Addicts Want to Know: Gil Results and A New Poll About Updates….

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Last week we asked you guys if you took Gil up on his offer..and you guys loved giving your opinion!   Now, we’ll get to the results of the Gil poll shortly, but first I want to know when YOU think the next update will hit!

Many of you have been asking in the comments when the next update will hit.  Of course we don’t have a crystal ball, and only EA knows when they’ll drop the next update…so all we can give you is our best guess.  So we want to know what YOUR best guess is….because it’s always fun to speculate! 🙂

Make sure you let us know why you picked what you did in the comments below 🙂

Now let’s get to the results about our dear friend Gil….

Can’t say I’m surprised by the results.  While any donut deal is better than no donut deal…this one was a tough one to swallow for many Tappers.

Did/Will You Take Gil’s Donut Deal?
45% -No Deal! I Told Gil to Buzz Off!
25% -No Deal! But I Would Have Helped Gil Out If He Was Discounting Other Donut Packages
14% -Heck Yea! I Got Myself a Dumpster of Donuts AND A Premium Building!
10%-No Deal! I Would Have Taken An Offer If I Didn’t Already Have All The Premium Buildings
4%-Heck Yea! But I Could Only Bring Myself To Get A Tray Full of Donuts & $10,000 in Game Cash
2%-Heck Yea! I Got Myself Multiple Dumpsters & Buildings (I May Have A Slight Problem)

So it looks like the majority of you passed on Gil’s offer.  Based on your comments over the last week, I’m not surprised!

When do YOU think the next update will hit?  What do you think it’ll be?  Did you take Gil up on the deal?  Are you surprised by the results?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!


45 responses to “Addicts Want to Know: Gil Results and A New Poll About Updates….

  1. Just get the gill offer having the monky bar end the saw alraedy.


  2. I just logged in and there was a small update… Lol. I think it was just bug fixes again.


  3. Personally I am ok with a lull.. I nuked my krustyland!! Mwahahaha! So I need time to rebuild!


  4. I dont know how are things in the US but where im from people are on their holydays fot the beter part of July and August and speaking for myself I was glad that nothing is happening, firstly because I would hate to lose out on New content while im on my vacation and secondly to finaly get the time to actually decorate and place some of the buildings that are just laying around my town. So a little down time isn’t that bad although any sign of life from EA would be appreciated just to know that they are not cancelling the game:-)


  5. I can’t believe we still don’t have The Simpsons’ station wagon or the Canyonero as vehicles in the game yet. They could be acquired through Friendship Points. Or Ned’s Geo. “Oh Neddy hurry, he’s gaining on us”. “I can’t!!!! It’s a Geo”!!!!


  6. I know you posted all the previous update dates so there must be some sort of pattern or logic to figure out the approx. Date. But honestly I just picked randomly and I see im in the 2nd to lowest percentage. Doh!


  7. I refer to Superintendent Chalmers as “Super Nintendo Chalmers” thanks to the ever lovable Ralph Wiggum. I was disappointed that they didn’t use that turn of phrase with Ralph at the very least.


  8. I am a cheap freemium player and thought long and hard about the Gil deal and ALMOST pulled the trigger to buy the dumpster of donuts. I would have only done so because of the free building. But for two reasons I didn’t do it: 1. The game is crashing so much right now that it is a chore to play the game and 2. I wouldn’t want to spend all the donuts at once and wouldn’t want to lose more donuts every “upgrade” when the donut confirm is switched off.


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