Where Did THAT Come From – Sumatran Century Flower

“Every one, flare your nostrils in olfactory anticipation.”

Hello hello.  Wookiee popping in for more WDTCF goodness for all my favorite wabbit whackerinos (or are you more of a zapperino?)  This installment is about a premium item which dropped this Easter… the Sumatran Century Flower.


Oh Sumatra.  The largest island that is entirely in Indonesia, it is the home of 201 mammal species and 580 bird species.  It includes wetlands, rain forests and even pine forests so there’s lots of vegetation including 17 endemic genera of plants.  Wowza.  Sumatra actually is a really neat place with its own versions of tigers, elephant, rhinos, bears, orangutans and more.  A really beautiful place I’ve only had the chance to see from the air but georgeous is how I remember the views from a stratotanker.

Sumatra Indonesia Map

With all that flora and fauna, you may wonder if this new decoration is real and the answer is, kind of.  The Titan Arun or Sumatran “Corpse Flower” (Amorphophallus titanum), so named for its horrible smell upon blooming, actually exists.  These flowers can grow up to 10 feet and bloom unpredicatably.  They can do it once in their lifetime or several times and there’s no schedule involved as to when the flower chooses to unleash its potent beauty.  The smell of the flower has been compared to rotting flesh, smelly socks and Camembert cheese by different people.  These bad boy’s are also nicknamed “Devil’s Tongue” for their unique look.

corpse flower corpse flower 2Sumatran Century Flower 2

Pretty but gross, right?  Well, I have to believe these real life stinkers were the inspiration for the Sumatran Century Flower which appears in “Moe Baby Blues” (S14:E22).  The Springfield universe version blooms every hundred years and of course, our favorite family is off to the Springfield Botanical Gardens to see it.

Sumatran Century Flower

All of Springfield turns out for the event.  The viewing area’s max capacity is 2500 and Moe makes 2501 (poor guy, he doesn’t get to be a “Plus 1” often) so he gets booted.  Turns out to be a blessing in disguise as the flower opens and drops a smell bomb on those present.  Bart describes it as someone cutting one (aka a fart), Bumblebee man say basically that in Spanish and Krusty chooses a pile of manure over the smell.  The resulting death of the botanical gardens from a combination of the noxious Sumatran vapors and the stampeding folks fleeing the smell is impressive.  The gardens were equally impressive.  Wookiee want.

Sumatran Century Flower 3

This decoration cost 40 donuts and gives a 2% bonus to your cash and XP.  It’s also unique so only one can be placed in your town.  I wonder how many people decided to make their very own botanical garden?  If you buy this decoration, just imagine how stinky your Springfield truly is now.  For certain, this is one new item that any one can say “it stinks” and you’d be right 100%.   I bought it and have it by Howard’s Flowers for now.  I only wish when I tapped on it and the gas cloud emits that my townsfolk would run away lol.

Sumatran Century Flower 4

Y’all have a great day of wabbit whacking and keep on tapping in the free world.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

22 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Sumatran Century Flower

  1. NOW I remember! Funny, as soon as I saw the item in the store, my first thought was “Can’t wait for the WDTCF post on this!” I mean, yes, I could have Oogled it on my own, but that didn’t seem as fun.

    Great post!

  2. What would have been totally awesome is if it had made every bunny (except our dear Bunny, of course), drop in it’s tracks when it was tapped on, with a limit of 3 or 4 taps a day, of course 🙂

  3. Moe Baby Blues is my favorite episode of Season 14. Really happy that something from that episode made it into our Springfields.

  4. Is this a limited-time decoration, or is it permanent? Probably going to buy it either way, since it looks great!

  5. The coloration reminds me of candy corn lol. I was thinking it would look cool in with the pumpkins. Haven’t bought it yet though, spent a good amount of my donuts on crazy cat lady & the fireworks candy & puppies store.

    • Please forgive me, Evil…I’m a dog-person…but I do want that fireworks/puppies store…thanks again for my story…but a boring infomercial did the trick…I swear… 😉

      • Haha.. Infomercial. That late there are MANY types of infomercials….

      • I really don’t have the privacy for what you’re thinking… 🙁 …some dude ina suit selling vacuums…that really suck…lol 😉

  6. I’m geussing since you didn’t mention it opening, it doesn’t…??? Would like it but I think it is in my “wait and see” category of things I want… 🙂

    • It fills up a lil and poofs out a lil cloud. 🙂

    • This is a shot of the poof that I got. It spreads more than this, but you get the idea.

    • Go to my town & press on it to see if it “poofs” for you. It’s up by the space ships in the upper left side of town.

      • I’m out the door…will see you later!!! 🙂

      • Woah…you got 30 donuts in a mystery box???…you suck!!! 🙂 …beccabeadz…hmmm… 😉 …my mom was all up into the plastic bead necklaces in the late 60’s, early 70’s…she was a beautican(?) or “makeup girl” for Merle Norman…some evenings she’d borrow my face for practice…gave me a complex…as you see I settled on purple…lol… 😉

      • I went to your flower to watch it “poof”…I tried your links but what I got wasn’t Simpsons related…was flicker but a bunch of very, very good photography…I was the photogragher for my school newspaper having every intention of being a photo-journalist…oh, well…was one of those pics yours?
        Feel free to kid me about my above comment…lol…I do love my mom and my brother hasn’t teased me about it in 30some years…just a little awkward when singing the “Lumberjack” song…lol 🙂

      • freaknstein8

        Hey, I had to back track way back here to find you…are you and your son okay?…I hope so…It’s lawnmowing season up here and the pollen is killing me…
        I’m still not getting any baskets…I presume you’re having the same problem…if you are still sick, I’m sorry and hope you are better soon, as for your lil man too!!! 🙂 …otherwise, have a nice day and stop being sooo quiet!!! 🙂

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