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Welcome to another edition of From the Mouths of Addicts, where YOU get to sound off on anything and everything in the world of Tapped Out!  This week’s post comes to us from one of our favorite Addicts, and frequent commenter, CGuy!  It’s CGuy’s hilarious “on the scene” reports while he was in the 2 day limbo between the Christmas removal update and Level 38.  Enjoy it my friends…I know I did!


NON-UPDATER UPDATE – Hour 23 (ish)
Well, CguyField is still in the grip of the Polar Vortex. Why do I put my characters through this? After all, I have had all the prizes on the prize wheel for weeks. Maybe I am doing this just to help my poor unfortunate neighboreenos! Yea, that’s it!


Bunny just double back leg kicked me and reminded me she is keeping a close eye on me.
Ok, the real reason is that I am obsessed with hitting 160k GCs. There is no good reason for this, since my characters COULD be earning cash for the next update. But noooooooo.
Meanwhile, something like 80% of my neighboreenos, have succumbed to EAs Global Warming plot. This makes it a little tough to accumulate massive quantities of GCs.
I have about 2,000 cards to go. Will I make it before EA strong arms me into updating?
Stay tuned!




Things are looking desperate in CguyField. My neighboreenos are deserting me left and right – and I am down to 21 (including “The Other Springfield”).
I captured one as he was departing, and he wouldn’t fess up to why he was leaving, but as he turned and exited the playing field, I noticed a bit of white, fluffy fur stuck firmly to the seat of his pants – and he was walking a little gingerly. I can only expect those double hind leg kicks are being spread around. Why, oh Why am I subject to this lepus witch-hunt???
I just passed 158,500 – but it’s looking quite unlikely that I will hit the mystical 160k. I can only count on 630 cards a day from my neighboreenos, and that’s assuming that Bunny doesn’t get to any of the remaining ones.
I refuse to purchase Tokens with Donuts in an effort to spin my way to the target. With my luck, I would end up with $10,000 for the low, low price of 50 donuts. (which is a little better than the 80 donuts “The Store” charges – really, has ANYONE ever purchased currency???)
On the up side, with the help of that little witch, Marge – I am only 7 days away from Corn, Actual Corn – and I hope by then I can still get multiple visitors tapping on it – $45k and 9k exp per visit!
Well, back into the winter gear – and out into the snow I go….
Stay tuned!
Fortunately for me, I have so far escaped the attention of Wookie.
Those things scare me, and I am pretty sure they ain’t normal.



36 hours, I’m feeling so alone. Down to 16 Neighboreenos — and that’s only if you count “The Other Springfield.”
Where once I could easily make 4,000 Gift Cards a day, I have strained to make 1,100. Just past 159,000 — slogging through snow that seems to keep growing higher with every Neighboreeno that deserts me.
Or maybe it’s that darn rabbit…
(“Shhh. Be vewy vewy quiet, I’m hunting rabbits.)
Whoa, I think I am beginning to lose it.


It’s all over
The Evil Authority (EA – get it), has put a halt to my campaign. This morning at 10:15 am EST, my “welcome” screen cried “Update Available! Want! Want!” and would not let me continue without updating.
I was at 159,619 when it all came crashing down upon me…
Last night was not a good one, I tossed and turned and constantly checked to see whether any more presents had dropped.
I tried counting sheep, but they kept turning into rabbits…
Scary rabbits…
Some relief came, after passing the 159,500 mark, when I finally fell asleep. My dreams were soothed by images of a bald little chubby guy with a speech impediment singing Wagner. The scent of my favorite Hasenpfeffer recipe tantalized my olfactory bulb.
Progress was getting very tough towards the end. Snow covered all but the tallest structures (Claus Co., King Homer’s Skyscraper, and the sun sphere). All that I could see of my characters were snow “contrails”, although I guess in Homer’s case that would be snow “chemtrails” (look it up).
Well, it looks as if the unholy conspiracy of Bunny and the Evil Authority have won again.
Matt Groening! Why hast thou forsaken me????
Oh well, there’s always Valentine’s Day.
Attica! Attica!

Well that’s it for this edition of From the Mouths of Addicts!  A big thanks to CGuy for this great read and keeping us all laughing while we waited for something (anything) to happened in TSTO those 2 days!  Do you have a similar in between updates story?  Did you take advantage of the chance to spend 2 extra days in Springfield Christmas?  Did you have your own Gift Card Goal? Sound off in the comments below, we can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

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8 responses to “From the Mouths of Addicts: “On the Scene” Reporting

  1. Oh, Jeez! I can’t believe my ingratitude!

    Thanks you for the Addicting Honor! I will cherish it and the massive cash prize that comes with it!

    There is a prize, Isn’t there?

  2. A-ha! An outsider WDTCF!

    The Gazebo/Mensa reference comes from a Season 10 episodes “They Saved Lisa’s Brain.”

    When they attempt to hold their meeting in the gazebo, they are rebuffed by inebriated Carl et al., who are taking advantage of the Renaissance Fair celebrations to drink in public!

  3. On the good side, Marge finally finished accelerating my Corn, Actual Corn. I had her working the whole time, and I swear it’s been the full 90 days and I was just kidding myself. Sigh…

    Meanwhile, 6 Neighboreenos have clicked on the Corn, Actual Corn – and with my 2 “shaking hands” buffer – I have made $180k and 36k XP in less than 24 hours!

    Hopefully, Alissa’s security measures are up to snuff and I won’t find any bunny or wookie tracks in my corn field.

    OOOOOHHHH! Corn Maze for next Halloween!!!

    Of course, since my Cguyfielders can all walk on water, I don’t see them sticking to corn stalk boundaries.

  4. just drove bye a “Gazebo” and wondered aloud “why would they have a Mensa meeting there”…lol thanks for turning me into a addict

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