Shout Out! And the June Finalists Are….

shoutoutrevised Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well May has come and gone and that means it’s about that time to pick our Tapper of the Month!  Our cross blog monthly contest to find the Tapper of the month between TSTO Topix, TSTO game and TSTO Addicts has been set up because we want to feature YOU!   Your town, your words anything/everything about YOU!  Each month we’ll pick a handful of readers across the three blogs to be featured in our Monthly Shout Out, where we’ll feature your town and some fun information about you.  Then at the end of the Shout Out we’ll let the TSTO Community vote for their favorite.  That winner will be declared our Tapper of the Month! This has been a fun process for Topix, game and Addicts!

We’ve enjoyed getting to know each of you through your submissions and we really loved seeing your creative work on display!  We received many submissions for the June Tapper of the month and had a tough decision to narrow it down to just 5, but we did it!  The writing staff of all THREE blogs came together and collectively agreed that all 5 of the finalists were Tapper of the Month material! So check out the top 5 and be sure to vote for your favorite!  Remember the Tapper you choose could be the Tapper of the Month and be featured on Topix, game and Addicts for the month of May AND win a $10 gift card!  So choose wisely!

Now with out further ado the finalists are…… In no particular order

KMonk023 and his Springfield!
Here’s some more info about KMonk023:
My name is Kyle and I’m from Ontario, Canada. I’ve been playing TSTO for about 2 months short of a year now and I’m still as into it as when I first started playing. I try my best to recreate the images from the episodes and it can prove to be somewhat challenging (still have to figure out where to place that lemon tree). One of my favourite placements is the Escalator to Nowhere beside Mr. Burns’ place because it seems like something Burns would do. I play exclusively on my IPod Touch, though I imagine there would be less scrolling to do using an iPad (bigger screen). I tried looking for a way to capture my town as a whole with the stitching method but I guess an iPod is limiting, so I hope my little random screenshot collages will do my town justice. I’ve been a big fan of The Simpsons for a long time that I even wrote a collection of different types of poems about it for an assignment in public school and I look forward to seeing the future additions to TSTO…maybe the Venus Gummi de milo?

And here is just a few shots from KMonk023 town: image (4)
You can check out more shots from KMonk023’s town here

weeksy2 and his TSTO World!
Here’s some more info about weeksy2:
Hi my name is Adam and my user ID is weeksy2 I’m a 33 year old from Melbourne, Victoria in Australia. I started playing TSTO in the Halloween episode last year and have been addicted ever since.  I spent most of my time just playing solo so built my town slowly, but recently went from no friends to 75 over night.  I am now just waiting for the updates and new episodes so recently went through a full rebuild.  Hope you like it as I’ve spent countless days on it and am really pleased with the end result, except I’ve now been warned about 4500 items.  So please consider me for tapper of the month as this game has taken over my life haha.  I love the forum and appreciate all the help and info you guys throw out to us, keep up the good work.

And here’s weeksy2 Springfield and Krustyland    
The Krusty Land (1) Simpsons Town
You can check out more images from weeksy2’s town here

ShaNotik538 and their TSTO Designs!
Here’s more about ShaNotik538:
Hello…i’m Shavoya (ShaNotik538 my TSTO name). I’m from Compton, California. A year and 5 months ago…I moved to Atlanta, GA. I have been playing TSTO since July of 2013. I love it! I haven’t really met a lot of people out here and I was often bored until I started playing this and suggested my friends from Cali…do the same. It may sound crazy but, it makes me feel closer to them when I can travel to THEIR Springfields and I see that they have visited mine! The competition for the best Springfield between us is fierce lol . Thank you for its development. I couldn’t stitch my whole Springfield, but you said that we could send pics of a specific area so I did so….1) is of my “Springfield Promenade” full of the shops and stores (an ode to the Santa Monica Promenade in Santa Monica, Ca.) And behind it the second portion of my Springfield Park which is a HUGE maze (I got the idea watching The Shining over the holidays when snow covered my Springfield…but didnt have the money to bring my vision to life so I tapped and tapped and saved! It took a LOT of money to make in space purchases lol…(I love seeing my Springfielders’ get caught in it ) lol …. Well thank you for your time….I play every day (on Android)…every 2-4 hours! Take Care

