Where did THAT come from – Mount Carlmore

What’s up Addicts?  I know… the sky, I get jokes too.  Wookiee back for another decoration origin post.

Mount Carlmore

This time, I figured we’d talk about Mount Carlmore.  This is a massive decoration which takes up a good amount of space (12×12).  It does not collect any rent, but as a premium decoration does add a 3.5% XP/game cash multiplier when purchased for 120 donuts.  Not the best multiplier return for donuts but not too shabby either for those who don’t want a ton of vehicles interspersed throughout their towns.  If you need a cost comparison, the Springfield Sign (which is even larger at 25×15) costs 170 donuts and has a 4.5% multiplier.  Mount Carlmore and a police car (2%) would be 160 for 5.5%… just saying.

 Mount Carlmore 6

So where does this item come from?  When I first saw the decoration arrive with level 27 in March 2013, I initially had no clue where it came from other than being an obvious parody of Mount Rushmore.  Being the kind of Wookiee I am, I had to find where it came from.  Yes, I was a Simpsons geek even before I got the chance to write about all this mess lol.  I found Mount Carlmore in Season 13, Episode 10: Half-Decent Proposal.  I’d seen this episode before but didn’t remember the mountain.

Mount Carlmore 2

After Homer thinks Marge has cheated on him with Artie Ziff, he takes off to leave Springfield forever with Lenny.  Entering West Springfield, Homer can’t stop thinking of Marge because all the cacti (and the clouds IMHO) resemble her.

Mount Carlmore 3

Lenny knows what Homer’s going through, they’re coming up on Mount Carlmore.  Just like a Dr. Who Angel episode… don’t blink.  Mt. Carlmore is shown real quick and then is gone never to return in anything other than our beloved game.

Mount Carlmore 4

Lenny: I carved that one wonderful Summer.

Homer: What did Carl think?

Lenny: You know, we’ve never discussed it.

And that’s it… a quick view of Mt. Carlmore and a glimpse into the possible homoerotic feelings of one Lenford “Lenny” Leonard toward Carl Carlson.

Because I can’t help myself, I’d also like to point out a little strange Springfield geography.  We all now Springfield buildings can and do move around as they need to for plot points (sort of like our towns in TSTO), but Springfield’s geography is yet another running joke of the show.  This map from the episode shows the location of West Springfield.  Considering that West Springfield is 3 times the size of Texas according to Lisa, that would make Springfield about the size of Texas. Last time I checked the only real estate in the US big enough to hold all that was Alaska.  Curiouser and curiouser…

Mount Carlmore 5

Anywho… I love this decoration because I think it fits in great in a wooded national park area and applaude the random decorations EA gives us which get us deeper into our own homoerotic love of The Simpsons.  To each their own.

Y’all stay classy!  Wookiee out!

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  1. I would really like a West Springfield (desert stle) expansion

    • Oooo you’re the first one to talk about that idea. I like it! 🙂

      • Well Thank you. I thought that it would be a nice change in scenery, with a different enviroment and style and the simpsons have been in the desert in several episodes . And really am I the first person who have suggested this? That would suprise me.

        (P.S. sorry for the late response did not see your response untill now it’s because sometimes I search for info about the desert and the tapped out game to look for possible info about this and only now did I get back to this page and find your response). Cheers.

        • FYI…you are welcome to “follow” our page or a post stream. It will email each time something new comes.

          Otherwise, it is a cool idea. 😉

  2. Erika Fournier (BraveElfgirl1994)

    Sorry, but I just can’t help myself. You said, “After Homer thinks Marge has cheated on him with Artie Ziff, he takes off to leave Springfield forever with Carl.” But then, Homer is with Lenny talking about Carl. Just a quick little mess up I wanted to point out. You can delete this comment after fixing it, if you want.

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