The Characters of TSTO Easter

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

How are my favorite Addicted Tappers doing today?  You still having fun with this Easter Event?  Collecting your Eggs regularly?  Following our tips for earning more eggs?  Remember you can always check out our Easter Event page for ALL of the info on everything Easter!  And…if you can’t find what you’re looking for just ask!  We’re always around to help! 🙂

Back with another breakdown of the prizes that are in store for us during this update.  This time let’s talk about the characters of TSTO Easter…

There are a total of 6 new characters you can win in the Easter Prize boxes, Egg Council Guy, Chirpy and Bart Jr, Bunny 24601, Fr. Sean, Hugs Bunny & Shary Bobbins.  Let’s break each one down with all the fun details…

  Shary Bobbins Huggs head 1 Father Sean flying bunny egg council guy chirpy boy and bart jr

First…I’m not going to talk about odds in this post.  We’ve talked about the odds a lot (and you can find that info here and here) so we just want to give you guys all the details on the characters.  So stop over thinking and just have some fun! 🙂

Let’s kick this off with Chirpy & Bart Jr…because this game needed more pets that are hard to see! 😉

chirpy boy and bart jr

Character(s): Chirpy and Bart Jr.
How It’s Won: Pink Easter Prize Box
Playable or Non-Playable Characters: Non-Playable (NPC)
Animation: When tapped they jump.
Quest Associated: No quest associated with these two.
Character Set: Exotic Animals and Pets

Next up let’s break down the Egg Council Guy…after all who doesn’t like a good “egg roll”…

egg council guy

Character: The Egg Council Guy
How It’s Won: Blue Easter Prize Box
Playable or Non-Playable Characters: Non-Playable (NPC)
Animation: When tapped he falls on his back
Quest Associated: No quest associated with this character
Character Set: Easter 2014

Now let’s talk about Bunny 24601…a bunny that can fly!

flying bunny
Character: Bunny 24601
How It’s Won: Gold Easter Prize Box
Playable or Non-Playable Characters: Non-Playable (NPC)
Animation: When tapped it grows wings flies straight up in the air for a few seconds
Quest Associated: No quest associated with this character
Character Set: Easter 2014

Now for everyone’s favorite rapping priest Fr. Sean….

Father Sean

Character: Fr. Sean
How It’s Won: Gold Easter Prize Box
Playable or Non-Playable Characters: Playable Character with a full set of tasks
Animation: A couple of outdoor animations including riding his motorbike & rapping with a bible.
Quest Associated: Yes, full questline associated with Fr. Sean.  (Homer starts the questline)
Character Set: Churchy Joes

Task Length Earns Requires
Play Drums in Priest Band 1hr $70, 17xp Moe’s
Make Catholicism Cool 4hrs $175, 45xp Springfield Elementary
Quote Contemporary Rappers in a Sermon 8hrs $275, 70xp
Be Cool on his Motorbike 12hrs $420, 100xp
Regret Meeting Homer Simpsons 24hrs $600, 150xp Brown House

Next up let’s break down Hugs Bunny….the Bunny accused of stealing from Disney…

Huggs head 1

Character: Hugs Bunny
How It’s Won: Gold Easter Prize Box
Playable or Non-Playable Characters: Playable Character with a full set of tasks
Animation: A couple of outdoor animations including check on Easter Eggs & Battle Homer
Quest Associated: Yes, full questline associated with Hugs Bunny.  (Homer starts the questline)
Character Set: Easter 2014

Task Length Earns Requires
Check on Easter Eggs 1hr $70, 17xp
Work a Birthday Party 4hrs $175, 45xp Blue House
Battle Homer 8hrs $275, 70xp Town Hall
Give a Presentation to Children 12hrs $420, 100xp Springfield Elementary
Fight for Fair Compensation 24hrs $600, 150xp Brown House

And finally…this Events most sought after character…Shary Bobbins…

Shary Bobbins


Character: Shary Bobbins
How It’s Won: Gold Easter Prize Box (Note: Shary is the HARDEST to win in this game.  She is the only prize in the Gold box to have a min attempt to unlock (20) and you will not unlock her before those 20 attempts)
Playable or Non-Playable Characters: Playable Character with a full set of tasks
Animation: A couple of outdoor animations including sing an educational song and fly on her umbrella
Quest Associated: Yes, full questline associated with Shary (Flanders starts the questline)
Character Set: More Oddballs

Task Length Earns Requires
Encourage Evil Deeds 1hr $70, 17xp Flanders House
Sing an Educational Song 4hrs $175, 45xp
Practice “Grey” Magic 8hrs $275, 70xp Brown House
Update her References 12hrs $420, 100xp Blue House
Fly on her Umbrella 24hrs $600, 150xp

And for those of you wondering….her fly on her umbrella task is her opening her umbrella and going just off the ground and staying there for the entire 24hrs.  She does not fly around your Springfield.  She basically stays in 1 position, but in the air for 24hrs.  Like this:

So there you have it my friends…a detailed breakdown of the characters you can win during the Easter Event!

