What Are You: Pink or Blue?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So this morning I want to talk to you about something that’s VERY different with this update, something in your favor!  I want to talk to you about the Easter Boxes!

I know what many of you are thinking…it’s the holiday wheel just in box form!  But guess what?  It’s not!  What if I told you, as long as you play the game and collect eggs you are guaranteed to collect ALL of the prizes, with out spending a single donut on eggs?

Impossible?  Nope.  I’m telling you EA listened to YOU (to ALL of us) with this update!  They heard your complaints during the wheel events about the odds, and they did something about it!

Let’s take a look at how the odds  come into play with these new prize boxes….


So with this update EA has broken everyone up into two groups of Tappers.  You can either be in the Blue Egg Group or the Pink Egg Group.  Whichever group you’re in will impact your odds in the Pink and Blue Boxes ONLY, the Gold Boxes have the same odds for both groups.  So just what are these odds? Let’s take a look:

Pink Easter Box:

Prizes Blue Group Pink Group
Block-O Store 3% 5%
Chirpy & Bart Jr 2% 5%
Easter Tree 15% 12.5%
Beach Towel & Umbrella 15% 12.5%
Easter Fence 20% 20%
300 Gold Eggs 45% 0%
100 Gold Eggs 0% 45%

Blue Easter Box:

Prizes Blue Group Pink Group
The Egg Council Guy 5% 2%
Johnny Fiesta’s 5% 3%
Easter Egg Pile 12.5% 15%
Easter Pond 12.5% 15%
Easter Fence 20% 20%
300 Gold Eggs 0% 45%
100 Gold Eggs 45% 0%

Now you’re sitting there saying “But you said I was guaranteed to win EVERYTHING, those odds look like I’m screwed…again!”

Have no fear…the top 2 “big” prizes in each box have “guaranteed to be awarded by try #” built into it.  What does that mean?  Well basically it means at a certain # of tries if you haven’t unlocked it yet it’s guaranteed to unlock for you!  Note: There are also minimum number of tries before it unlocks too.  Meaning you won’t be awarded the prizes before a certain number of tries.
Here’s that break down and it’s the same no matter which egg group you’re in:

Item Box Min Attempts Max Attempts
Block-O Store Pink 12 81
Chirpy & Bart Jr Pink 12 80
The Egg Council Guy Blue 12 81
Johnny Fiesta’s Blue 12 80

So what this means is…if on attempt 79 in the Pink Easter Box you still haven’t earned the Block-O-Store and Chirpy & Bart Jr you are GUARANTEED to unlock Chirpy & Bart Jr on your next try.  THEN you will also unlock the Block-O-Store on the very next attempt after unlocking Chirpy & Bart Jr.  Pretty sweet right?

So now the million dollar question….how do you know which group you’re in?  It’s actually pretty simple…the game tells you.  There are a few key things to look for in your game to determine what group you are in.  (remember this won’t come into play until you’ve unlocked the Easter goodies…after the 24hr Whacking Day quests) 

First indicator…look to see what color egg you are awarded when you complete Tasks.  If you’re awarded 250 Pink Eggs you’re in the Pink Group, if you’re awarded 250 Blue Eggs you’re in the Blue Group.  Also, the color of the eggs awarded for completing character tasks will indicate this.

The next indicator…check how your eggs are shown in the bottom left of your main Springfield.  If it goes Blue, Pink, Gold you’re in the Blue Group, like this:
Screenshot_2014-04-15-11-20-35If it goes Pink, Blue, Gold you’re in the Pink Group, like this:

The final indicator…check to see how your Easter Boxes are shown.  If it’s Blue, Pink, Gold like this:


You’re in the Blue Group.  If it goes Pink, Blue, Gold like this:
You’re in the Pink Group.

Simple enough right?  All this grouping means is it’s easier for you to unlock the prizes in the box for the color group you’re in.  But remember you’re guaranteed to unlock all of the prizes, no matter what group you’re in.

