You Might Be An Addict….Part 3

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

It’s my turn to take over TSTO Anonymous, just for this week.  Back in September and November we had a couple if fun little posts up entitled You might Be An Addict…similar to Jeff Foxworthy’s “You Might Be A Redneck…”.  We had so much fun with those we decided to do it again!

So with out further ado I present to you….You Might Be An Addict-Part 3:

When you sneak out in below zero temps to play (TSTO) and post this comment…..You Might Be An Addict (Reader & member Mags)

When you call in sick (and) all you can think about is how many hours you can get in on your game.…..You Might Be An Addict (Reader & member  Shelfcleaner)

When you’re on vacation and check in to the hotel and get the wifi code ONLY because you will be playing TSTO till 1:30AM.…..You Might Be An Addict (Reader & member  Shelfcleaner)

If (you’re) driving by your local farm stand and wonder ‘Hmmmm I wonder how many donuts it would take to speed up that crop’..…..You Might Be An Addict (Reader & member  ToxicShark)

If every time you leave a convenience store you long for the ‘Thank you come again’ from Apu ..…..You Might Be An Addict (Reader & member  ToxicShark)

You play with the volume very low and continue to hear the TSTO music throughout your day…(even) while you’re NOT playing..…..You Might Be An Addict (Reader & member TheLizardKing)

If it has gotten to the point where you have to charge your phone every day to due the time logged on.…..You Might Be An Addict (Reader & member  Cleckers)

If you feel guilty not visiting friend’s towns enough over Christmas as real life gets in the way.…..You Might Be An Addict (Reader & member  Cleckers)

If your boss looks at you and says “Ah, work?  This is NOT a game.…..You Might Be An Addict (Reader & member  Curtis Colgate)

If your fantasy about your boyfriend on a couch involves TSTO and not just snuggling.…..You Might Be An Addict (Reader & member Em Cha)

If you scream out loud, in a public place, whe you Fat Finger away something or get Barted- and don’t care about the strange looks you get..…..You Might Be An Addict (Reader & member Em Cha)

If you get your hair done to match your (TSTO) Avatar.…..You Might Be An Addict (Reader & member Em Cha)

If you leave your Kindle speakers ALL THE WAY UP just to hear Homer’s notifications, regardless of how awkward it is..…..You Might Be An Addict  (Reader David)

When you are open about your beta town but secretive around Springfield delta…not that I have one..…..You Might Be An Addict  (Reader Alunited1961)

When the first question you ask when discussing a holiday break is: ‘Does the hotel have free wifi?;..…..You Might Be An Addict  (Reader Alunited1961) 

If you dream how your Springfield would look like if you had an abundance of donuts.…..You Might Be An Addict  (Reader AwesomeMan)

If when leaving the house for the day, you go cold because you may have left your Tapped Out device behind.  Then you get a feeling of such pure unadulterated joy and relief when you feel it in your pocket..…..You Might Be An Addict  (Reader Chris J)

If you refer to your phone as a ‘Tapped Out Device’.  Who makes calls these days anyway?..…..You Might Be An Addict  (Reader Chris J)

If you’ve laid out, scheduled, and organized all of your Halloween quests in Microsoft Excel..…..You Might Be An Addict  (Reader pkkao)

If you start shaking and get nauseous when EA announces server maintenance..…..You Might Be An Addict  (Reader pkkao)

If when you go to the local Kwik-E-Mart, you try to buy things with donuts..…..You Might Be An Addict  (Reader pkkao)

If the most you’ve ever known about the Odyssey comes from Season 13′s “Tales from the Public Domain”..…..You Might Be An Addict  (Reader pkkao)

If TSTO Addicts is your browser’s homepage..…..You Might Be An Addict  (Reader pkkao)

If you are managing your A game, B game, and C game at the same time on 3 different devices..…..You Might Be An Addict  (Reader pkkao)

If you HAVE an A game, a B game, and a C game in the first place..…..You Might Be An Addict  (Reader pkkao)

If it’s 12:30 in the morning and you have to stay awake because the rent on your 8-hour buildings will be finished in 13 minutes..…..You Might Be An Addict  (Reader pkkao)

If you’re walking on the street and you suddenly notice you’re humming the music from Tapped Out..…..You Might Be An Addict  (Reader pkkao)

If in school, you’re secretly collecting rent from houses and resetting 4-hour tasks underneath your desk..…..You Might Be An Addict  (Reader pkkao)

If every statue you pass on the way to work looks like Jebadiah Springfield..…..You Might Be An Addict  (Reader pkkao)

If you start hallucinating exclamation points on top of characters because you really need more quests..…..You Might Be An Addict  (Reader pkkao)

If you had to borrow money from your kids’ piggy banks to afford buying that boatload of donuts you need for the Halloween event..…..You Might Be An Addict  (Reader pkkao)

If for a birthday present, you wish for donuts…and not the edible kind..…..You Might Be An Addict  (Reader pkkao)

If you’re mining data files to find spoilers..…..You Might Be An Addict  (Reader pkkao)

If you check more than your Facebook (or if you have a but no Facebook)..…..You Might Be An Addict  (Reader pkkao)

