Where Did THAT Come From – Santa’s Little Helper Topiary

Hola mi amigos!

The Topiary Wars continue (check out Pay Pal, S25:E21 for that reference) and in TSTO we got yet another fluffy green bush trimmed like a character.  You know you’ve been subconsciously jonesing for this ever since your snowdog melted, right?  What am I talking about… well if the title was way too subtle, let’s discuss the SLH Topiary.



This new premium decoration cost 30 precious donuts and gives a 0.5% bonus to money and XP in your town.  Not the best payout but what do you expect from a dog bush?

Wait… hold on… SLH just showed up in the attic and is trying to tell me something.  What’s that boy?  Bart fell down the well again?  You do eat homework?  Maggie rode you like a dog?  Snowball II smells like what?

Ah jeez.  Anyone here speak canine?  I don’t know what this greyhound is saying and for that matter, I actually don’t know where this decoration comes from. Between studying and picking the brains of fellow Simpsons nerds, this new decoration eludes me if it’s ever been shown in the Best. Show. Ever.  It pains me that this knowledge isn’t buried in my brain but I’m a big enough walking carpet to admit when I’m stumped.  I CAN tell you that there is a real-life version near the Gracie Studios offices because pics of it are on the ultraweb from two rad guys directly involved with the Simpsons.

real SLH topiary

Here’s a link to the pic from Matt Selman – executive producer of The Simpsons


And because two photographs lends more credibility… here’s another from David Silverman – animator and director of The Simpsons to include the Simpsons Movie.


So this definitely exists somewhere barring carnivorous topiary eating insects.  If it’s in the show and you know where it is, by all means please let the peanut gallery know.  Special prize to anyone with the info.  For now, I’m thinking the Gracie guys wanted some real life in the game that they see all the time since the other real stuff is all at Universal Studios.

That’s about it for this WDTCF.  Back to work for the fuzzball.  Y’all stay classy and TTFN… Wookiee out!

15 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Santa’s Little Helper Topiary

  1. The Wookiee may I add you on tapped out?

  2. I’m hoping that this recent increase of random quests means an update tomorrow.

  3. I put a couple in front of Springfield Downs…..they fit perfectly.

    Ps. Just re-added an old ride to Krustyland: “Krusty’s Spinning Kups of Khaos”. Thought you might enjoy.


  4. I’m curious to know the fascination with the topiaries are!
    I’ve never bought them, and I don’t know exactly why but I feel they would look pointless in my town so see them as a waste of money.
    Am I missing something?

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