Last Chance: Cremo Bot & Maude

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick reminder…the “Days of Future Future” Episode tie-in is sent to end tomorrow (4/15) at 3:59am EST (8:00 GMT).  So if you’re planning on, or on the fence, about purchasing ANY of the premium items (Cremo-O-Bot or Maude) have until 3:59AM EST (4/15/14) to make your decision and final purchase.  As that’s when it’s scheduled to end.  Does that mean they’ll leave at exactly 4AM?  Not necessarily…but do you really want to take that chance?

cremobot_menu     fortunetellerandmaude_menu

With DOFF ending tomorrow, does that mean we could see an update hit our games tomorrow?  We’ll have to wait and see just what EA has up their sleeves for us this week, but for now don’t miss out on picking up these items if you were thinking about it!

Will YOU make the purchase?  What did you think of Sunday’s Episode?  Did you enjoy the episode tie-in?  Sound off in the comments below…you know we LOVE hearing from you!

27 responses to “Last Chance: Cremo Bot & Maude

  1. wildthornberry88

    Man I wish I’d read this yesterday XD ah well too late!


  2. I got maude and the building for 25 donuts! Best 8 hour task EVER. And Sunday’s episode was quite funny


  3. No update nothing 1 min it was there next min gone


    • Yea it’s coded into the programming of the initial update that at the end date the limited time items just disappear. Glad you were able to snatch it up tho! 🙂


  4. After reading the comments I decided to purchase another cremo bot @ 3:59 am @ 4:00 am it was gone wow


  5. I gave into the “Limited item” hype & got the Cremobot, I put in my prison yard.


  6. anyone know how many “consumerism” structures I need to get conformity to 5 stars or just enough to get overall conformity to 5 stars sans premium stuff? I’m at level 39, built everything, and have 9 f’n Kwik E Marts and still only at 3 1/2 stars for consumerism, everything else at 5 stars, stuck at 4 1/2 overall. Seems like such an oversight not to have more basic options.


    • As of level 39 the requirement for consumerism is 264 points. Each building accounts for 10 points, so you’d need 27 buildings to max it out.
      As far as what impacts it you’ve got:
      Main Land Springfield: Kwik-E-Mart, Android’s Dungeon, King Toot’s, Herman’s Military Antiques & Sir Putt-A-Lot’s. Bachelor Arms apartments, Noiseland Arcade, Springfield Grocery Store
      Squidport: Itchy & Scratchy Store, Malaria Zone, Turban Outfitters, My First Tattoo, Just Rainsticks & CryptoBarn
      Premium: Main Land Springfield Only: Sprawl Mart & Try-N-Save Squidport Only: Ferris Wheel
      Main Land Springfield Limited Time: House of Evil, Mapple Store & Howard’s Flowers.
      Halloween 2013: Fortune Teller Shop (also from DOFF tie-in)
      Thanksgiving 2013: Indian Casino
      Christmas 2013: Claus Co, Costington’s, Present Depot, Santa’s Workshop, Springfield Mall
      Married to the Blob Tie-In: Mr. Sparkle Billboard

      Biggest help is from Christmas…4 Freemium additions and 1 premium.

      Hope that helps! 🙂


  7. Yes about the graves i am on tapped out about 3 to 4 times a days and only got 6 graves it just stop please is there a way you can help


  8. I have to wait the week until Fox has the episode available on their website. Is the Cremo Bot worth it?


  9. Never got the chance to see the episode but i bought the Bot. i thought one bot is plenty lol


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