If you’re able to spell Apu’s last name by memory (Nahasapeemapetilon)..…..You Might Be An Addict  (Reader pkkao)

If you are re-buying and re-selling countless weather stations in order to get that XP needed for a bonus level up..…..You Might Be An Addict  (Reader pkkao)

If you are able to make this long of a list of “You might be an addict…” statements!..…..You Might Be An Addict  (Reader pkkao)

You get invited to a Halloween party and think, “Is that still going on?!”..…..You Might Be An Addict  (Reader Hamilogue)

If you went to an Open House for your kid and got inspiration for your Springfield Schools..…..You Might Be An Addict  (Wookiee)

If you visited your local Sprawl*Mart and thought, there’s no way I could put this many parking lots in my town & that’s  not right.  Springfield doesn’t have shopping carts.…..You Might Be An Addict  (Wookiee)

When you spend 2 hours at a time talking to people that were once complete strangers about updates, walkthroughs, data frakkin & other strange items that would make those listening in stare at you in complete confusion..…..You Might Be An Addict (Bunny)

You stay up all night to find out if a simple sentence in the game will bring a hidden treat.…..You Might Be An Addict  (Bunny)

When you have too much “water” and fall off your wheel in the basement **SPLAT** on your face..…..You Might Be An Addict  (Bunny)

You wake up in the wee hours of Thanksgiving morning and Black Friday to continuously update the update post….You Might Be An Addict

You get home from a week in another country and the first thing you do after getting through customs is check your Springfield and monitor what happened on TSTOAddicts while you were gone….You Might Be An Addict 

And finally…..

You purchased TWO boatloads of donuts from Gil at Christmas….You Might Be An Addict

How about you?  How might you be an Addict?

Note: You Might Be A TSTO Addict is a concept first started here at TSTO Addicts in September of 2013.  Although another site/book uses the same concept and idea in relation to The Simpsons Tapped Out this was first started and published here at 

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22 responses to “You Might Be An Addict….Part 3

  1. I might be an Addict when I Almost have to send someone to the Bathroom for me!!😁

  2. Your wish/gift list has only App store gift cards on it, but you still remind family members that you would love a gift card for your birthday/Christmas, just so you can buy more donuts.

    You take your device to the restroom with you (I know, some are going “ewww”) LOL

    The first thing you think about when falling & breaking your wrist is “cool, I’ll be able to play even more since I will be off from work”.

    When waiting in the ER, you are wishing the person with you would go to the restroom or to get a bite so you can play without being nagged about how you could be doing more damage (tied in with previous comment).

    You are contemplating buying another device with a larger screen just so it’s easier to play than on your phone.

    TSTO takes priority over food (other THAN DDOOOONNNUUTTTTSSSSS!).

    All of the above is based on true incidents, but the names have been changed to protect the innoc… errr TSTO addict 🙂

    One more, which is only a suspicion:
    Your family is planning an intervention 😉

  3. After leaving the supermarket with a heavy load of groceries, you mutter quietly to yourself “Yarrr. That’s how we do it — land lubber style….” You Might Be An Addict!

  4. You might be an addict if u use tsto as a conversation starter

  5. You might be an addict if u walk past a red leaved plant and think its sideshow bob!

  6. You might be an addict if u can’t stop thinking about tsto when u can’t have your device with you

  7. You might be an addict if you have 3 accounts on 3 devices playing at the same time

  8. You also know your an Addict when you wake with multiple text messages and a couple voicemails but the first thing you do with your phone is check out TSTO ADDICTS for all your Tapped Out info before doing anything else! I know i am an addict bc i have hummed or sung the game music or the show theme while working as well as being guilty of alot of these that are listed lmao!!!

  9. i’ve had 2 glitches that i’m wondering if anyone else has had, first ha been going for a while i have one nieghbor that if i click to visit himer the game crashes (only one neighbor and always the same one) however i have clicked GB’s in my town and handshakes from himer, second glitch and this one only happened once i click a neighbor and hiser town had nothing (no building no people no land) and said s’he was at level 0 then about an hour later the same neighbor was at level 37 and had a town set up

    • If your neighbor has a decoration heavy town or is experiencing game issues, it can keep you from visiting. My town is highly decorated and I have friends say it sometimes freezes their game. It doesn’t keep me from visiting though. The second glitch is a new one to me. Just glad it seems like it fixed itself.

    • I think the first glitch may be bc they replaced you from their side but you haven’t taken them off your side. I had a neighbor that did that and finally logged in and took them off my list.

  10. If the true meaning of Christmas is no longer Jesus or family, but getting everything on that wheel!

  11. You might be an addict when the only reason to cut your phone conversation is to tap your buildings or visit friends! Also you might be an addict if while your tapping your buildings or visiting friends, you get interrupted by a text or phone call and your grumbling under your breath

  12. You might be an addict if when something is said or done your tapped out device seems to go off at the right time ( Better them than me) (Hmm visitors better put on pants ) (Push Notification )

  13. I’m totally going to call my phone my “tapped out device” from now on.. that’s golden 🙂

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