Reminder: New Simpsons Episode “Married to the Blob”

What’s up Tappers?  Hope you all are having a great Saturday!

Be sure to tune in tomorrow (Sunday) to check out the latest episode of the Simpsons and if you have one, don’t forget to set your DVR.

Looks like our newest TSTO character Kumiko is a love interest for the one and only CBG.  Will Homer mess things up?  Tune in to find out.  Regardless of whether it all works out (my guess is a yes because of Kumiko in TSTO), this episode has a cameo by the one and only Stan Lee.  For that reason alone, I will be riveted to the TV come 8 PM tomorrow.  The episode will also include a guest appearance by infamous fantasy writer Harlan Ellison.  I am so stoked and this little teaser clip has me even more excited.

It also looks like there might be some very cool manga/japanimation-inspired elements to the episode.

I think it’s so cool that we got to see the events precipitating Kumiko’s arrival into the show and according to EA, the least we can do is watch the episode lol.


Will you be watching?  Let us know in the comments below (you know how much we love hearing from you all!)  TTFN… Wookiee out!

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10 responses to “Reminder: New Simpsons Episode “Married to the Blob”

  1. is there anyway to still get kumiko?

  2. The Miyazaki tribute made me squee like a little girl!

  3. When we got the Kumiko character and I clicked on the Kawaii task I thought some of her moves looked familiar. Then, watching tonight’s episode my suspicions were confirmed: The music behind the romantic montage is PONPONPON, by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Japanese pop idol and personification of Kawaiisa (cuteness). For those who haven’t seen the video here is YouTube’s link:

  4. My husband was feeling out during the anime stuff and he was having to explain to me what kind of anime it was lol. Love that CBG has someone now!

  5. Ugh probably not but I wish I could!! ):

  6. Why did I drink the fish wine?

    That was the aquarium


  7. Arrrggh I want new Simpsons Episodes now too damn it ! *stomps feet*

    Where can I watch them online that is viewable to Australian Residents please ??? Foxtel sucks and rarely puts new shows on … *doh!!*

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