Here’s ShaNotik538’s Designs:Screenshot_2014-05-17-05-33-59 Screenshot_2014-05-17-05-34-37

samanthagi350 and her Springfield!
Here’s a little more about samanthagi350:
Hello!  My name is Sammy.   My origin ID is samanthagi350 And I LOVE tapped out, my town and my neighbours’ towns!
I’m a 30 year old Brit , a devoted mum to two  beautiful and funny kids and loving partner to my better half 🙂
I spend way too much time on tsto…. (shhh!  I even hear the music playing in the background…. when its not even being played!! I actually panic that my kids have got into my town!!! Nooooooo!!  They’ll be spending DONUTS!!!  Nope!  I’m just going crazy! )
I’m pretty much out of work until my daughter goes to school full time and tapped out has been a fun absorbing way to relax of an evening after a hectic day!!
You know you’ve got it bad when it sneaks into your daytime…. ironing whilst tapping my way through my neighbors town ….and during events,  its just too addictive lol And I admit I have to be guilted away from my town sometimes …I even had the ‘chat’ before Easter about ‘being otherwise engaged this month babe….you understand don’t you’….(my partner rolled his eyes at me).
All in all,  I’m in love with the game and I’ve played since Halloween event with the goo … I’ve never EVER played a game religiously before tsto…. think I’ll be tapper always lol (.just hoping EA sort these current glitches)
I’ve not stitched my town,  rather took screenshots of it, including residential areas as well.
Hope you like it… love the inspiration and guidance here at tstoaddicts… much love
Happy tapping!!
A Brit Tapper 😛

Here’s a couple of shots from samanthagi350‘s town:
Screenshot_2014-05-16-00-29-34 (1) Screenshot_2014-05-16-00-44-54 (1)You can see more of samanthagi350’s town here

And finally….

Reckless718 and his Springfield!
Here’s a little more about Reckless718:
From Brooklyn ny 23 Puerto rican security officer from Flatbush. …love this game been an active player for over a year great game..
I take pride in my town its clean no messy house farming n its just perfect i myself say best realistic town 🙂
I love this game because it always has something to look forward to unlike other games it hard to get bored with … hope yah enjoy n thanks for the opportunity

Here’s a couple of shots from Reckless’s Springfield:

2014-04-21-07-54-48 (2)2014-05-02-06-54-36
You can view more images from Reckless718’s town here

So Tappers what did you think?  Which one of our finalists do YOU think deserves to be the Tapper of the Month?  Now’s YOUR chance to voice your opinion and vote for your favorite!  Voting is open until 11:59pm EST on 5/31/14 and you may cast 1 vote every 6 hrs for your favorite.  We’ll combine the vote tally from Topix, game and Addicts and announce the winner on June 2nd! (for the official rules check out this post)

Do YOU want to be featured for our July Tapper of the month?  Start sending in your photos of your Springfield to (please put Shout Out in the Subject line).  In addition to photos please also send us:
-Your origin ID
-A few sentences about YOU (where you live, what you do for a living, any hobbies etc)
-How long you’ve been playing TSTO
-Why you love TSTO
-Why you should be featured in our Monthly Shout Out
That’s it!  No fancy stories to write, no complicated questions to answer…just tell us about YOU 🙂

You can check out this post for a FAQ about what you need to do to be considered Tapper of the Month! 

Have fun voting and GOOD LUCK to the finalists!

33 responses to “Shout Out! And the June Finalists Are….

