Showoff, Shout Out & Talk

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Happy Hump Day my friends! So first a few reminders…..

Cross Blog Monthly Shout Out/Tapper of the Month: shoutoutrevisedTime is running out to be considered for our June Tapper of the month so get your submissions in soon for Cross Blog Shout Out Contest!  If you want to be considered for our June Tapper of the month make sure you email your submissions to by 11:59pm EST on Friday 5/23/14.  (remember Tapper of the month gets to be featured here at TSTO Addicts AND wins a $10 Gift Card!)

Springfield Showoff!

This week we want to see….Your SQUIDPORTS!!! Tapped_Out_SquidportShowoff your boardwalk/Squidport area!  Show us your ports, harbors, designs & rides!  Be sure to submit your Squidport by Saturday 5/25/14 at 12pm EST if you want to be featured this week.

Do you want to be featured on the next Springfield Showoff?  Post your images to the Addicts Flickr, share them in the Comments below, share your images on our Facebook Page, Link them to our Twitter feed, or email us your screenshots at We can’t wait to see YOUR designs! (Need help with images, just ask.) 

And now for everyone’s favorite part….. A Special Wednesday Night Open Thread!!!

With a little lull in our TSTO games right now why not have some Addicts fun?!  So chat about anything and everything your little tapping fingers desire!  (Just keep it clean….and NO Add Me requests, those go here)

Need some ideas???  Talk about upcoming update speculation, NBA Draft, NHL Playoffs, NBA Playoffs, World Cup previews, LEGOS any anything/everything else you guys can think off!

Have fun and Happy Chatting!

P.S. Hey Wookiee….look who I found in my yard this evening…. 😉 2014-05-21 18.13.49

P.P.S The official Tapped Out Facebook Page shows a never before seen character coming tomorrow…. “A never before seen face is arriving in Springfield! Play The Simpsons: Tapped Out tomorrow and find out who it is! Until then we can tell you who it’s not – Tanya Harding, Ms. Pac-Man, nor sleight-of-hand magician Ricky Jay.”



Of course here at Addicts we saw this in the files with the Easter take down.  But, as has been our policy since forever, we don’t report unless we know it’s coming (so much in the files that’s not released…we’d hate to bum you guys out with something cool that might not hit our games).  BUT since TSTO is basically saying an update is coming tomorrow…..if you’re curious you can see the unshadowed image here:
May 22nd Update Spoiler

96 responses to “Showoff, Shout Out & Talk

  1. My level 41 update won’t get started. Any suggestions?

  2. Hididdlyhomer

    Oh man. I won’t be able to do my screen captures and stiching until just after the deadline. I’ve got a very busy Saturday morning and it looks I’ll miss out yet again. C’est la vie 🙁

  3. Alissa may I add you on tapped out?

  4. Good TSTO day. Cool Lisa, update, level 41, and a grand total of 9 free donuts. Woo hoo

  5. Level 41

  6. Just got a update

  7. So on March 27th, you guys posted an article about the odds on Sprinfield Downs. Starting March 28th, I started playing only the 99-1 odds. I lucked out and won March 31st on my 7th attempt.

    However, from March 31st, I did not win again until just this morning, nearly two months later, despite betting 99-1 three times a day most days, with the occasional two try days.

    Hope I don’t have to wait another two months for my third win.

  8. Does anybody else find it funny that out of the gazillions of characters that appeared in the show over the years, they are going to give us one nobody can quite remember???

  9. Just a comment but a second brand new character introduced by the game rather than the tvshow.

  10. I’ve added my whole seaward side of Springfield as it kindafits forms at least.

    Sorry for the autostitch bugs.

  11. Been playing for about a year and FINALLY got squeaky voiced teen from the mystery box! Hooray!! 🙂

  12. EvilKitten812

    Oooo another shout out 🙂 has it been a month already? Someday I’ll throw my hat in that race. Maybe August 😉 😉 so how is everyone this fabulous evening? I am curled up watching a marathon of Paranormal Activity, icing my poor foot. Had a GORGEOUS lightning show earlier. I’ll upload some pics if I can.

