issues arise. They won’t know there’s a problem if we don’t report it.

        Hang in there. 🙂

      • is there any update on that spin token glitch yet? it seems like its been going on for a long time now. i want my tokens as well.

  13. Every little helps… Thanks EA and of course thanks TSTOAddicts for this speedy information… 🙂

  14. I was hoping that some men in dark suits were going to visit Homer and “convince” him to “Back off EA.”

    Ok, I was REALLY hoping for a Bowlarama deal so that I could do something with my Plow King skin for less than 200 donuts – I guess I can look at the bright side and say “190 donuts!”

    • “…and they’re coming to take me away…to the funny farm…”

      Lol. That’s what popped in my head.

      That and… “Here come the men in black …”

    • Oh, and bummed out a little because I DID buy the Bowlarama (hoping to do the Snow King quest before the snow disappeared), and no quest appeared! Maybe if I finish the regular Barney quest before the 7th?

      • If you toggle over to Barney’s Snow King skin (tap on Barney to get the screen) it should start the tasks. I will tell you that all of the Snow King’s quests are indoors (except for the last one, and that doesn’t involve snow)…BUT last year I don’t think the snow disappeared until Valentines day started…so you might be ok past the 7th. 🙂

      • Only place I can reply – I did toggle over to the Snow King skin – no love!

        • Sheesh…breaking stuff already? 😉

          Try the basic troubleshooting n triggers to see if it will kick it off. I know as soon as the skin hit, it triggered my quests.

          Beyond that. Try storing the Bowlarama, log out, restart, log back in, restore Bowlarama. See if that helps too.

          If still nothing, then it may be he needs to get to a certain task completion on his bowlarama quest before it will kick off Plow King.

  15. Exchange extra spins for 10 donuts? I still have yet to win yeti, claus co. and helter shelter. Decisions, decisions. 🙂

  16. What a time for my game to crash. it’s saying my level 37 town with all the paid for characters doesn’t exist anymore. the town was linked to my origin account, but it’s saying that the town wasn’t saved on the last device. but I only use the one. all that time and money ;^;

  17. At the beginning of the quest Homer talks about the snow being gone. Did the snow go away after the holiday events last year? Or, did it stick around for a while? I only started playing this past year & I want to remodel my town with the new buildings, but I’m not really digging them with the snow. Just wondering what kind of time frame I’m looking at before all the white stuff goes away. Thanks, in advance, for any insight.

    • Honestly…not sure EA plans. It could go in the 7th at end of event. They may keep it til Valentines. Won’t know til the 7th hits. Sorry. I’m waiting to remodel too. 😉

  18. SWEET! Thx EA!

    Do you know if it has to be finished on New Year’s Day or if we can take ’til the 7th like the rest of the event?

    • Just added a blurb. As long as you start it today, you should be fine. It looks like it needs to be started with…well…less than 24 hrs now. The free donut tasks just take a few minutes. The last is the longest. The first 3 is where the donuts are. MMMMMmmmmm 😉

  19. What a a lovely start to the Year, 10 freebie doughnuts.

    Happy NewYear Tappers

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