Where did THOSE come from – The Lady Justices

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Whoa there…. Whoa there… sorry about that folks.  Sometimes my imagination horse has a mind of its own.  All this legal stuff in TSTO has me checking my rearview mirror way too much and making sure all is in order in my town.  Wouldn’t want Wiggum, Eddie or Lou to be able to catch me on a technicality while I loitered outside Lard Lads, right?

For today’s WDTCF, I thought it’d be cool to dish on not only the NEW Lady Justice Statue we just got but also to include the Little Lady Justice statue from Level 33.  I like to think they’re sisters.

ladyjusticestatue_menu              Little Lady Justice

What a pair these make.  Pretty easy to figure out that both would have something to do with the Springfield Justice System but as I know lots of folks like pictures, that’s where I come in.

Supreme Court Lady Justice

Just for nerd’s sake, I thought it might be cool just to share a little history about the statue.  There are several different theories so I figured I’d share what I found.  Some say this statue is based on Lustitia, the Roman Goddess of Justice.  Her greek counterpart was Dike.  Others theorize that she is a blend of several goddesses.  Fortuna, Roman goddess of fate is often depicted blindfolded.  Greek goddess Tyche often carried scales and Nemesis, goddess of vengeance carries a sword.  She could also be Greek goddess Themis who was the mother of Dike or we could even go back to the times of the Egyptians who worshipped Maat, a sword carrying bringer of justice.

The statue is obviously a personification of justice.  The scales of justice in her left hand are for both sides of the story weighed equally.  The double edged sword in her right symbolizes the power of reasoning for both parties (also reminds you that justice is merciless and sometimes painful).  The blindfold speaks to her objectivity and impartiality.  The blindfold is thought to have been added to Lady Justice’s image in the 15th century.

Lady Justice

No matter the true origin, blindfolded or not, the Lady Justice statue is well known in western civilization as an icon of justice in her flowing robes.  She is always mature, but never old.  Frankly, I think Justice is sexy.

Alright, enough rambling.  Now that we have a courthouse, it’s no surprise to me that we also got a Lady Justice statue to decorate it with.  For the low price of $4500, you can have as many of her as you desire.  But where does she come from?  Easy… go check out the Judge Snyder post.  Ok… that was mean.  I’d never do that to you dear reader.

In Season 4, Episode 12: Marge vs. the Monorail, she appears right in Judge Snyder’s courtoom.

Judge Roy Brown 2

Even more, she’s apparently up for sale because Snyder sells the statue to Mr. Burns.  Considering he had to pay 3 million doll hairs, we all got a steal in TSTO.

Judge Roy Brown 3

Just a quick snippet from an episode so it should be no surprise that the Little Lady Justice statue is the same.  This decoration was brought in to the game with the Level 33 update but is available for all tappers upon first entering the game.  At the price tag of 75 precious donuts, she’s an expensive little lady indeed.  Bonus though is this decoration gives a 2.75% bonus to game currency and XP.

Whether or not you want to buy her, I’m here to show her origin.  In Season 13, Episode 2: The Parent Rap, Bart and Milhouse go joyriding in Chief Wiggum’s police car.  They of course get caught and have to go to trial at the Juvenile Courthouse.

Little Lady Justice 2

Little Lady Justice is right out in front of the courthouse.  Seems silly that she didn’t come with that building too but back when she was released, a lot of us thought she was foreshadowing the release of the bullies who came later in Level 36.

Little Lady Justice 3

And there you have it, two new decorations fitting right in with the legal theme of Level 38.  Both were quick shots in the show.  How did you use them to decorate your towns?  I think the Lady Justice statue would fit in great with Burns’ Manor since we now know he’s the rightful owner.  I used the Little Lady Statue in my mega prison.


Apologies for the reminder of snow, but this is the best stitched image I have right now on hand.  I’d love to see what y’all came up with.  Share your images on our Flickr page if you like.

I hope everyone is enjoying the heck out this update.  Keep on tapa-tapa tapping tapped out and TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. I dnt see them in my game I have downloaded all the updates and they r not there

  2. Lady Justice is animated! How did I not know this?! Just tapped her and she dropped her arm and took off her blindfold. Love it!

  3. Thanks for all your wonderful info and taking the time to answer all my questions Wookie!!! Fyi i finally got the movie!!! Wooooo Hoooooo!

  4. All the little bows on the prison walls look rather funny 🙂
    Christmas present for the inmates?

  5. Wookie? i am curious to know how much time did it take for you to do that?

    • I knocked it out in a little over 3 hours. Biggest key to saving time is to sketch what you want prior. ALso helped that I was doing a redesign and this was my first build so I didn’t have space issues to worry about. The workout yard was added later on the advice of some friends and I brought over the escalator, funny farm and retirement castle later to add to the “prison” feel.

      • k thanks! that is exactly what i am currently doing is redesigning my SF. i bought all the land that EA gave us and now i am just taking my time, using pics of other tapper’s layouts to get inspiration and incorporating what i want into the town before the next event hits. (reminder to self need to buy simpson’s movie lol)! i love those 3D layouts but it is hard to work on my IPhone! takes more time with a smaller screen, etc…! Anyway, i am rambling!! Thanks again!

        • Rambling is the best. Redesigning can be so much fun. I have an itch to do another one but just haven’t been willing to take the leap. I actually do all my tapping on my iPhone so I feel your pain. Good luck!

  6. ok now that is one AWESOME prison!!!

  7. I like to think it’s a nod to the ‘…And Justice for All’ album. But then I would 🙂

  8. Alessandra Alonso

    In your blog about justice statues you had a picture of your “super prison”. How did you make your prison look like that? I only have a grey prison with light on the roof & can’t work put how yours is so different. Please let me know as I’m clearly missing something. Thanks

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