Addicts Want to Know: Gil Results and A New Poll About Updates….

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Last week we asked you guys if you took Gil up on his offer..and you guys loved giving your opinion!   Now, we’ll get to the results of the Gil poll shortly, but first I want to know when YOU think the next update will hit!

Many of you have been asking in the comments when the next update will hit.  Of course we don’t have a crystal ball, and only EA knows when they’ll drop the next update…so all we can give you is our best guess.  So we want to know what YOUR best guess is….because it’s always fun to speculate! 🙂

Make sure you let us know why you picked what you did in the comments below 🙂

Now let’s get to the results about our dear friend Gil….

Can’t say I’m surprised by the results.  While any donut deal is better than no donut deal…this one was a tough one to swallow for many Tappers.

Did/Will You Take Gil’s Donut Deal?
45% -No Deal! I Told Gil to Buzz Off!
25% -No Deal! But I Would Have Helped Gil Out If He Was Discounting Other Donut Packages
14% -Heck Yea! I Got Myself a Dumpster of Donuts AND A Premium Building!
10%-No Deal! I Would Have Taken An Offer If I Didn’t Already Have All The Premium Buildings
4%-Heck Yea! But I Could Only Bring Myself To Get A Tray Full of Donuts & $10,000 in Game Cash
2%-Heck Yea! I Got Myself Multiple Dumpsters & Buildings (I May Have A Slight Problem)

So it looks like the majority of you passed on Gil’s offer.  Based on your comments over the last week, I’m not surprised!

When do YOU think the next update will hit?  What do you think it’ll be?  Did you take Gil up on the deal?  Are you surprised by the results?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

45 responses to “Addicts Want to Know: Gil Results and A New Poll About Updates….

  1. Just get the gill offer having the monky bar end the saw alraedy.

  2. I just logged in and there was a small update… Lol. I think it was just bug fixes again.

  3. Personally I am ok with a lull.. I nuked my krustyland!! Mwahahaha! So I need time to rebuild!

  4. I dont know how are things in the US but where im from people are on their holydays fot the beter part of July and August and speaking for myself I was glad that nothing is happening, firstly because I would hate to lose out on New content while im on my vacation and secondly to finaly get the time to actually decorate and place some of the buildings that are just laying around my town. So a little down time isn’t that bad although any sign of life from EA would be appreciated just to know that they are not cancelling the game:-)

  5. I can’t believe we still don’t have The Simpsons’ station wagon or the Canyonero as vehicles in the game yet. They could be acquired through Friendship Points. Or Ned’s Geo. “Oh Neddy hurry, he’s gaining on us”. “I can’t!!!! It’s a Geo”!!!!

  6. I know you posted all the previous update dates so there must be some sort of pattern or logic to figure out the approx. Date. But honestly I just picked randomly and I see im in the 2nd to lowest percentage. Doh!

  7. I refer to Superintendent Chalmers as “Super Nintendo Chalmers” thanks to the ever lovable Ralph Wiggum. I was disappointed that they didn’t use that turn of phrase with Ralph at the very least.

  8. I am a cheap freemium player and thought long and hard about the Gil deal and ALMOST pulled the trigger to buy the dumpster of donuts. I would have only done so because of the free building. But for two reasons I didn’t do it: 1. The game is crashing so much right now that it is a chore to play the game and 2. I wouldn’t want to spend all the donuts at once and wouldn’t want to lose more donuts every “upgrade” when the donut confirm is switched off.

  9. My guess would be that the next update isn’t imminent, but will be a couple of weeks off still – and then it will be a tie in with the season premiere. I would expect that everyone will receive a character and possibly there would be a couple of limited time options for decorations (like the Super Bowl or Kumiko episodes). Then I think it’ll go quiet again until the Halloween update. And based on the last couple of holiday events, the Halloween update probably won’t drop until well in to October. THAT is the event that I’m saving up for. I missed Halloween last year and I can’t wait to have a chance to spookify my Springfield!

  10. I just wish the updates lasted longer, and I don’t mean repeating 12 and 24 hour tasks over and over….I’m looking at you, Kirk Van Houten!

