Are the odds now in your favor? Wheel update.

Hey howdy hey tapaholics!

If you haven’t noticed it yet, there was a minor in-game update today.  The big news is that the odds of the Holiday Wheel have changed.  Here’s the details.

Wheel Odds

I like pie charts.   Mmmmmmmm…. pie.  I think they show stats quite nicely.  Anywho, for people that like the raw data, here it is.

Snowmen Odds Up to 14% (previously 13.48%)
Christmas Skin Odds Down to 14% (previously 20.22%
Mr. Plow/Plow King Skins Up to 9% (previously 5.05%)
Ice God Up to 6% (previously 2.25%)
Helter Shelter Up to 5% (previously 2.25%)
Snow Monster Up to 5% (previously 1.68%)
Clausco Up to 5% (previously 1.56%)

Basically means that the odds for getting the better prizes is a little better but it still is a crap shoot whether you’ll hit that last prize you want.

The good news is that this is proof that EA has heard the uproar from many tappers and actually does care.  4 more days to go.  I sincerely hope the wheel spins your way.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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50 responses to “Are the odds now in your favor? Wheel update.

  1. Still haven’t gotten them all but I don’t need anymore…I would never complain if I didn’t get the ones I wanted…TOKENS FOR SALE…CHEAP!!!

  2. Had 23 spins saved up to try for that last prize today… adjusted the wheel and everything, still no luck. But won so many gift cards spinning that I got one bonus coin, my 24th spin – and that one was the winner!!!
    I couldn’t believe it when this unpredictable wheel of misfortune actually stopped on Claus Co.!!!! So pleased right now 🙂

  3. I have bought the worlds largest zirconia!!! But i thought it was gonna be as big as the clause co building 😮 guesz the jokes on me bye bye 5.000.000 it was nice knowing you

  4. Just a general question if anyone even reads this or will know…should I spend the coins I’ve accumulated to get the 1000 cash (already have all prizes) or should I hold onto them in hopes they move to some other prize after the update? I dont know if anyone has heard anything with the newest update coming out…but I have almost 40 coins and flirting around with keeping hoarding them…input? Thanks!

    • Haven’t heard anything yet but I’m also holding on to my gift cards. If you could use the cash, I would recommend using them all on the last day of the event.

  5. Finally got the ice god! Definitely thanks to those new odds. Looks nice next to my Kwik e mart!

    • I’m still waiting to get Clausco that’s the last prize to get n I’m only getting 2 spin tokens a day.. Don’t think I’m gonna do it with only a day n half left 🙁 any advice? Xx

  6. Ahh after many many trys I got them all [: I got like tons of 1000 dollars gift it was getting annoying But after many spins I manage to get them all [:

  7. I’m lucky to have them already [:

  8. yo i just got a big update. anybody got more info on that?

    • Most likely the update which changed the odds. Sometimes it can take a little for everyone to get it and what I call a minor update was actually several MBs.

  9. Please add myself n bf n kids we all trying to get Clausco :* 😘


    Many thanks if you do add us xxxx

  10. It’s unbelieveble i still havn’t got the yeti yet!!!!
    i have over 100000 tickets and both 10 tokens for 50 donuts and ofcourse the daily token you get and still NO yeti :s
    Maybe they should let us pick one of the spinningboard for our last token or something…. SOOO frustrated!!!!
    I want that yeti….!!!! 🙁

  11. I don’t know if anyone has noticed this, but you can move the wheel before you spin. So if you have a tendency to land one or two spaces away from what you want, move the wheel the same number in the opposite direction before you spin. I spent 3 weeks trying to get the last prize (helter shelter), and when i tried this trick i got it in 3 spins. Could be complete coincidence, but it’s worth a shot.

  12. I lucked out yesterday and got my final prize on the wheel, ClausCo, so im happy…

  13. Spun the wheel well over 70 times and still no clausco. Grrr….

  14. My wheel spins at its own speed, lands always a hair away from clausco, or if it does land on it, gives me $1000. Why oh why? I swear my wheel is possessed 🙂

  15. Approximately 40 straight spins for me with nuthin’ but cash and cards…last five spins landing between icegod and clausco :\

  16. Even though the odds have been improved my chances of getting clausco and the snow monster are gone as my game doesnt work at all. Cant even log on and by the time EA replies to me the event will be over. Not happy.

