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Anonymous Game Reset: Update From EA

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

EA released an update on their Facebook page regarding the Anonymous Game reset issue many of you are experiencing.  Here’s what they had to say:

This is direct from the TSTO Facebook Page:


The link posted is here:

Again if you don’t have an EA account I strongly encourage you to create one…regardless if you didn’t lose your game this time.  It’s important to save your progress on EA’s servers in case something happens to your device.  Or if something like this happens again.  You can check out the details on creating an account here.

I’ll update you guys with more as I have it.


Addicts Questions Corner: Act 3 – “Maggie” Event

Hey there yah bunch of Babies!! 😛

Bouncing by to go over some of the repetitive Questions we keep seeing in the comments. Figured it would be easiest to just drop them all here in one spot.

Take a look see below and see if YOUR Question is answered.

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Christmas Trees Slightly Irregular Week 3 Challenge Bug (FIXED 12/22)

UPDATE: As of 5 pm EST 12/22 the patch has arrived and the bug is fixed!


UPDATE BUNNY 12/21: Per notes on EA forum post…

Admin note: The studio is aware of the issue and is currently investigating. Please stay tuned for updates.

So hang in there. They’re on it. 🙂

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

LOADS of reports about a glitch concerning the first challenge of Week 3’s weekly challenge.  I’m in the US, and it won’t unlock for me for another few hours so I can’t verify myself…BUT enough of you are reporting it and an issue with it to warrant a post.

The first challenge of Week 3 is to Craft and Place Christmas Trees Slightly Irregular.  However, if you’ve already done this (and why wouldn’t you have, since it earns Mistletoe?) the game is not allowing the task to complete.  It doesn’t recognize that you’ve already crafted and placed it, and no amount of storing/replacing or hard closing/restarting (or going to Krustyland) will fix it.  This is a true bug..and not a fun one.

So what can you do?  Let’s take a look…


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Addicts Questions Corner: THOH 2015 Act 1

UPDATE 830PM EST: A simple & quick update hit. Hoping it helps those locked out from Daily Reward issue. Let me know.

Hey there Screamereenos!

Bouncing by with some Clarification and help to all the Q&A that keeps repeating in the Comments. Most was already answered in the Main Posts, but I will place them here too to have one point of information.

So take a peek at ALL the info below before asking, and see if it is already answered. 🙂

store panel

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iOS App Store Update

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick note to let iOS users know that version 4.16.9 is FINALLY live in your app stores.  This is a patch that Android received last week and it’s now finally hit iOS devices.

So if you’ve been experiencing issues with your game on iOS try downloading the patch and see if that helps.

Note: This is NOT an update to release new content into the games…so you won’t see anything new.  This is a patch, the same patch Android players got last week.  So again, if you’re on iOS and you’ve having issues make sure you download it should help.  Android users…you won’t get this update because you already got it last week.  So don’t panic that you’re missing something.

2015-09-23 11.45.02

Severs Down Bart Screen

Hey there Hoppereenos!!

Yaaawwwwwnnnn… so Bart keeps taking over our games. Looks like it’s wide spread and not just this game Severs are being temperamental. Hang in there. Nothing you can do but wait. It’s barely after 5am at EA. Patience.

TSTO Server Issues

I’m going back to sleep in the meantime 😛



Want more info on outage?

Common Bugs/Glitches Since Monorail Removal Update Hit

UPDATE 3:30pm EDT: There’s an update in the App Markets (I can confirm it’s both on Android and iOS…Kindle I’m assuming it’s there for you too).  This most likely is the patch MANY of you have been waiting for.  So download the update and see if it helps resolve your issues…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So we’ve been fielding hundreds of comments over the last 19hrs or so about bugs you’re experiencing in your game, if it’s safe to download the update and a bunch of other stuff all related to the Monorail Event Removal update.  So I figured one central place for all the answers we have for your common questions…and a place for you to list your issues is best for everyone.  (especially since I can’t drink caffeine and I have a small child kicking my insides all night…so needless to say my energy level isn’t as high as it used to be 😉 )

So on with the show problems…


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TSTO Crash Alert: Move Menu/Build/Edit Crashing

Update: A couple of tips from other players about what might resolve the issue:
-Hard Close and restart.  Took me several attempts at this one but after hard closing and restarting several times it doesn’t crash anymore.
-If you have another device try loggin in from that device and see if it resolves the issue on both ends.

If you’re still crashing and none of those methods worked for you, contact EA.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Popping in with a quick alert about a bug that just started popping up in TSTO this afternoon…and it relates to crashing.

Here’s a list of what we’re seeing cause a crash…

-If you press the move menu (4 way arrows) icon, your game will crash.
-If you try to place a prize (i.e. the Rail Yard), your game will crash.
-If you try to build a new building from the store, your game will crash.
-If you try to buy something from the store, your game will crash (note: this isn’t impacting everyone)

These were all working earlier this morning, so this is something that just started happening in the last 2hrs or so.

The best thing I can tell you to do right now is Contact EA if you’re experiencing the issue.  They need to be flooded with tickets about this so it can be fixed ASAP.  So don’t hesitate…contact them immediately about it:

Contact EA Here

Beyond contacting EA, just sit tight and hope it gets fixed soon.  It is impacting nearly everyone…so know you’re not alone.  But remember the more people that contact EA and report the problem, the quicker they’ll be to resolve it.

TSTO Game Crashing

Monorail Bug Alert: No Access to Monorail Section of the Store

Update: The Monorail section of the store is now working in my game…so whatever it was it looks like it was a quicker fix than initially thought. Check to see if it’s back in your game…if not Contact EA.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in real quick with a bug alert that’s going around right now.  This bug is ONLY impacting players who have completed all of the Act 3 prizes.

Once you complete all of the Act 3 prizes the Monorail Section of the Store stops working.  As in you go to your store menu and hit the red “Go To” under the icon of Conductor Homer and nothing happens.  It won’t open at all.  Causing you not to have access to ANY of the Monorail items in the store right now.   (However it still works for all other areas of the store)

If you’re experiencing this bug my best advice is to contact EA.  Let them know what’s going on.  But first BEFORE you contact them…try uninstalling/resintalling TSTO.  Why?  Because it’s the first thing they’re going to ask you to do.  So do it first and see if it works.  If it doesn’t solve the problem then contact them and let them know you’ve already done an uninstall/reinstall and it didn’t work.

Contact EA

I’ve got the same issue going on right now and I’ll be contacting them as soon as I leave work. I will update this post once I get in touch with them.

For now I suspect it’s going to take a patch to resolve the issue…which most likely means waiting it out.  BUT the more people that contact them the quicker they are to react to these types of issues.  So if you’re experiencing the same problem contact them.