  1. Omg ohhhh myyy freakin god lol i havent been onhere in about a week (busy) n i come on today n see my town on display omg im hype i hope i win lol

  2. Is there any way I could enter next months Showoff? I am not 18 though… 🙁

    • You’re welcome to enter, but if you win we can’t give you a prize. It’s a legal issue, & because we’re read in various countries by saying 18 & up it protects us from the varying laws. So if you won it would just be a pride thing.

    • I would probably end up voting for you, seen your awesome stuff on Adipose already. You should enter!

      • Thank you DaPIMP! Could I add you on origin? I have seen pics of you’re town and it is AWESOME!! 😛

  3. Congrats to all the finalists and especially my neighboreeno KMonk023! Awesome to see a neighbors town chosen as a finalist!

  4. Fantastic towns again. My vote is in (and I may be biased 🙂 )

  5. Hmmmm, this is a tough one. Several options that I like. Will need to give this vote more thought.🙇

  6. Hi guys. Thanks for picking my to be a finalist ( weeksy2 ). Hope you all enjoy having a wander through my town and take the time to zoom in to the details. The full town picture took so many hours but it was something I’d wanted to do for ages. Thanks soooo much.

    • Thank YOU for sending it in! 🙂

    • Big fan of your Springfield Weeksy. Looks like I’m not the only neat freak 🙂
      It pains me to see towns where buildings are just randomly placed with no roads or decoration – I thought that was the entire point of the game!
      If you’d like to take a look at my town send me a neighbour request to Floozy_bot.
      Happy Tappin’

      • Thanks Floozy_Bot. I still have a couple of spots left so I’ll send a request tonight. It’s always great to have friends where you can see the new ideas people come up with and enjoy the hours they’ve put in. Look forward to visiting.

      • Thanks for the add, Weeksy. Incidentally, I’m also called Adam and 33 years old, though I’m not in Australia, jolly old England!
        Krustyland is a work in progress by the way! Only started it a few weeks ago (never really appealed before).

      • I’m a fan also Weeksy2. I’m stuffing the ballot box for you.😉
        I’m making room in my neighborhood slowly but surely for Addicts from this site. I’m sending invites to both you and Floozy_Bot. If interested great! If no room or interest, no problem.👍. (I too design by the orderly style “builders creed”)

      • Hi Floozy_Bot and cybersilly thanks for the support and very happy to have you both as new friends. Both your towns look awesome and I can see how much time and effort have gone into each one.
        Happy tappin

      • Thanks cyberspace, you’re added. Nice town 🙂

      • Oops sorry your name was autocorrected and I’m half asleep lol

      • Welcome to the neighborhood, Weeksy2 and Floozy_Bot!👍. Thank you both for accepting my invite. I enjoyed touring both your SFs and KLs (look forward to watching your KL develop Floozy, feel free to borrow any ideas you like from mine😉)

        Ps I like the name “cyberspace” LOL😜

    • Hididdlyhomer

      I have to ask…how did you get such a perfect image of your Springfield? I can’t deal with the manual labour required for stitching it together piece by piece.

      • Hi hididdlyhomer. Sadly I couldn’t find a auto stitch program that worked properly, so it was a manual job for me. I spent a couple of long nights of a few hours each on illustrator and photoshop. I could of been quicker but it was the first time I’d ever used the programs. In the long run I’m really happy I did it, but not looking forward to doing the next one after the next build.
        Happy tappin

  7. Lots & lots of ideas to “learn” from!
    I’ve placed my vote!

    There was one tapper I remember that posted pic depicting a memorable Dr Who scene: Weeping Angels flanking the TARDIS. I cannot seem to find it again, however. He/She made use the angel topiaries & a telephone booth [“EXCELLENT!!!” … LOL!] I’d love to see it again because I caanot figure how he placed the 4 angels to look across to each other.

    Cheers! 😇😇😇😇

  8. Oooooh tough choice this month! All of these designs are fantastic.

  9. Another month, and another fellow Canuck makes the short list. Congrats to all 5 candidates. Still haven’t decided and cast my vote. I’ve narrowed it down to five, lol!

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