Turbo Tappin’ “Married to the Blob” Episode Tie-In: Kumiko

Ahhh another Episode Tie-In is upon us!  This time EA has gifted us with a FREE Character!  Kumiko will unlock after completing the initial Episode Tie-In dialogue between Homer & Lisa and actually comes with an amusing little questline.

So let’s get cultural!  Here’s your Turbo Tappin’ Kumiko Walkthrough….

unlock_kumikoThe Saddest Town in America Pt. 1
Kumiko Starts

Make Kumiko Sketch Springfielders – 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

The Saddest Town in America Pt. 2
Kumiko Starts

Make Kumiko Visit Springfield’s Saddest Kwik-E-Mart-2hrs, Earns $110, 27xp

The Saddest Town in America Pt. 3
Kumiko Starts

Make Kumiko Eat America’s Saddest Fast Food– 1hr, Earns $70, 17xp
Make Homer Eat America’s Saddest Fast Food
– 1hr, Earns $70, 17xp

The Saddest Town in America Pt. 4
Homer Starts

No quests associated with this but….

Happy Tapping My Friends!

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20 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ “Married to the Blob” Episode Tie-In: Kumiko

  1. Is there another way to get Kumiko ?

  2. So… Any idea if she’ll ever come to the shop as a premium? Perhaps in the summer for another garage sale? I started playing just after the Super Bowl giveaway last year (so now we’re up to two events out of three I’m kicking myself for starting after XD) and obviously missed her tie-in giveaway. Would love to finally have her after all this time! I love seeing her in other Springfields doing her kawaii task.

  3. Why doesn’t Kumiko have any character interactions with her hubby, Comic Book Guy? It seems a bit odd

  4. I wish I’d started a few days earlier… I’d spend donuts to unlock this character if I had to.

  5. Have i missed something? Is this the first character introduced on the game before the tv show?

    I know the dialogue says this but we should commit this to memory a historic event. Or a future trivia question.

  6. i will bide my time and see what happens Sunday. it is what it is and personally i love a new character not to mention a second shot at getting the Swanky Fish even tho i think it is pricey. Also limited which kinda has me feeling like a fish on a hook lol i may end up buying it.

    • well i caved and bought ole swanky fish. i figure if it was premium the first time and this time nothing changed then they may not offer it again. better safe than regret. plus there is at least five characters that can use it anytime.

  7. Yup, just sayin’

  8. Boooo-urns. OMG… Hate the random Japanese character. Its sooo dumb. Dumbest thing ever in this game. We get a stereotyped Asian cliche to annoy us. I might stop playing. If ever there was something to break my TSTO addiction, this is it.

    • But isn’t this what the entire Simpson series is? A bunch of stereotyped characters with obnoxious voices, tasks, etc? (Cletus, Rich Texan, Bumblebee Man, Flanders, Apu…to name a few.) I am curious to see just what their spin on her is with the new episode tie in. I like that they introduced a new character. Something unexpected. (FYI…majority of the Simpson animation is done by Asian graphic artists.)

      • Hate it. Its dreadfully bland and pointless. We could have used Cookie Kwan or Sushi chef guy. A likely one episode character just appearing is crazy dumb.

        • Cookie and sushi chef guy would also have been awesome. I’m loving the new character. Although a stereotype (like most of The Simpsons’ characters), it is a new lady in the game and she was free so noo ne lost anything but their time. As a bonus, she might end up being CBG’s new lady so only time will tell what her longevity is. No matter what, she’ll still be tied with Rex Banner and Hank Scorpio for appearances.

      • I think you’re getting upset over nothing… It’s just a game!!! And it’s for free!!!

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