Where Did THAT Come From – Crashed Police Car

Level 40 just started and I gotta say I’m pretty impressed with the hilariousness. As always, I get to fill my favorite tappereenos in on all the new stuff.  For this little WDTCF goodness, we’ll take a look at our new addition to Krustyland, the crashed police car.


This new decoration cost 1,000 Krustyland tickets and effects the Kitsch rating in your theme park.  It’s not unique so you can buy as many as you desire.  Mine seemed to make sense near Duff Gardens.  Like so many items in Krustyland, it actually comes from a real life object at Universal Studios Orlando in their recreation of Springfield.


Basically you walk into Springfield and then see Bumblebee Man Tacos on your right followed by Lard Lad and the crashed police car.  The fire hydrant shoots out water which is pretty cool.  It wasn’t a hot day when I went but I’m sure it’s great in summer.  Here’s another view of it from the front.

Wiggum Crashed Car

See that puddle of agua?  I was standing a little closer before I took this picture but wet Vans slip-ons are no bueno.  Of course this is just one of the many sweet places to take a picture in Springfield and this Wookiee was no different.  For an idea of the size of Wiggum, I’m 6’4″.

Wookiee with Wiggum

So we got another really awesome thing in the game that comes from where the real Krustyland is.  Super excited for other rides, decorations and items EA could bring from there.  If you want to see more of Florida’s version of Springfield, check out this post I wrote.

Until next time, keep on tapping in the free world.  TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. Another great post “Wookiee Monster”. When I first saw this new item available in KL, I thought, WTF (yeesss, I think of random, capitalized letters all the time!). But after reading your post, I had to have one. I too placed mine near my “Duff Gardens”. Come check it out next time you’re visiting my town.😊

  2. Ok now it makes sense for it to be in Krustyland but it would also make a great decoration in my Springfield as well.

  3. Elizabeth Pititto


    My boyfriend and I also had the pleasure of the awesome Orlando Simpson experience! We were excited to see this new decoration brought back some great memories!!!

  4. philipstarkes

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that you went to a theme park with Vans on.. last time I did that I had blisters on my feet the size of kayaks..

    • I usually where flip lops all the time so my feet are like rocks. Vans or chucks is how I usually go with shoes… like once or twice a month lol.

  5. Nice post! I’ll be there next week eating a donut the size of my head!

  6. Is Wiggum able to control his flatulence, or is he going to smell up the whole neighborhood?

  7. Another great read! It’s a great touch that you’ve been to Springfield, Orlando and can report WDTCF with having seen it with your own eyes!!

    Also, I’m loving that you showed your photo of Wiggum and yourself…. its great to put a face to the persona Wookie!!

    Happy tappin’! 😃

    • Yeah… there’s a couple on the site. Of course, if you talk to the lady Addicts… I change my appearance pretty regularly. Too cold on this day for all my artistic glory to appear.

  8. I am curious if Universal got the idea for this decoration from Six Flags Great Adventure. When Batman the Ride first opened part of the theme was a Gotham City police car that crashed into a hydrant,

  9. Wookie the picture of you and wiggum….which one is you?

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