What Are My Max Nerds?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well we’re in the thick of battle in Springfield, as the Clash of Clones event has taken over our towns!  We’ve got nerds raiding friends and neighbors as they fight to the death for YOU, their Sky Finger masters!

So by now we all know that nerds are who when send on raids, and how we earn Gold, but what many of you are asking is…just how many nerds can you train for battle in your town before you max out?   Well to find the answer we’ll have to do a little math, we are dealing with nerds after all!

Increase Nerd Production       Increase Max Nerds

While I wish there was a button we could push that would just show us our max nerd totals, there isn’t.  So in order to see what our max is we’ll have to do a little math.

Your base is 40 Nerds max and each castle has 5 level up points where you can increase your MAX Nerds.  Those points occur at:

Level 3: + 5 Nerds
Level 9: + 5 Nerds
Level 13: + 5 Nerds
Level 16: + 5 Nerds
Level 19: + 10 Nerds

So each castle, at it’s max level, can increase the maximum nerds your town can hold by 30 nerds.  So your base is 40 nerds and the max (with all 3 castles at Level 19 or higher) is 130 nerds.

So now let’s determine how many nerds YOUR Springfield can hold.  We know that everyone starts with a max of 40 nerds in their Springfield.  To see what you can max out to beyond that you’ll have to take a look at how many castles you currently have in Springfield, as each castle can level up and increase your max nerds.  Let’s start off using 1 castle as an easy example….

So let’s say you have the Barbarian Castle in your Springfield and it’s currently at Level 3.  Well, Level 3 adds 5 nerds to your max nerd total…so 5+40= 45.  So with 1 castle at Level 3 your new max nerd total is 45 nerds.

Now, let’s add a second castle to the mix.  Let’s say you have the Barbarian Castle at Level 9 and Castle Recycle at Level 3:
-At Level 9 you’ve added 5 nerds twice to your nerd total (Level 3 +5 and Level 9 +5) so that’s +10 nerds from the Barbarian castle.
-At Level 3 Castle Recycle adds 5 nerds to your total.

So we have our base of 40 + 10 (Barbarian Castle) + 5 (Castle Recycle)= 55.  So in this example the max is 55 nerds.

And now..for our final example let’s add the third castle to the mix.  Let’s say you have the Barbarian Castle at Level 19, Castle Recycle at Level 13 and Boxingham Palace at Level :
-At Level 19 the Barbarian Castle adds +30 to your nerd total (it’s maxed out so it’s 10 for level 19 plus 5 each for Levels 16, 13, 9 & 3), so Barbarian Castle adds 30 nerds to your max.
-At Level 12 Castle Recycle adds +15 to your max nerd total (+5 nerds for each level you’ve passed 12, 9 & 3)
-And at Level 3 Boxingham Palace adds +5 to your max nerd total.

So we have our base 40 + 30 (Barbarian Castle) + 15 (Castle Recycle) + 5 (Boxingham Palace)= 90.  So in this example the max is 90 nerds.

So, as you can see it’s pretty simple to figure out your max nerd total once you know how many nerds each level adds.  All you have to do is look at how many castles you have and what level they’re on and add that total nerd increase to the base of 40 nerds we started out with!

Remember…when your nerd total is shown in red that means you’ve hit your max number of nerds as well (you’ll usually get a popup telling you max nerds):

2014-08-22 13.35.09


So what’s YOUR max nerd total?  Were you able to figure it out pretty quickly or are you still confused on it?  Are your nerds having successful raids for you?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

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  1. The count is easy.
    The attacks are easy.
    The elixir is wonder-hik-ful.
    The Tapping is getting harder.

    What I don’t understand is…
    Why do the nerds say Obama?

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