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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Welcome to another edition of From the Mouths of Addicts, where YOU get to sound off on anything and everything in the world of Tapped Out!  We’ve got a post from longtime Addict, Happy Tapper! 

Happy Tapper used the downtime with the latest mini-event to focus on what we could see for the next major event.  And even give EA an idea or two about what to put out in the future.  

Enjoy it my friends!  Here’s Happy Tapper… -Alissa 

Hello, fellow tappers!

You may remember me from such posts as “Future TSTO Events” and “The Main Event Contest” or the annoying optimistic guy in the comments.

If I have got EAs attention and haven’t got it for much longer, I would like to quickly say …

I would love to see more interaction in the game, some more ways to make the game live up to its “strategy” title: more neighbour interaction in events, easter eggs to earn a donut or two, little clues/riddles to get to a prize, a Choose your Own Adventure type update where there are multiple routes to the dialogue.

I would just like to see some more experimenting with making events more than just popping into my town every 4 hours, tappa tappa tappa and then leaving.

The Simpsons is still full of content, from the classic to the modern, so in this post I wanted to break down some ideas that I’ve enjoyed designing, including possible content, a questline idea and maybe a way for it to break the 3 act formula. I hope you enjoy …


EA like to tease us about future updates whether it’s from the Facebook page or from the Takedown descriptions and one little clue that could evolve into an update came from the recent “The Springfield Jobs” Takedown store description that included … “A brutal build on a failing park?” which, I think, is alluding to a Krustyland revival (which I actually requested in my original post).

Now whether or not this teaser will become a reality or not is up to EA. This is not a speculation post and EA, very frequently, give teasers in the App Store description that never make it into the game.

But whether we’ll get some light shone in the dark and neglected place of Krustyland, I REALLY want a Krusty event. This idea came from my realization that there is a lot of content that would be great in the game that revolves around Krusty so here are my ideas:

Questline Idea: After a meeting with his assistant Mr. Teeny, he decides to get a new agent, Louis Pennycandy, who suggests a number of ways to boost Krusty’s sales, including restarting the show. This prompts the collection of classic “The Krusty Show” characters, a revamp of Krustyland and a failed attempt at a Krusty Movie.

Content Ideas: Louis Pennycandy, Tina Ballerina, Corporal Punishment, Holly Hippie, Sideshow Raheem, Annie Dubinsky, Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie (all as Separate, PLAYABLE characters), Outdoor Big Top Set, Filming Equipment, Krustkateers Kart and loads of Krustyland/Itchy & Scratchy Land content

Format: I think a 2 Act event would do this event justice with a lot happening at once (a Krustyland revival occurring with the restart of the Krusty Show) so that the player has enough to do and can keep doing something if they’re not interested in the Krustyland or Krusty part of the event.

And I think that’s how a Krustyland Revival Event should happen: a merge of Springfield and Krustyland – whether that be physically allowing Krustyland to be above Springfield Heights or somewhere in Springfield or just stuff happening in Springfield as well as KL – because if the event is solely in Krustyland, a lot of players will not play because a revival of Krustyland is either really wanted or really not. I do want a Krustyland revival but you’ve got to supply to most.


There are many possibilities for an event revolving around school with many classic children and teachers still not in the game, but I thought I’d go more original with this Field Trip idea:

Questline Idea: After Skinner is sick of teaching he decides to spend the rest of the year on school trips. But first, he needs to get permission slips and some more teachers so he doesn’t have to go on the boring trips he has planned. But after all the boring trips to places like the Box Factory, Otto takes a detour to Toy Town as a final school trip.

Content Idea: Mr. Bergstrom w/ The Happy Gypsy, Ms. Mellon, Brunella Pommelhorst, Allison Taylor, Lewis Clark, Richard, Box Factory, Smoke Factory, Steel Mill, Springfield Public Library, Toy Town, Benches with Seats and many teachers/students that aren’t in the game.

Format: This could be a mini or major event but I think it would be cool if you needed to get a certain number of permission slips (the event currency) to get one of the trips (eg. Box Factor, Toy Town) and to get this currency you have to send kids on hidden tasks (tasks that aren’t highlighted or prompted/part of a questions) like “Make Nelson cut the grass” or “Make Bart help around the house”, which are just secretly hidden amongst task lists,  to make the parents believe they’ve earned the trip. It would be fun to find all these tasks and have a more individual experience with getting the currency and getting the prizes.


I am a big musical fan and the show is full of musical related items that would make the perfect event. Wookie has already done a great post on the many items they could add so I’m not going to go into much detail into the content aspect but I would love this event EA so I wanted to add how I would do it …

Questline Idea: After Lisa comes back from a theatre trip in Shelbyville, Homer is determined to prove to Lisa that Springfield has culture and talent by putting on a musical with the help of an Assistant Director (Llwellyn Sinclair), A Songwriter (Weird Al? I dunno) and a Choreographer (Chazz Busby and/or Vicki Valentine)

Content Idea: Director Homer (TSTO exclusive costume), Llewellyn Sinclair, Vicki Valentine w/ Lil Vicki Valentine’s School of Dance, Chazz Busby w/ Chazz Busby Ballet Academy, Springfield Playhouse, Springfield Community centre show façade, “A Streetcar named Marge” costumes for Ned and Marge, Broadway signs, Outdoor Stage, (I know we’ll probably never get him but) TROY MCCLURE and so much more (go check out Wookie’s post!)

Format: I wouldn’t mind three act events as long as there was enough content for three (I’d much prefer 2 acts like the last Christmas event!) and each act would be made shorter because the last few 3 act events have felt like a lifetime. So maybe this event could be a 3 Act Event which each act being 1 week and work on one different aspect (dance, acting, singing) building up to the BIG SHOW which could be a group animation or maybe (*gasp*) a cutscene – which I would like to see more of.

Well, I thought I’d finish at those 3 ideas. I have plenty more but this is probably enough and I’ve got to leave some ideas if I do another guest post in the future.

I really do hope you enjoy these little design ideas. Let me know which one you’d like to see in the game the most and let me know your ideas! I love hearing TSTO ideas so leave a comment down below, and Happy Tapping 🙂

Thanks, Happy Tapper for another fun event ideas post!  Let’s hope EA implements some of these ideas into our game soon!  

What are your thoughts on HappyTapper’s ideas?  What would you like to see in the game?  What would you change?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you! 

As always we love hearing from you guys…so if you have an opinion or take on something going on in the game (or something that should be going on in the game), please send it along to us…

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  1. This is a really great post. I dislike grinding for currency to complete quest plot points. I think your ideas would have made this last event more for for me. I really hope EA reads this post and implents your ideas, because Happy Tapper, you are so right!

  2. Tried and failed the music event.. dont know how, sooo much potential. I’ve been screaming the clown collage idea, that would be fun.. if they did it correctly or more than just half ass it. Listen to the people E.A. a clown college event (done right) could redeem your game.

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