Let’s move on to the Gold Easter Box odds.  Keep in mind these odds are the SAME for Tappers in the Pink Group AND Blue Group.  The Golden Easter Box contains the rare, and sought after, Easter content, so these odds are a little tougher than the Pink or Blue boxes.  Here’s how it breaks down:

Golden Box:

Prizes Odds
Shary Bobbins 2%
Hugs Bunny 3%
Father Sean 5%
Bunny 24601 12%
Bananna Dictatorship 16%
Easter Entrance 17%
Kodos Topiary 7%
Kang Topiary 7%
Pastel Picket Fence 31%

Now you might be asking…”Am I guaranteed to win all of this stuff too?!” and the answer is YES.  Just like the other boxes, the sought after prizes have min and max unlock attempt numbers.  Here’s the breakdown on those:

Item Min Attempts Max Attemps
Shary Bobbins 20 80
Hugs Bunny 0 81
Father Sean 0 50
Bunny 24601 0 20
Bananna Dictatorship 0 15

As you can see most of the items are pretty easy to obtain, as you’ll unlock them with minimal attempts!  Of course Shary Bobbins (my personal favorite!) will be the hardest to unlock, but would you expect anything less?

So that’s in on the Prize Box Odds my friends!  Now let’s take a little poll and see what group you’re in.  Let us know if you’re in the Pink Group or the Blue Group:

What do YOU think of the way EA adjusted the odds for this event?  Are you more optimistic about your chances of unlocking ALL of the free content?  What are your thoughts on the free content?  Sound of in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

202 responses to “What Are You: Pink or Blue?

  1. So what happens if you don’t get all the items by the 13th?

  2. Unlocked Father Sean and Banana Dictatorship almost immediately. Won the Bunny about midway. But no Shary, so I spent 100 donuts on gold boxes and was able to unlock Hugs Bunny, both topiaries, and some fences and a basket on the first 9, and fences, eggs, a topiary and Shary on the second 9. I almost never spend money on the game but it really wanted Shary and I guess I got lucky because I’ve read that people spent A LOT of money trying to get her in the beginning of the update before gold eggs were available to purchase.

    I unlocked everything of value other than Hugs and Shary without spending money and I started tapping two weeks in to the update and only tapped halfway through my neighbors daily. So I don’t know what determines who gets what, seems entirely random to me. The only things I don’t have are JF and Dgg Council guy, who I really want, but I won’t spend money on that.

  3. How they are getting free eggs of each color 20millions each ty

    • They’re most likely using a hacked game. Something we do not promote or condone. If they’re caught by EA, it’s likely that their game will be terminated.

  4. Just as a side note to my week 3 post. Without baskets, no way you win prizes. I have had 16 gold boxes so far. With them I have won 8 sets of pastel fences, 2 Kodos, 1 box of blue eggs and 1 box of pink eggs. I DID get Banana Dictatorship and Bunny #?, but in the last 4 days, I will be lucky if I get 1 more gold box, not even 25% of the way to 80.

    This was a HUGE glitch.

    • I agree. EA agrees. I am still wondering what is in their minds to try and fix this disaster they didn’t see coming. Such a great concept muddied by such a small item.

    • Yep, they gave us gold eggs for everyone….too bad you have to spend donuts. Baskets aren’t dropping from bunnies anymore; you have to spend donuts for them to if you want them. I am so sick of fences and other useless stuff I that I can’t sell that I’m almost afraid to keep trying to get Shary/Hugs/Kodos. I said it before, but I really, really hate this update. Now at least I have people agreeing with me that it’s imposdible to get the prizes.

      • Hi Lyaia! I have gotten 3 baskets in the last 2 days, and I’ve noticed more neighbors with baskets, so don’t be too discouraged about that thing, there’s still hope 🙂 I do agree with you, it’s really a letdown when you work so hard to get enough to open a basket, only to get another beach towel, it just happened to me last night. It’s Kinda, but not really, ironic that we both need the exact same items :/

      • I haven’t had a baset drop in a week and a half, and I’m down to 4 neighbors with baskets. I managed to get a gold box this morning, and, yep, another freaking fence. Hopefully, baskets will start dropping for my neighbors and me again like they did for you.granmamamDar! I hope we can all manage to get the prizes before this ends (without forking out money).

  5. i know why tsto is a free game! If you want all stuff in the game, or a lot of the stuff in the game. you have to buy donuts. They should reward daily players with extra in-game cash to buy donuts. even if the prices were ridiculous, this would still be more fun.

    • EA gives you numerous opportunities as a FREE player to win all the prizes. You do not HAVE to buy donuts. If you are playing the game free…you essentially get out what you put in the game. Plain and simple. My freemium game is stuffed full of Premium items. All from donuts I won just playing through the events.

