What Are My Max Nerds?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well we’re in the thick of battle in Springfield, as the Clash of Clones event has taken over our towns!  We’ve got nerds raiding friends and neighbors as they fight to the death for YOU, their Sky Finger masters!

So by now we all know that nerds are who when send on raids, and how we earn Gold, but what many of you are asking is…just how many nerds can you train for battle in your town before you max out?   Well to find the answer we’ll have to do a little math, we are dealing with nerds after all!

Increase Nerd Production       Increase Max Nerds

While I wish there was a button we could push that would just show us our max nerd totals, there isn’t.  So in order to see what our max is we’ll have to do a little math.

Your base is 40 Nerds max and each castle has 5 level up points where you can increase your MAX Nerds.  Those points occur at:

Level 3: + 5 Nerds
Level 9: + 5 Nerds
Level 13: + 5 Nerds
Level 16: + 5 Nerds
Level 19: + 10 Nerds

So each castle, at it’s max level, can increase the maximum nerds your town can hold by 30 nerds.  So your base is 40 nerds and the max (with all 3 castles at Level 19 or higher) is 130 nerds.

So now let’s determine how many nerds YOUR Springfield can hold.  We know that everyone starts with a max of 40 nerds in their Springfield.  To see what you can max out to beyond that you’ll have to take a look at how many castles you currently have in Springfield, as each castle can level up and increase your max nerds.  Let’s start off using 1 castle as an easy example….

So let’s say you have the Barbarian Castle in your Springfield and it’s currently at Level 3.  Well, Level 3 adds 5 nerds to your max nerd total…so 5+40= 45.  So with 1 castle at Level 3 your new max nerd total is 45 nerds.

Now, let’s add a second castle to the mix.  Let’s say you have the Barbarian Castle at Level 9 and Castle Recycle at Level 3:
-At Level 9 you’ve added 5 nerds twice to your nerd total (Level 3 +5 and Level 9 +5) so that’s +10 nerds from the Barbarian castle.
-At Level 3 Castle Recycle adds 5 nerds to your total.

So we have our base of 40 + 10 (Barbarian Castle) + 5 (Castle Recycle)= 55.  So in this example the max is 55 nerds.

And now..for our final example let’s add the third castle to the mix.  Let’s say you have the Barbarian Castle at Level 19, Castle Recycle at Level 13 and Boxingham Palace at Level :
-At Level 19 the Barbarian Castle adds +30 to your nerd total (it’s maxed out so it’s 10 for level 19 plus 5 each for Levels 16, 13, 9 & 3), so Barbarian Castle adds 30 nerds to your max.
-At Level 12 Castle Recycle adds +15 to your max nerd total (+5 nerds for each level you’ve passed 12, 9 & 3)
-And at Level 3 Boxingham Palace adds +5 to your max nerd total.

So we have our base 40 + 30 (Barbarian Castle) + 15 (Castle Recycle) + 5 (Boxingham Palace)= 90.  So in this example the max is 90 nerds.

So, as you can see it’s pretty simple to figure out your max nerd total once you know how many nerds each level adds.  All you have to do is look at how many castles you have and what level they’re on and add that total nerd increase to the base of 40 nerds we started out with!

Remember…when your nerd total is shown in red that means you’ve hit your max number of nerds as well (you’ll usually get a popup telling you max nerds):

2014-08-22 13.35.09


So what’s YOUR max nerd total?  Were you able to figure it out pretty quickly or are you still confused on it?  Are your nerds having successful raids for you?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

73 responses to “What Are My Max Nerds?

  1. My barbarian castle is at level 19 but my max nerds only increased to 30 instead of 40 is their a higher lvl to get max nerds or has the cap for it been set at 30 does n e one know

  2. Hi all my castles are now at level 16. Each castle will give me 25 nerds. Is the calculation correct? Why I am asking is I thought instances where it asked me to upgrade castle level to increase nerds but I noted no change in number of nerds.

  3. I just upgraded 2 castles from level 12 to 13. They were producing 20 nerds. When I upgraded it said that it would produce +5 more nerds. I thought I would get 25 now?? Did I miss something?

  4. Minor gripe: Why not make it so when fully leveled the max nerds are at least two full shipments of nerds?

    If that were the case then when busy you could drop in quickly and claim the nerds for a couple of shipments and then do attacks later when you have time. Right now you could claim nerds and then come back a couple of hours later and do their attacks before claiming the new ones, but you could do that the same if the max were equal to the spawn rate. I don’t really see the point of being able to hold 1.5 shipments…

  5. Hmm seemed quite confusing. Do you think you can work out my Max nerds?
    Barbarian castle at level 13 giving 20 nerds
    Castle recycled at levek 12 giving 20 nerds
    Boxingham at level 10 giving 15 nerds.