  11. I am feeling Thursday for the update.
    Don’t know why but that’s just what my gut is saying.

  12. It would be sooo nice to have more real estate- bare land. Ive reduced everything to what I think is mininum. Otherwise it would look like no one lives there or a ghost town. And then possibly with more land it would fix my issues of my game contantly closing. This has gotten me so frustrated at times. But there are some benefits of that as well. Seems im finishing tasks much faster then they say and collecting alot of $$. Anyone else seeing this? It helps deal with the frustration just a little bit easier. Maybe my town has too much stuff I dont know why. But non the less its an issue I dont like. Bart screen at first then that dreaded messages ” it seems tapped out has closed unexpectedly” ok or report.
    Grrrrr really ya think I dont know ? Hahaha

  13. I know people keep asking for the monorail but you have to be realistic sometimes I think to myself how will that work and my head hurts lol. I honestly just don’t see it in this type of game just particularly the way it’s formatted. That would have to mean including more land and the game is already very unstable. I would actually prefer to have a whole new terain like desert area or what somebody suggested about using the mountins, mount Carl more and said and anvil are just sitting in my inventory it doesn’t look right placing them in city. I would like a monorail and would be intrested in any ideas how it could fit into are already cramped towns?

    • It’s an interesting concept for sure…I think if it’s up high enough it’ll be ok around the town. However, it could also just be something where you see a broken down monorail station. Curious to see how EA sets it all up 🙂

  14. What do you think the next update will be? Janey Powell, Wendell (the kid who throws up on the bus to the box factory) Nelson Muntz 2 old bully friends (can be a combo pack) and Donny. The school can get a new facade (the kamp Bart episode where the school is trashed) and the box factory will be the freemium building.

  15. Monorail monorail monorail. If it came yesterday it would have forever been remembered as monorail Monday. But it didn’t so it isn’t…pity really.

  16. I’m hoping for a new event in about 27 days 😀😀😀

  17. There is quite a few things they need to add to the game….first of all the server needs to be fixed and get it working without crashing would be nice. The updates that they do don’t seem to ever fix it. It’s like its worse then the one before it. And ya there is also tons of characters they are missing. Not to mention outfits they are missing. I been watching the “real” show not the dumb new stuff. And there is hundreds of things they are missing. There is 100+ outfits that they could have given most of the characters. I’m still waiting for Shelbyville characters/kids, Police Marge(even though she was a bitch in that episode) Rain weather effect and Snow effect we can turn on and off anytime we want would be nice. Especially for us that have the xmas stuff still…it kind of looks dorky without snow. hm lets see, and the other ideas people are giving out are good too. Having gil as a actual character might be fun too. A better way to earn doughnuts ingame would be helpful for those that are not using the hacks. Bringing back older items people missed out on would be nice too. Celebrity characters that showed up on the show should be added too. And since they got Lego Simpsons now, they could add lego versions of stuff ingame…that would look epic. It would be a nice touch so the blocko building would make more sense to keep/add

  18. What’s with a quarter of the people thinking there will be no new updates?

    • I like to think of them as the instant gratification crowd. If it’s not in front of them immediately the world (in this case the game) is over.

      • Lol………I think we should recatorgorise the type of tappers we meet….what type of tapper are you?

        When I say we I mean you 3 of course.

        • When it comes to updates I’m a patient Tapper, to an extent. However, when it comes to game play I’m an instant gratification Tapper. lol

      • Lol, since apparently the majority of your readers believe it, then maybe implying that they have an issue is not such a good idea?

  19. I’m about lvl 20 and building steadily. not too exciting but being a newer player, i need the time to get to those advanced levels to enjoy a new level update. frankly, i don’t have the time for a new event. i am playing this other game WAY TOO MUCH due to its event based on some kind of energy drink that tastes like stale cardboard filtered through an old urine soaked snot rag mmmmmmmmm urine….

    2 time consuming events and i would die from exhaustion not to mention the fact that i have tapped my fingerprints off of 3 fingers already.