      I am still having a blast in my Freemium game. 😉

  6. I still need (among other things) the kodos topiary when I have 3 kangs already. I want an even number for design purposes, so frustrating!

    • On the plus side…that is 3 items you can place around your town that come with a multiplier. On the down side…yes…two aliens matching (one of each) is always cool. 😉

      • I want to fence off a small area for alien stuff, the crashed UFO, the ray gun and the Victorian UFO with a topiary on each side of the entrance, one Kang, one Kodos. Still got a week to get one, but if I don’t I’ve earned enough donuts visiting friends to buy one, even though I usually only spend donuts on things that you can’t get for free

    • I have 7 Kangs and no Kodos. No Shari Bobbins, no Hugs Bunny…I have enough fences to build a Great Wall of Springfield. All I get it seems are fences (both Easter and pastel), Kangs, and those stupid egg piles. I wouln’t mind so much if we could sell some of this stuff. I still see no way to get 80 gold boxes before the end to get Shari/Hugs. 45% chance to get golden eggs? Not in my game. Baskets have stopped dropping from bunny taps too. I’ve also noticed that in a few neighbor’s towns that I am unable to give them eggs even though I have enough and they have empty baskets.

      • Sounds like your neighbors may have the basket glitch. I get the 45% in my game of gold eggs in my NON dominant color box. The baskets themselves have always been random. Some do go a long time without one then get a lot at one time. It varies. Still a full week left in the event. Hang in there.

      • I’ve had problems swapping eggs with neighbours as well. The basket finder takes me to them but then I can’t click and my chances of getting baskets seems to have dropped dramatically too. Glitch maybe?

      • I am pink dominant. Last 10 blue boxes I’ve been able to get have yielded 2 gold eggs, 2 pink eggs (grrr), 3 fences, 2 ponds, and an egg pile. That is 20% in my non-dominant color. The gold boxes I’ve gotten in the last few days have yielded gold eggs, pink eggs, Kang, and fences. You lose 50% of the eggs when you trade them, so pink eggs aren’t all that helpful (and it’s geetting harder to find neighbors with baskets or usablee baskets to dump them off on). I had better luck with the dreaded wheels.

        • It does stink to lose the eggs during the trade but I remind myself that I’m helping my neighbors so it’s not a complete loss. I’m right there with ya tapping and hoping for good stuff. For the gold, your non-dominant box is still the easiest way to get gold eggs for now.

  7. Hello,
    I am just wondering where these odds were obtained from because I have just been speaking to an EA game advisor about tapped out and he assured me that the odds were indeed random in all boxes.

    • These odds came from the files. Whether or not they’re actually in play or not is another story. We can only go off of what we see in the game files. And I’m sure the EA Adviser can only go off of what they’re told to say.

    • The odds are in the game files directly from EA and those that code the files for the game. As we have stated from the beginning, no two games will be alike…when and how you win items WILL be random. Same with the baskets. Same with the Faberge. However, there are certain amounts you have to hit before specific items will start randomly occuring. A set amount to be opened in each color box. I have spoken to “game advisors” many times. They are basic employees. They do not know all the details of the games themselves. Only what their position allows. Enough to help with basics.

      • Have people at EA officially said that these are the correct odds or not?

        • No. But the people at EA (in chat, email and on the phone) are all outsourced help (although the phone might not be). They’re just customer service reps with a script of answers given to them. Which is why you can often get different answers depending on who you speak to.
          So we’re only stating that these are the odds as dictated by the game files, essentially the coding that makes up the game. The advisors are only stating what their script tells them to state. So there’s your difference.
          The only people that know for a fact how the game works and the true exact and perfect odds are those that are working on the game coding. Those are the people you won’t ever talk to on the phone, unless you know them personally.
          Odds, by nature, truly are random. You never know exactly how/when something will pay out. You just know that the odds of it doing so are _____

    • I would assume they are correct based on the fact that I just got bunny 24601 on box number 20

  8. Its a load of lies, I have spent 45 pink boxes trying to get Chirpy boy and Bart junior, I now have far too many beach towels and trees, I got fences 4 times in a row in the gold boxes, To me the Christmas one was better, I didn’t rage at the Christmas one after spending 200 donuts to get crap I didn’t want.

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