Gil’s Christmas Donut Deal

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s Christmas Eve and everyone’s favorite salesman, Gil, is back in Springfield!  This time Gil FINALLY has a donut deal to offer!  So break out those holiday gift cards because now’s the time to stock up!


 Gil will be around until 12/27/ don’t miss out if you’re looking for donuts.  Let’s take a closer look at the deal…

So instead of discount donuts…Gil’s offering 30% more donuts when you buy the original packages…

xmas_donutbunch_00  A Dozen Donuts– Usually 12 donuts…now you’ll get 13.  (A Baker’s Dozen) for the same $1.99 rate.
xmas_donutbunch_01  A Stack of Donuts- Usually 60 donuts…now you’ll get 66 Donuts for the same $4.99 rate. 
xmas_donutbunch_02 A Tray of Donuts- Usually 132 donuts…now you’ll get 150 Donuts for the same $9.99 rate. 
xmas_donutbunch_03 A Truckload of Donuts- Usually 300 donuts…now you’ll get 345 Donuts for the same $19.99 rate. 
xmas_donutbunch_04 A Store Full of Donuts- Usually 900 Donuts…now you’ll get 1100 Donuts for the same $49.99 rate.  
xmas_donutbunch_05 A Boatload of Donuts- Usually 2,400 Donut…now you’ll get 3,120 Donuts for the same $99.99 rate.

So for all you that have been saving up… or for those of you that will be opening iTunes/Google Play cards on Christmas…looks like your stockings have just been stuffed with some extra “free donuts”.  And if you’ve been thinking about making the plunge into the world of TSTO Premium…now’s the time to do it.  So stock up before they’re gone…I know I will be!

What do YOU think of Gil’s Deal?  Will you be taking advantage of any of the offers?  Are you hoping for gift cards under your tree?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

155 responses to “Gil’s Christmas Donut Deal

  1. So I bought a boatload of donuts for the second time and the exact same thing happened last time, I didn’t received the donuts straight away. Now I know I can go to EA and sort it out but why does this keep happening?

    • Did you try all the basics? See if it is just caught in a delay? Please do let them know. I want to make sure people get what they honestly pay for.

      • It’s ok I got them. I think this happened because my device is registered on a different email or something.

  2. How do I get free donuts? Any of them not scams?

  3. So I never got my donuts, but I’d like to buy them again (sadly without the deal) But I got a feeling I won’t get the donuts again?

  4. I bought the storefull three days ago and it hasnt arrived yet. I contacted EA and after an hour’s wait – the guy said it was a known issue and I will get my donuts one day in the future! He then ofdicially closed my case number and I still don’t have the donuts 🙁 Its annying because im reading here that other people are getting thier missing donuts when they contact EA

  5. After buying a boat load of donuts and not receiving it after 2 days I assumed I wasn’t ever going to get them so I asked for a refund. Then i find out allot of people have this problem and we’ll get out donuts eventually. But now Gil is gone and I received the email saying I was going to be refunded. At this point I don’t want to be refunded, I want the donuts. Have I missed out on the holidays donuts?

  6. So i’ve bought the Store full but didn’t show in my game, I’ve just waited 50 mins to get through on live chat, had them credited as well as adding me the Duff Beer Tree which was missing.

    Just logged in to find only 900 donuts so back to live chat to wait another 30 mins to ask them to credit the missing 200.

    Man I hate EA so much lately, every update brings more & more issues

  7. I play on my kindle and haven’t been able to get to the donut purchase option until this am. Purchased my donuts, got a receipt in my email and amazon, but on on the game – i got an error message that said the amazon app wasn’t connecting, then my game crashed!
    Not too concerned since i have my receipts. but crashing…sadface.

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