  13. CentralCali559

    Squidport submitted 🙂

  14. Cybersilly I just tagged up your town, that’s PIMP territory now so get used to it.

  15. Alissa*** sorry bout that, didn’t know if ya’ll would know who I was talkin’ bout.

  16. Hello I guess aren’t alloud by the moderator?

  17. I told lyokan about it.(dont know will come of that)……. I have an idea for you guys… someone email me… wookie…bunny…alyssa… admin of some kind. Thank you.

  18. Just finished my first round of visits….already got 3 donuts!…….hmmmmm donuts….🍩🍩🍩 (wrong kind, but I like chocolate)……hmmmmmm chocolate…😉

  19. HandsomeHank8

    Here here! I’m saving my neighbors also, bad enough to be locked out, but loosing your neighbors too is enough to make you bark or howl at the moon Woof!

  20. HandsomeHank8

    Thank you, thank you Alissa, have been building Kwick e marts now on to the Ferris wheels :-)! I love this site, awesome people!

  21. I was at my parents place this past Victoria Day long weekend and in typical Indian family style, the Christmas lights were still up, LOL.

    Couldn’t help noticing as I visited my Springfield neighbours that many of them must be Indian too cause their Christmas lights are still up too. I took mine down as soon as The snow melted in my Springfield.

    Then again, the Simpsons house had their Christmas lights up well into summer in a couple of episodes, so maybe my neighbours are not Indian, but true followers of Homer.

    • Another thing I noticed was occasionally you’ll gave the full cast of characters exiting from one building in my neighbours Springfield. It looks like a giant conga line and makes me long for a task for everyone except Lisa called “You Don’t Make Friends With Salad” where every character you assign joins the conga line. Maybe Homer and Bart are required to start it and then each additional character earns extra.

    • While I am not Indian by any definition, definitely one of the guilty parties with lights still up. It’s actually one of the reason Alissa and I first became friends before this blog started (that and clown beds). Always been a running joke that poorer pale folks leave there’s up year round. I always thought my family was above it until one time on leave, I realized my grandparents had had the same santa claus decoration up in their high bay window for as long as I could remember lol. Now I’m proud of my Appalachian American roots. In Wookieetown… every days like Christmas.

  22. Hi diddly ho there! I wanted to let any neighbors of mine that are locked out of their games know that I’m saving your place and when you get back in ill be here to tap. I’ve got a great bunch of neighbors and I’m not letting any of you go!

  23. HandsomeHank8

    Happy hump night!
    During this lull trying to get meter up to five stars ARGHHHHHH only half a star away in consumerism, open to any solutions.

  24. What the heck is going on around here!?! What’s all this commotion? Is it Sunday already?….Wait!…What?…huh….a “Special Wednesday Night Open Thread”!? Well hot damn!…..Are you sure the blog can handle this? Could cause a lag issue or crash a server. Now excuse me while I pop up some corn and get a front row seat. This might be interesting.😜

  25. OK no survivor spoilers!!!

  26. Oooohooo. Love it. 🙂

    • Well hello missterry, I see you have been merrily tagging away in my town….Lol. AWESOME……but you know what that means!…….

      …..IT’S ON!!!…….SPRAY CAN TAG HAS BEGUN!!…..😜😈

  27. If you like Legos, and want to see some jacked lego pics, log into Instagram & look up “legojacker”. He’s even got some cool Simpsons Lego pics up recently.

  28. What TSTO needs is a function that would allow us to download a complete map of our Springfields instead of having to piece together a mosaic of screen shots.

  29. My Habs lost star goalie Carey Price 🙁 and are pretty much sitting ducks in the NHL Eastern Conference Finals 🙁

  30. TSTO Facebook says there’s going to be a new character tomorrow.. Any idea who it is?

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