What do YOU think of the characters?  Have you unlocked any yet?  Which ones are you MOST looking forward to unlocking?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

53 responses to “The Characters of TSTO Easter

  1. tuamigoraulito

    Add tuamigoraulito

  2. What is that weird noise that Bunny 24601 makes when you tap him???

  3. I’ve won Egg Council Guy, Father Sean, and the flying bunny so far. No buildings yet, but I’m doing pretty well. I’m hoping to get all the content, and I bought the MK II because of its non dominant egg producing ability, plus it will look pretty cool near Frinks Lab once. I buy it. All I really want left is Blocko, Banana Dictatorship, and Hugs Bunny, and Shary Bobbins. I’ll be happy getting those four things. I did buy CCL and she is awesome! I’m loving this event and with 20 days left, I’m hoping I get everything! Yay Easter event!

  4. I have gotten nothing but fences, trees, and gold eggs, and my gold boxes gave me fences. I hate this event so far.

    • Sorry to here that. Keep in mind that you need to open at LEAST 12 boxes in pink and blue before the larger prizes pay out. Your NON dominant color box will yield MORE gold eggs than your main color will. Still 20 days left. PLENTY of time to still get lots of goodies. Hang in there. 😉

  5. thelittleprince

    Wish these Easter characters are voiced. The FG game has spoiled me with all voiced characters so far although oddly the brain damaged horse doesn’t make a sound (or does he?). Looking forward to getting these characters in my town (got Father Sean with my first gold box!!)

  6. I am so very happy to see you guys(Alissa and Bunny) telling everyone to hold their donuts…sadly…few have listened… 🙂

  7. I’m actually 3 fences away from finishing sucking out after opening the pastel picket fence haha! I suck at this!!!! 26 boxes on day 6 and 47 Easter fences, banana dictatorship and ponds haha at this rate I’m a little screwed!

  8. I’m winning nothing great from the Pink and Blue Boxex.
    I’ve opened 2 gold and won the Banana Dictatorship and the Hugs bunny so I’d consider myself Gold box lucky so far but I’m sure this is where my luck starts to run out.

  9. Hey Do you think we could have a little Easter Showoff competition or something or other? I just finished designing my Easter Park!! 😀

    • You mean…a Springfield Showoff? Lol

      I am working on that …coming soon…just wanted to give everyone a lil time to get some goodies.

    • I’m looking forward to seeing what people do with all their fences! I opened a pink box today and got.. gold eggs. opened the gold box and got pastel fence pieces, my first ones of those. I have a good idea of what I’m doing with the easter fences, but these pastel ones are not as inspiring to me. Thinking of maybe putting them by the elementary school. I love seeing the creative things other people do with their not-so-loved items!

  10. This is probably totally wrong place to post this so I apologise but am having huge difficulties collecting off my neighbours crashes every 2nd neighbour have been through troubleshooting And hard closed app as well does anyone know if there is a problem I’ve also left four hours in between collections thinking that might help but it’s still the same!

    • I spoke with EA on this issue. They told me to please send people experiencing it their way. There are still too many variables causing it for them to narrow down source. It is anywhere for user error, weak wifi, to other issues. Please get in touch with them and open a help ticket so they can narrow it down further and get it fixed. Let me know how it goes.

  11. Shary bobbins….. she would be great!!! Pity she doesn’t fly around like the news helicopter I’ve seen in my friends town…..and hugs bunny sounds funny…I bet him being with Homer well be amusing! 🙂

  12. Patiently waiting but all I’ve got are fences and trees so far. I guess I’ll just have to keep bashing those bunnies. 🙂

  13. I wish the egg council guy would scurry away when tapped so we could yell “You better run egg!”

  14. Actually, Hugs Bunny’s “Check on Eggs” task is a visual task, does not require the purple house! 🙂

  15. Sigh, no characters yet. Finally got my 2nd building today and I’m more than halfway to getting 15 donuts for all my fences… 🙁

    I would have spent donuts on Shari, I’ll be buying some eggs at the end of the event if I haven’t gotten her by then. In the meantime, back to zapping bunnies!

  16. I absolutely love all the characters. The only thing is, I had such a rough time getting Father Sean and Hugs Bunny.. don’t even get me started on Shary Bobbins lol I’m still frustrated but so glad I finally have her. Hope everyone gets all the items& characters!

  17. Christian Goddard

    Wait wait you are telling me there are 3 characters with quests in this update sweet thought hugs bunny would be npc but i guess not I need him and father sean got shari a few days ago

  18. All i need now are the lizards, sharry bobbins and fr sean and im done. Half way there… i even got 4 donuts at random from visiting friends which is a nice bonus.

  19. Alissa, can you friend me please? Most of my friends are inactive and I can’t tap anything ! 🙁 ( my username is my email without …@ ….com )

    • Sure, just sent it. 🙂

      • Alissa can you add me too I also share the same issue with Greg because I’ve been playing for over a year and all my friends have stopped playing and gone inactive:) my name is Fresco3332

      • Alissa can you add me please I have been playing for over a year and a lot of my neighbours have stopped playing and I am not doing very well at the Easter event because of that I have only won 18 Easter fences, 2 beach towels, 2 Easter trees, 5 100 gold eggs and 2 pastel fences. It’s such a shame some of my neighbours had lovely towns and they just abandoned then. Such a shame 🙁

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