    It is like based on your workings I should be maxing at 95 nerds?

    • For your Max nerds (this isn’t your nerd payout, this is how many nerds you have have in your town at once before they max out…) Your base is 40. Level 13 gives you +15 nerds (+5 for Levels 3,9 and 13). Level 12 gives you +10 nerds (+5 for Levels 3 and 9). Level 10 gives you +10 nerds (+5 for levels 3 and 9). So your total nerds would be your base of 40+15+10+10= 75. 75 nerds is your max at the moment, but remember this isn’t your pay out on each castle this is just how many you can store to attack your neighbors.

  6. Susan C. (Suski33)

    Thank you.
    I finally understand where my max nerd total was coming from. I know I am math-challenged, but without your step-by-step explanation I would still be in the dark. Once again to my rescue, and and once again – thank you.

  7. Caramel au chocolat donut from Tim Horton the best donut on planet earth.

  8. BTW my boyfriend cleaned out our closet and there was a box filled with old strategy guides. I thought what ever happened to these? Well TSTO Addicts have replaced them and for that we gamers, too lazy to figure it out for ourselves, thank you!

    • Welcome. Glad you find us helpful. 😉

      • Helpful and entertaining. Wish I could give you some doughnuts

        • I like the bavarian cream filled ones. 😉

          • My neighborhood place doesn’t sell those I’m afraid. But seriously if you like doughnuts for more than buying gold mansions, whales and helper monkeys then check this out. http://www.doughbrooklyn.com/ . If you ever get to NY they sell them at flea markets all over the city on weekends but I like to go to their main store near my apartment and as I wait in line see what’s coming out of the fryer and get it so fresh caramel salted chocolate glaze melts. And local hipsters are always sticking stickers of Homer eating his pink sprinkles and they do have a pink hibiscus doughnut

            • Oh sure…NOW you show me this. I’ve been back east many times this year. Just in NY in July in fact. Lol

              I’ll have to remember to check it out. 🙂

      • Thank you for (finally) making this understandable! The examples really helped.

  9. I’ve been having problems finding neighbors to drop nerds on. When the event started I was doing 5 in all 100 neighbors. Now more and more people just have smouldering houses or destroyed ones. I’m definitely a defender and prefer neighbors who are too. My gold count has slowed but tonight I just started doing random attacks

  10. Thanks for this info. Am I missing something as I only seem to get 45 nerds every two hours. I have 3 castles at levels 11, 10 and 9.

    If I read your post correctly I should be getting more?

    When I upgrade a castle when it says increase nerd production by 5 I am sure that after 15 for a given castle I don’t get any more. Either that or I don’t see the base 40.

    Or is it the case that if I collect the 45 after two hours from my the castle but do not use them immediately and wait for the castle to produce more then I will max out to a higher number?

    Any suggestions?


  11. TheRealestSitek

    I still defend! My nerds are getting blocked far more than winning, so, no. My nerds are failing! The only time I get full elixir for destruction is when I send out attacks before bed on other Springfield ( and it seems when I invade wookie!) But that’s cause everyone is sleeping lol. So, I personally save my nerds until I am at max, then pew pew!

  12. Bandango Phillips

    Is it possible to get a payout of 2 elixir and 1 gold after a round of attacks? That just doesn’t seem right, I read your attacks payout post and I can figure out why I got so little.

  13. After kind of sitting on this idea for a little bit, I am in the same boat as a lot of you that I am almost done with the main quest, earning gold and elixer like a fiend, and so on and so forth. But I think I can understand why this event is long. I started playing around of the time of the Stonecutters event and was hosed from the beginning since I couldn’t possibly level up fast enough to get to all the characters and prizes, which was frustrating that I couldn’t fully partipate. So maybe EA took the approach to gear it to the newer player to enjoy versus the veteran player (which I feel is a savvy way to make everyone included).

    I also think it gets to the point where strategy goes out the window and just becomes “shock and awe”. You may have a couple friends that haven’t downloaded the update which may hinder you, but as long as you have enough nerd production and your friends are on par then you’ll be just fine. Also, if you’re earning say 50 nerds every two hours, that’s 600 nerds a day (if you play all 24 hours), which there is something to be said for just the sheer return on investment of that many troops.

  14. While I’m still a little confused about how this event is supposed to work. I’m even more confused on how to submit a ticket to EA I did not receive my cheaters prize nor did I receive my truck of elixir upon unlocking them. Sorry to post here but I could not locate this information anywhere. Please help!

