Christmas Extended?!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick note to all of the Addicts out there…it looks like EA has heard your complaints about glitches, downed servers & Wheel of F…. troubles!  The Christmas Event has been extended by 1 week!  The new end date is January 14th!

So you now have an extra 7 days to reach all of your personal prizes AND 7 extra days to scream in frustration at the Wheel!

Happy Gift Grabbing!

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46 responses to “Christmas Extended?!

  1. I still have the snowhindu and the abominable snow man left! I’ve got nearly 100,000 gift cards! If only I could swap them for 100 tokens! It’s REALLY pissing me off!!!!

  2. My experience with EA goes back to before many of you were born…I believe it was 1988 or 89 when I was just a kid at 25…yes that makes me an old fart…loved EA…if it was made by them then it was “state of the art”…now fastforward to 2012…EA puts out this cute little game and GIVES it to Apple users…Apple fans throw over a million dollars at EA just for donuts in the first year (or less). This extension is in hopes of getting that same windfall from Android users…
    The old EA would fix the problems this game has…the old EA wouldn’t shamelessly prod kids into spending millions on a “free” game…the old EA would have had Santa pop in and eat the cookies you left for him…and the old EA would put donuts on the “Holiday Wheel”…God bless you all and just say “no” to “Spend donuts to complete now”…
    freak out

    • I just want you to know I adore you. 🙂

      You crack me up with your banter and grumbling. You’re my kind of troll (as you called yourself…though I think we do really amuse you, so you are more “One Of Us” than a troll in my eyes). 😉

  3. i’m over 75,000 in gift cards and play 3 to 4 tokens a day .. i have ever prize off the wheelband am yet to get the helter shelter which is my last prize to get like 40,000 gift cards ago .. kinda ridiculousl i havent landed it yet and yet i still play for it tapping away in my neighbors SF

  4. has anyone gotten donuts on *******? Legit?

  5. I only have 2 items left to get on the wheel…. If I get another $1,000 I am going to throw my phone! I could care less about the snow statues… I want Barney’s outfit!

  6. I have 3 wheel prizes left. I’ve been so frustrated I haven’t used my tokens in over a week. I just spun 33 times and still have 3 wheel prizes left. I cannot believe it….

  7. I can’t play! It keeps telling me the server is down…I haven’t been able to open the app all day! HELP

    • I have been still seeing bart screens off n on. Sorry. Looks like they are still working on things. I think this is why the event was also extended.

  8. finally after 2 wks i got the ice god now if i could just got that dang tower

  9. Just checked on my Springfield: Still counting down the last three days. Could it be an American thing, as you seemed to have problems today?

    • Both of my towns show the new update of the event now extended to the 14th. It may just take a lil longer to hit foreign markets as EA is based in the U.S.

  10. Rather than extend the event, they should just give everyone clausco, because it seems like that’s what most people really want from the wheel. I am absolutely mystified that people want that giant building so bad when it doesn’t do anything except block other buildings, but to each their own. I’d probably be as annoyed if I hadn’t gotten the snow people!

  11. Its all fine and well extending Christmas but the 6th is Twelfth Night and all decorations should be taken down or we all risk bad luck.

    • My mum always said it was bad luck to keep the tree up past New Year’s Eve! When I was a teenager it came down on Boxing Day.

  12. Cathy. Just want you to know, that the Helter Shelter is really bad. It doesn’t come with a questions and takes a measly 24 hours to build. It is not worth the agony. Believe me!!!

  13. Glad I’m not the only one screaming at that gosh darn wheel. With three games I have yet to win the helter shelter. For three days straight now with 8-10 spins total per day (that count combines the spins of all three-can I wish it was that many per game?) the wheel has landed either just before or just after. Getting that close as often as I have I think I deserve at least one as a pity win.

    • I finally got the last 3 I needed by putting the wheel marker one space clockwise from what I needed, then giving a good hard clockwise spin. Actually I had it on the far side of the next space from the desired prize, up against the peg. Got all three that I needed in 3 spins this way. I don’t think the wheel is rigged, there’s a technique. I couldn’t figure it out until the end when I had a smaller target to shoot at. Got them all before I hit 60,000 and spent zero donuts or real money on tokens.

  14. To agree with Cguy, I too, am so over Christmas. Just waiting on the final community gift…much like everyone else.

    I am still trying to assist all of my neighbors, but it seems as though they have met their 30,000.

    Level 38 would be phenomenal.

    On a closing note, Bunny–I am fan.

  15. It’s fine they extended it, but why not add a prize or two to the wheel or a couple of premium items?

    • Well, EA gave us 10 free donuts for New Year, a spinning wheel that all together gave you a cash- and xp-bonus of roughly 5-10%, a snow monster (okay, some don’t have it yet), two new builduings (I don’t have Clausco yet), different house decorations and a new costume for Homer (+ Barney for premium players). Not to mention ALL the personal and community prizes.

      I don’t know what kind of experiences you have made with EA so far, but mine have been rather unsatisfying.Therefore I am really surprised how much humanity/kindness they are showing in TSTO. Especially with the last updates!

      • I think that EA is really starting to pay attention to the users of their games. Especially those of us that are very vocal. I have found that speaking to them with respect and understanding has allowed me to get quite far. I appreciate that even though they need revenue to pay the employees to create the game and the support staff to maintain…they are still offering a LOT of treats to the freemium players. Most other freemium games I played I completely dropped. The endless cut in of commercials or other issues that were there without pay just didn’t make it a fun experience. I have two towns. My original freemium town (I never bought donuts, and was only recently given a gift card to add them to it. The rest I earned playing freemium.) Then my newer Addicts design donut town (Many donuts purchased to provide me the better ability to get content for the readers and for my 2D art.) I can still play both with great enjoyment.

    • I’m not complaining, if i was unhappy with the game I just wouldn’t play and I certainly wouldn’t spend money on donuts. I was just wishing they would add a little something to keep it interesting for those of us that have done everything while people that had glitches catch up. And when I said add a couple of premium items I meant to buy, not to the wheel. All in all the Christmas event is pretty amazing.

  16. considering that all of my wheel spins have been xmas lights and snowpeople, I’m sort of glad for the extension (although I hope EA has fixed the gift card glitch as I need more wheel spins)

  17. Will this update fix my game. I purchased a golden ticket almost a month ago and my game crashes on the open. I’ve not been able to play and its frustrating. Help me.

  18. Mine is still saying the 7th… is hoping it suddenly changes to the 14th as I still have two giftcard items to ‘win’.

  19. Thought it was level 38 update… 🙁

    In need of some new quest/ items… 🙂

  20. Oh, uuhm, goodie?

    Ok, it’s nice that EA is doing this, I know that many have had problems. But I am so over Christmas.

    Well, I guess I can shoot for 200k gift cards.

    • I know the feeling Cguy…and I love Christmas! However, it IS possible they may do what they did just before Halloween was over and throw in a Level Update as well. Here’s hoping!
      AND you just gave me a contest idea….keep collecting those gift cards! 🙂

      • 200k! oO I will have managed pretty much exactly 100k until the original end of the event. Gonna need em anyway for the Clausco building.

    • It’s nice that you’re “done” with Christmas, but remember a EA still owes lot of other people (like me) spin tokens. So perhaps this extra week will give them the time they need to fix the glitch? *Sigh* Three weeks and still no response.

      • Have you tried calling EA? Sometimes direct calls (or putting your number in an requesting a call from them) works faster than the email chain.

      • I didn’t say I was “done” with Christmas, just over it.

        And I DO think that’s it’s decent that EA is giving people a chance to finish given all the problems.

        (Of course, if I was on charge of the programming…)

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