WEEKEND UPDATE: January 12th – 18th

Shhhh…Alissa thinks those new “locks” she got will hold me and the Fuzzball. Psssssh, as if. Now…what did I sneak out for? Oh, yah…WOW…I can’t believe another week has passed me by. Went so fast. Did it go quickly for you?

Well just in case you missed anything, here is a recap of what happened during the week.



SUNDAY: Alissa kicked off the week with the 2nd installment of the Real Housewives of Sprinfield: Miss Springfield. It is a great way to learn more about the women of Springfield.

MONDAY: Alissa gave us all a few giggles as YOU decided what caption to put on this weeks “Caption This” photo. Then as the snow was just about to melt in the last day of the Holiday Event, she reminded you to get your shopping done before those limited items were sent back to the North Pole.

Bunny brought a recap of the New Simpsons TV Epsiode: Married to the Blob and gave us insight as to why Kumiko was in the game. Mmmmmmmmmmmm Nerds w/Degrees. HOT!

Wookiee also wanted to put in his furry two cents on the new episode. (He’s a lil geeky too and got just as much of a kick out of it as I did.)

TUESDAY: Time to get all nerdy with Bunny bringing some Troubleshooting 101- Contacting EA. Get your 1’s and 0’s ready. 

Then Alissa helped us out as we got an update to melt our snow…but not the Level update we all wanted. (Yes we all were sad.)

So then Wookiee jumped on in to try and humor us all with a lil song and dance routine “What Does The Blog Say?” Do you have it stuck in your head? Maybe YOU should make a video of YOU singing it and send it to us. Come on…I DARE YOU!!! 😛

WEDNESDAY: New updates mean new changes, and iOS users were now feeling Android users pain in friend management. Alissa brought in the Origin help for everyone. Then she also offered technical assistance for those still stuck in the snow. Then she tried to give us a lil humor and fun with our reader pkkao’s adventure with the Wheel and the Snow Monster. Send us YOUR story to be featured in the next “From the Mouth of Addicts.”

More technical issues with update brought more help. Bunny brought in the Troubleshooting 101- THAT’S NOT MY GAME!. (We try all we can to keep you playing n tapping away.)

Wookiee gave a shout out to a fellow Addict tapper and hilarious friend Adi Pose. He is a riot to listen and watch. **face palm**

THURSDAY: Knowing more was to come with the pending update, Bunny prepared us with more Troubleshooting 101: Basic Troubleshooting Steps. Keep these handy, they will help. 

With so many requests coming in daily, Alissa placed a nice new home for them. ADD FRIENDS HERE.


Not really, but it feels like it huh? Lol. No worries, Addicts staff is always on full alert to help you through all the new goodies (we never sleep, didn’t you know?). Alissa started it off with the announcement. And because we know you can’t wait to know all that is in store for the quests, she tossed out the Turbo Tapping for the Level and Judge Snyder.

Bunny then brought the first of the Where Did THAT Come From: Knight Boat. EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! MORE BOATS!!! 😉

FRIDAY: New items and a new level changed up our Star Ratings, so Alissa brought us the up to date Conform-O-Meter for the new Level 38 items. Then more Turbo Tapping: The Blue Haired Lawyer (others must REALLY love what we do). She then brought even more technical help with a Glitch Report: Level Rollback.

Wookiee gave us some insight on one of the new characters in Where Did THAT Come From: Judge Roy Snyder. He then opened up the pages of his Wookiee world and let us get a glimpse of the Fuzzball family. A great read for TSTO Anon. You’ll enjoy it.

Bunny hopped in at last minute to give you a glimpse into other fellow Addicts towns in this weeks Springfield Showoff: Hedges. Want to submit something? Send us your pics to TSTOAddictsblog@gmail.com, post on the Showoff comments, or post to our Flickr.

SATURDAY: Well here we are on the weekend. More info will be coming your way from the Level 38 items along with a ton of cool things. So keep an eye on Addicts.  😉

Thus closes another fun Weekend Update. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWN. Time for a nap in my corner on my big pile of red cedar chips.

Hoppy Tappin


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  1. Tapper for life

    I already got the hang of it, it’s not hard to use after a while 😉 ❤️ Here’s a flower bunny 🌼

    • Awwww…thanks! 😉

      I can’t see the lil flower though…my system just shows squares. (Maybe it’ll show on a separate device.) It’s the thought that counts, right? 😉

      (Yup…cute lil hearts and a daisy flower. Thank you 😉 )

      It really is a simple program to use. I actually prefer it to what was available on the iOS system in the game. So much easier to manage friends IMO.

  2. Tapper for life

    Thanks bunny 😀❤️ I appreciate the help

  3. Tapper for life

    This might be off topic but can you please help me! Since the new update I can’t seem to find the origin bar! Is it located somewhere else or is it a possible glitch? Any help is appreciated, thanks in advanced

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