  17. Well what can this old sceptic say. First spin after update and I get Clausco.:-D 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    I guess EA had to do something they couldn’t have all these buildings, decorations and GWW cluttering up their cupboards could they?

  18. As SOON as I plunked down real money to spin that wheel, I won on the first spin. Humph.

  19. I saved up to 18 coins now and I will use them all on the last day since previously 10 coins brings me money and house deco lol

  20. Straight cash Homie at least 10 out of 10 times!!!

  21. Please can ppl add me on tsto origin Jod1383 as I need more neighbours, I really want Clausco and the yeti but don’t get enough spin tokens 🙁 I’ve completed the personal prizes xx many thanx Jodie xx

  22. I wonder if I’ll finally get the ice god 🙂 It’s not a prize I desperately need, but I DO feel like it’s taunting me every time the wheel spins around and around and lands just a few ticks away from it.

  23. Guess what? Turns out my “unable to get bonus spin tokens” glitch worked out for the better after all! If they fix it in the next four days, I’ll have 40-50 bonus spins, all of which will be under the new percentages. Had I not gotten the glitch, most of these spins would have been done under the old bad percentages. Woo-hoo!

    But, if they DON’T fix this glitch in four days, then I will be really mad.

  24. The update wasn’t that minor? I think it was something around 4Mb? Actually thought it was the preparation for valentines day or some other content?

    • Usually large updates are full of other items “hidden” for release. Like more info/dialog possibly for tie in. Removal of old items so large file needed to replace content removed. Preparation for new events/updates. Etc.

  25. Yes. Got it. Claus Co at last! It took 5 spins but now it’s in my town. Thanks EA.

      • Exactly. How many games can you name with such close relationship between the players and the developers? With all the insider jokes in the recent dialogues, it’s a delight to see how EA has engaged with the online community. They are reading everything and react accordingly. What else can you ask for? I have a theory. The change in odds is a disguised way of giving us our missing items because we tried hard at it and they want to keep us happy. To me, the new update is calculating how many spins we’ve had and granted us Claus Co or snow monster. Just giving it for free would have seen unfair to those who bought tokens with donuts. That way, everybody’s pleased. I’ve hit Claus Co in 5 spins, that’s way better than a 5% odd. What do you think?

        • That is definitely better odds than 5%. I love how EA pays attention to all of us and not just the nerds that blog about the game. I hope your theory is based in fact and everyone wins all the prizes before the event ends. It’s a much better fix than just offering them for donuts at the end.

    • Hi Jamming I think you have got this right regarding EA.

  26. Doubt it can I hell get the belter axel tee or the big furry thing

  27. Doh! After continuously getting crap, I decided to wait until I had several coins before I gave the wheel a spin. After four days not spinning, I had amassed 7 coins and spun last night. Wish I waited another 12 hours. Got money or gift cards in 5 of the 7 spins. Doh!

    Still need/want Clausco, Helter Shelter, Snow Monster and need to Christmas Krabappel’s Apartment (though I did get the Plow King skin, just need Barney now).

    But on a bright spot, EA finally messaged me back and resolved my problem this morning. I finally got Plow King Plow and Costington in my inventory an hour ago, over ten days after hitting 30k gift cards and over a fortnight after hitting the 26k required for the Plow King Plow.

    Plan now is to keep amassing coins and spinning them all in the last hours on the 14th, in case odds go up once more. Wish me luck!

    • I had saved up 11 tokens and spun them all last night too! Didn’t get Claus Co but I’m considering myself lucky that it’s the only one I’m waiting on. It is a lot of cool stuff for free so I’m trying to focus on the good!

    • Safi– after visiting all of my friends today and getting 2 more tokens I finally got the last prize! So keep at it! Good luck!

      • Thanks Jillian.

        I amassed 8 tokens and gave the wheel 8 spins just now. Was fortunate enough to get 3 of my missing 4 items. Got Krabappel’s lights, Helter Shelter, and Snow Monster.

        Unfortunately will have to wait until next year for Claus Co. But no biggie. I just started playing in September, but I tuck away holiday items into my inventory unless I feel they are part of the larger fabric of Springfield.

        Good luck to those who will be doing their final spins in the next few remaining hours.

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