8/21 In Game Update: What Did it Do?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We just received a mini in-game update….and you guys have a million questions about it.  What’s it for?  What’d it do?  What’s different?

2014-08-21 17.27.08

Right now it appears it’s just  a patch for the update (perhaps repairing some of the glitches we talked about here).  There’s nothing major that’s different in the game itself…but we’ll dig a bit and see if we can find any changes, beyond glitch repair!

UPDATE: Here I am so proud of myself that I found a difference only to see many of our wonderful readers have reported the same thing much earlier lol. Here’s the change… All the event skins have been added to the Clash of Clones character list.

clash of clones character list

That’s it for now.  Chime in if you see anything else.  YOU ADDICTS SO TOTALLY ROCK!  TTFN… Wookiee out!


74 responses to “8/21 In Game Update: What Did it Do?

  1. My cheaters20 is in the inventory but I can’t unlock it because it says that they can’t be used in the inventory.

  2. Martin van den berg

    I do not know if it is because of this update, but I have noticed that my Helter shelter is smaller. I have two choo-choo trains hidden behind it and now they are visible.

  3. Brian Q. Lehmann

    You know that screen where it shows you silhouettes of all the future Personal Prizes? The ones we’re unlocking with gold? Yeah, I can’t seem to get there. I’m trying to see how much gold I need to unlock the next prize. I must be missing it somewhere, or maybe it was removed with the update?

  4. I’ve been greeting a notification that says ‘finished generating tickets (hidden)’. Does anyone know ehat this means? I longed into my Springfield but haven’t noticed anything.

  5. Hey, My barbarian Homer and Homer barbarian are still in my inventory, just as the recycle castle. When can I use them? I’m by prince and the premise pt 7. Archer Lisa isn’t in my inventory ..?!

    • Archer Lisa won’t show up in your Inventory, but if you see the Castle she’s with that. Once the castle unlocks you’ll get her. You’ve got to complete P & P part 8 to unlock Homer and the Barbarian costume. Then you have to complete part 9 to unlock Lisa and her castle. Once you’ve built her castle you’ll be prompted for Bart’s castle.

  6. Looking for new friends for the new event, meblarney

  7. I also noticed that the game now synchronizes when entering and leaving Krustyland.
    Also when you load up the game too.

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