First Tap Ball Community Prize is Unlocked!

Update: EA has advised they’re aware of the situation and they’re working on a patch to restore them.  Should be restored soon.

Note: If your free donuts disappeared, or you did not receive them…it’s going around.  Contact EA.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick note to let you know the first community prize has now unlocked!  So log into your Springfield to collect your free donuts!


Now onto the next one….

244 responses to “First Tap Ball Community Prize is Unlocked!

  1. I unlocked the balls but there is none in my town. Nor have I earned a community prize.

  2. I had to cheat to get these items, the Duff Truck, and the two buildings. Because it won’t work. It won’t give me any of the items. It says every 24 hours except nothing happens. All it does is continue to say 24 hours and stay on the first building. It gave me the donuts but only because it was after Homer was done with a mission.

    • You do realize that the remaining community prizes haven’t been unlocked yet, right? So by you cheating, you just in a sense cheated. Not because some injustice was done to you..but because you didn’t want to wait for the prizes to unlock. They have not unlocked in anyones town yet, the only people that have them at this time are those that cheated.

  3. My dot just came and asked what I was doing. I said “playing with my balls”.
    Don’t care about cost or counters, they are so darn cute and silly I’m having a “ball” tossing them around. To myself, see how many I can throw back and forth, to my kids, to my brother, to random friends. They just make me happy!

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