  20. I apologize. This doesn’t go here. But I recently started playing the Family Guy game alongside TSTO on my android device, and ever since, on both games, my wifi connection frequently, drops out causing both games to close (not playing simultaneously). Ever experienced/heard of this? Any suggestions toward a solution? Thanks! Oh, and I think the TSTO update will come today. 🙂

  21. I have to say I’m not bothered by the lull. I remember in June when there was a massive event in this game and the “other” game…it was rough. Now, there’s another massive event over there, and I have some time to breathe here. I think it’s fine for everyone…catch up, build up reserves, whatever is necessary to allow the most number of people to really take advantage of whatever the next event here is. Not everyone plays the other game, though, so I understand how boring this time can be. Perhaps it will make the next event more fun, after some time away.

  22. Agreed. The Stonecutters event was amazing and then it all came to a screeching halt. I was one of the few who bought the dumpster deal and have practically spent all of them out of boredom. Which isnt all bad, Ive kinda always wanted Arnie Pye and Duff Stadium is cool. I got the Observatory in my dumpster so having some 5hr tasks for Skinner and Frink are cool as well. I hope EA has something massive up their sleeve. The idea of a “Back to School” event sounds promising, more kids, a bus Otto can drive around, more playground features. That might get me through Halloween.

    • A bus that Otto can drive around…that would be awesome! I was stoked to see some of the new character actions like Bart riding Stampy, so it would be super to see some the characters actually interact with an item…like Homer “cruising” in his car or Marge using the car with Maggie and stuff like that.

  23. I don’t like to see another level. I want something new everyone can enjoy when it releases. I’m currently collecting money for the itchy and scratchy studios and have to say its boring…

    Its stupid to have buildings with such high prices. Takes weeks to collect everything you need and by the time your done a new level has been added and you need to collect even more :/

    I’d like to see an expansion not just a single level.
    Some new features would be cool aswell.

    Here are somethings i’d like to see:
    -school expansion: more kids, stuff to place at your school some more houses.
    -downtown expansion: downtown stuff

  24. I feel like the Gil deal that was offered was more of an experiment to see what people are responding to more in terms of the Gil deals, and to see what to try and offer next. I for one jumped on the Gil deal. It was extra donuts plus a premium building on a lower priced package and I was in serious need of donuts. Having said that, I haven’t been impressed with any of the Gil deals at all this year, especially the KrustyLu studios deal. But, I am hoping for a big update to drop soon. For all of us who have been maxed out on levels for awhile now, we really need an expansion option, but I also understand that with another expansion comes the need for increased space available on the devices and a lot of extra burden on the servers. So, if we do have something big coming in the mist, bunker down and get ready to see a lot of Bart on your screens 🙂

  25. It makes sense something will drop. A Gil deal last week…big update this week. Here’s hoping the monorail is on its way…

    I hear these things are awfully loud?
    They glide as softly as a cloud.

    Hopefully I got all the premium characters I need in case it’s full of skins. Spent 1100 donuts on all various characters for the stonecutters event. Worth it though.

  26. Thanks for the post and the poll results. I am among the 4% who bought the tray but this was for my second Springfield which is still new and I wanted the $10,000 that came with it. Otherwise I agree with the majority who think the deal was chintzy. And although I get the “freemium” part of this game and, yeah, they want to make money, I am always just a little bit annoyed that there are not ways within the game to earn or win a few donuts rather than waiting for them to show up in a random drop. Like tapping Sideshow Bob for donuts instead of dollars or something similar. Thanks again for all you do on this website. Cheers! Zoron & ZoronToo

  27. School started or is starting in many places this month. I am hoping for a level update that will include at least one more freemium kid and/or teacher (are there more teachers? I’m not an avid watcher of the show) with a building and tasks of some sort.

  28. I’d like to think we’ll be treated to an update today, but frankly not if it’s just another level update.

    Sure, it was nice to get some new stuff for KL with L43, but as most of us only visit KL (very) infrequently it was all kinda forgotten about in a day, for me it was anyway.

    We desperately need some kind of new expansion to Springfield, à la Squidport, e.g. new land, new characters, new buildings, new decorations and a new type of basic construction foundation; something that needs time and effort to reap the rewards (like Squidport sections).

    I LOVE the game but since the Stonecutters event it’s felt a little stagnant, like it’s treading water pending something BIG.

    (Did someone say Monorail…)

    We can but hope right? 🙂

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