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Woo hoo!  I’m so stoked that EA gave us an episode tie-in.  Lots of cool Japanesey decorations and I couldn’t be more stoked.  If you didn’t know, I lived six years of my life in Okinawa, Japan so anything having to do with their culture make me smile so much.  Thanks EA!

For this WDTCF, I’d like to talk about the Swanky Fish.  I love sushi and probably eat it at least once a month.  When the Swanky Fish first became available for the “What Animated Women Want” promotional on April 8, 2013, I snatched it up right away.  90 donuts might be a bit but my town had to have a sushi restaurant.

I’m so thrilled it’s back!  It’s not very hard to figure out where it comes from as it came with an episode tie-in but I thought it’d be fun to discuss Season 24, Episode 17 and show some pics.  Go ahead and click if you agree.

What Animated Women Want

“What do women want?  Throughout the her-story, that’s right I said her-story, of Planet Hearth, men have attempted to answer that question and failed… or should I say Maled.”

Swanky Fish shows up right at the beginning of the episode when Marge goes on a lunch date with his beautiful wife.  It is the coolest restaurant in town.  Heck, it got 3 ½ stars in the Springfield Tire Guide.

Swanky Fish

Only the freshest fish is served from their personal pond.  At the Swanky Fish, they take sushi seriously.  Don’t even try to put soy sauce on a dish not recommended for it.  You AND your ancestors will get banned.  The staff will even edamame you out of the restaurant!  It’s a place you can have sophisticated grown-up talk without the kids and the food has to be good if they can be so rude to customers.  A no cell phone zone, it’s my kind of place.

Swanky Fish 2

As it turns out later in the episode, it’s also a place you can get marital advice and delicacies like shark fin soup, whale tonsils, baby dolphin blowholes and turtle smiles.

Swanky Fish 3

“What fish may I deplete from our oceans for your passing pleasure?”

From personal experience and probably one too many rainbow rolls (and one stupid drunken Blowfish experience), Sushi Chefs really are some of the most unique and hilarious people you’ll ever meet.  Oh yeah… Did I mention that Akira also works there?  Check out this post about him and sushi I wrote a while ago.

Swanky Fish - Akira

That’s basically the extent of the Swanky Fish in the episode.  It really is a fun watch and even offers some great thoughts on romance and marriage which seem apropos considering the Valentine’s Day event we all expect to arrive soon.  The first thought comes direct from the Swanky Fish Sushi Chef and what follows is just some rambling from me.

1)      “Marriage is like fish.  There are parts so delicious they could have been sliced from angels.”

Swanky Fish - Sushi Chef

2)      Men’s thoughts when faced with marital discord are fight or flee.  Other options include fixing things and food.

3)      Marlon Brando can make even Milhouse look cool and attractive to Lisa.

4)      The Springfield Falls also comes from this episode and are the “Lamest Falls in America” apparently.  I so wish this had been brought back too but there’s always hope for the future.

Springfield Falls

5)      As a bonus, we may have discovered why our fans though Bunny was a dude.  Meet fluffy fella, the therapy bunny.

Fluffy Fella Bunny

6)      If you’re wondering what omakase means, it’s literally “I’ll leave it to you”.  Basically, when ordering at a Japanese restaurant, the chef decides what you eat.  It’s amazing and usually results in great food at reduced prices.  Apparently at the Swanky Fish it means you get fish guts.

7)      Never compare your relationship to the Special Olympics.

8)      When it comes to words that please a woman that start with “F”, it’s always a good idea to turn to Fifty Shades of Grey.  Woo her with woohoo!

9)      If that last step fails or sends you to the hospital after building a cuddle dungeon, burn the evidence.  Nothing rekindles a romance like burning embarrassing paraphernalia.

Fifty Shades of Evidence Disposal

10)   My town is missing this building.  Where else could I find the scrabble letters T&A to spell out Addicts.  Speaking of Scrabble, have you seen this post about Android Neighbor Management?

The Elegant Scoundrel

11)   Lastly, if you’re a cute animated piece of sushi… DO NOT GO TOWARDS THE LIGHT!

Where Food Goes

And there you go.  Swanky Fish, Springfield Falls, Akira and cuddle dungeons all discussed.  Hope you enjoyed this edition of WDTCF.  Until next time, y’all continue to stay classy and go enjoy some sushi if you like/can afford it.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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11 responses to “WDTCF – Swanky Fish

  1. I was happy that EA brought back the Swanky Fish but I really hope that they also bring back the Springfield Falls! I didn’t start playing until later so I missed out.

  2. Rebecca~ You’re not the only one who thought SF Falls was back. I think the confusion is in the title wording. Disappointed it’s not. 🙁 That’s the only past item I really, really want. I hope ea brings it back!!

  3. Mmmmm… Orion beer, taco rice, sushi!!!

    • Now that takes me back. I see you also enjoyed Shuri no Kuni. Don’t know if you’ve done it yet but I make taco rice all the time. Sticky rice with hamburger, shredded lettuce, tomato, cheese and salsa on top. Ichiban desu!

  4. ok i gave in and purchased Swanky Fish. pricey? i thought so but considering that it is offered a 2nd time and continues to be limited, i would regret it if the offer terminated, never to be seen again. i could not take that chance. Also, I love Sushi!!

  5. *Swanky *Falls stupid tiny keyboard

  6. You were only telling us where the Sawnky Fish and Springfield Galls came from, right?! I was so excited to think that the Springfield Falls was available too. I searched and couldn’t find it. I am so sad that I am a blonde & read this wrong. Doh!

    • Sorry! If you see a WDTCF it’s only info from the show. I wish the falls had been brought back for everyone. Never be sad for being a blonde. My blonde moments are priceless and my hair is brown.

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