  15. Is there any point in maxing out the nerds before sending them out to fight? I get 45 nerds every 2 hours & send them out to fight there & then.

  16. I am getting 55 nerds at a time with a 70 max. Was easy to work out once you get the hang of it. Have just won the balloon but didn’t receive my elixir prize. Trying to get as far in the game as I can as I go on holiday today & won’t be playing as often.

  17. I feel like I have missed something very rudimentary here. Or I am still in a Blam world. How the heck do you all have so much elixr? I am struggling…

    • Neighbors attacking regularly is one of the keys to gold collection. I’m certain this is why I’ve done well during this event.

      • Agreed. I used to attack random neighbors to get the high payouts, but I realised that wasn’t working well (most people defend their houses before they are destroyed). Now I plow all my nerds into my friends towns and it has payed off. I get quite a lot of them visiting me in return so I can get extra elixir and gold by defending my houses.

  18. Was just in another Springfield and sideshow bob popped up, I tapped him and the $ appeared, so who gets the $? Me or the Springfield I was in. Wasn’t sure of exact amount in mine so could not see if more was added. Loving this site

  19. Thanks for these updates it does help a lot with understanding this event. 🙂

    wondering if there is glitch somewhere as I’ve been sending nerds out fairly often but not getting much in return for gold but did get fair bit if elixir. Quite often my town is empty of any shields even after cycling thru whole friends list. I even destroyed a random’s castle with cheater and still didn’t see many shields in my town surely that would be enough for revenge?? 🙂

    • I don’t know if it is a glitch. A lot of people are playing this differently. Neighbors attacking you regularly is a key to this event. Listen up Badger’s neighbors, hook a fuzzball up! If your neighbors are slacking, we have a bunch of friends lists to fix that.

      • Thanks Wookie. Seems I overlooked the lag effect of attacks, as they can take over 12 hours if not defended before you get anything. My gold has jumped about 4000 since I posted this 🙂

  20. THANK YOU. I’m terrible at math and i kept coming back to that original post after every level up trying to figure this out with no luck. This was easy to understand and now I’m going to pop in and find my max!

  21. Current Max nerd Total 85 here, with Level 24 Barbarian Homer, Level 16 Archer Lisa, Level 12 Goblin Bart and Level 9 Wizard Marge. Love this update. Best part to me is the access to random Springfields to see how so many others layout their city. That and I am on a personal crusade to squash Sideshow Bob at least 200 times a day, Take that you freak.

  22. Is anyone else having a problem where they only get the amount of gold and elixir that they would get if their castle/house was destroyed when your defending even if your building isn’t destroyed? Any solutions will help. Thanks

  23. Already close to getting the hot-air balloon. Also I’m on part 20 of the main quest. Almost wish Level 44 would arrive this week or next. Any chances?

  24. Maybe there is more to this event than I’m getting, but I only need 3 more prizes to finish. I feel like I’ll be done well before the event is over… :/

    • There are people anywhere from the low thousands to near the end. It’s a different experience for all which is really strange. I’m at the 10K mark and chugging along with the help of some great neighboreenos.

  25. Joseph, how are you already at 28000? I started playing right away and only have 7000. What is your secret?

  26. Oh about the max nerds mine said 60…. And the number is in red.

  27. I have only been able to attack a couple of towns. For some reason last night & today my iPad just goes black & kicks me off the program every time I try to invade a town. Now I can’t even visit my krustyland or my other Springfield :(. I love tsto!!! Please help if you can:) I’m not sure what to do.

  28. I’m enjoying being in New Zealand right now, as my nerds get a greater success rate while America sleeps.

  29. It was easy to figure out: Click on the castle icon in the bottom right, then click on the button that takes you to tstoaddicts.com, then have you explain it all.

    I am enjoying this update, but they’re being annoyingly coy about most of the important numbers: Max nerds, attacking payoffs, etc. And am I right that there’s no way of determining if it’s a neighbor or a stranger attacking you or how much time is left on the attack *before* you click the shield?

    Not sure this update would be at all fun without the information you guys are providing, so, as always, thanks.

    • No way to tell how long the shield will take. As for who it is, the only way to tell is after you clear it. Glad we can help and that it’s appreciated.

  30. 1 week later & already at 28000 without buying anything.

    • @JosephRyder… how are you at 28000 without buying anything after only 1 week? What is your strategy? Please share? I’m in the game constantly but I’m lost as to how some people like yourself are able to progress so fast and I am not. Please share your wisdom, oh Master Barbarian. 🙂

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