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TSTO Anonymous – This is what happens when I’m topicless

Happy Good Friday everyone!

So with the superhero event concluded and EA bringing us some Easter goodness, I wondered if it was time to have another meeting of TSTO Anonymous.  Are all our members bored now?  Fretting over premium options that returned?  Ready for the next event/level/tie-in?  I figured there was no place like a digital TSTO Anon meeting to just come together and discuss whatever.  Fair warning that this might just be another veiled attempt by yours truly to ramble.  Only way to find out is to just grab a cup of coffee and get started.

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TSTO Anonymous: I’m sorry… soooooooo sorry

Heya Superfriends!

Wookiee back with another meeting of TSTO Anonymous for all my fellow addicted superheroes, vigilantes, caped crusaders and supervillains.  Usually during an event, right around this time, I see lots of disgruntled comments but it seems like this event is uber popular (as it should be to Geeks like me).  Without the normal need for a cup of sunshine to drive away the proverbial Kryptonite dragging you down, I figured we’d have a more upbeat meeting this time.  Maybe a little humor, some insight or maybe just some rambling by yours truly.  Who knows? I’ll just welcome you to the meeting and see where it goes.  Make sure you find the right room.

TSTO Anonymous

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TSTO Anonymous: January 2015

Wowza… it’s been quite a while since we held a TSTO Anonymous meeting here on the site and once again it’s my fault. Last time we gathered it was August 1st of last year. Jeesh how the time flies by. Lots of stuff has happened since then. New levels, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas… phew.  Just a “few” months between meetings and Wookiee needs a topic… hmmmm… guess nothing else to do but fire up the coffee pot and get started, right?

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TSTO Anonymous: The G Spot

Ok, I know with a title like that some of you may have been wondering just where The Wookiee was going (looking at you Freak) but it actually makes sense if you read this.  Over the past 3-ish weeks, I’ve had a lot of “G” words rolling around in my head.  Here are a few of them:

Grief, Glory, Greed, Garbage, Gluttony, Guarantees, Giving up or Getting Over It…  Basically a lot of things this fuzzball thinks applies to this Easter Update.  Maybe a better title would have been Wookiee’s rambles about Easter but the title did get your attention, right?

Anywho…Not since Whacking Day 2013 has there been an event so polarizing so I figured it might be time for us to hold another meeting of TSTO Anon.  Our gathering place to bond and talk about this silly addiction of ours to TSTO.  The coffee is hot so let’s get started…

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TSTO Anonymous: Can you spare a Spot of Time?

What’s up Addicts?

So I’m driving along on just one of the many California freeways, top down on the LeBaron, wind in my fur and rather than concentrating on the veritable deathtrap that is the CA highway system, I’m thinking of you guys and gals and William Wordsworth.  How’s that for random?

This actually does make a little sense, I promise.  So, the first thought I think to myself is, “Self.  It’s been far too long since you wrote a TSTO Anon post but what should you write about?”  The second is, “Dang there’s a lot of cars (I was passing where two freeways meet in Los Angeles), makes me feel kinda small in the world.”  If you really want to know, the following thought was, “Hmmmm… I’m hungry, the next Inn N Out is 3 exits away… woo hoo!”

So, I keep driving, get some delicious animal style heart clogging morsels and keep thinking about TSTO Anonymous.  What I came up with is combining something I learned about in my British Literature class with us tapping Addicts.

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Survey Says: Just Who Are YOU?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Happy Hump Day my friends!  Back with another results show from one of our fun Addicts Surveys, where we asked Who Are YOU?

A few weeks back Wookiee held another great TSTO Anonymous meeting where he took a look at what makes makes up certain types of Tappers, their Psychological profile if you will.  And he wanted all of you to ask yourselves:  “If I was a four-fingered yellow character from the Best. Show. Ever.  Who would I be?” 

So now it’s time to take a look at what you guys said….


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You Might Be An Addict….Part 4

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

It’s my turn to take over TSTO Anonymous, just for this week.  Back in September, November and January we had a couple of fun little posts up entitled You might Be An Addict…similar to Jeff Foxworthy’s “You Might Be A Redneck…”.  We had so much fun with those we decided to do it again!

So with out further ado I present to you….You Might Be An Addict-Part 4:

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Straight from the Comments: A Monorail Opinion Poll

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well…still nothing new in our games to speak of.  In fact it’s still Valentine’s Day in Springfield.  Despite the countdown clock ending just under 12 hrs ago & today being February 25th there is still no update.  But that’s ok.  We’ve got TONS of great posts to keep your Tapping minds and fingers fresh!

One such post hit the blog this morning and that was Wookiee’s Monorail post, truly a great read!  What I love most though is it’s sparked so many of you in the comments to sound off on your opinions.  Your opinion on the Monorail being added to TSTO, ideas for how it can be implemented into TSTO AND even a great debate about the best Simpsons episodes!  (nice to know my fellow Tappers LOVE Homer at Bat too!)  We love hearing/seeing/reading your opinions in the comments and you guys never fail to make us laugh or think!  You guys truly are the BEST. READERS. EVER.

One awesome comment that really sparked my interest was this question from Tapani Kangas:
“Here is a question for all of you ‘fellow pro-tappers’
Just to be curious.  Let’s just say that:
-It would come with 4h, 10h, 24h tasks.
-Would have a nice animation
-Does not include a character
-Adds a 5% overall bonus”

Between that comment and another comment on the same post from Mike:
“It would be perfect if it worked like the Squidport. Build the monorail station, tap on the station to build a new section of track every few hours, and then you could design the path/route around town any way you like.”

I’ve been thinking and I want to know YOUR opinion.  Pretend for this example YOU ARE EA and you’re designing the Monorail to enter into Tapped Out.  How would you do it?  Would you make it a premium item?  If so for how many donuts?  Would you make it an expansion like Squidport?  Where you have to build one piece of track at a time?  But it would cost game cash?  If so how long would each piece of track take?  Would it be able to go around Springfield AND Krustyland?  Or just one or the other?  Or would you make it just a broken down Monorail, that doesn’t run.  It would be some broken tracks and the station.

After that I want to know….if it does cost donuts would YOU buy it?

So put on your design hats and sound off in the comments below about what YOU would do with the Monorail if you were a game designer for EA.  You know we LOVE hearing from you & can’t wait to see how creative you guys can be!

Lyle Lanley

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TSTO Anonymous – Just who ARE you?

How does the Addicterino choose their way to tap
When thoughts of TSTO happen as tablets they do slap
They comment on a blog sometimes, some grumble, some exclaim,
What character? what traits? what names would describe their game play?

Well hello there Addicterinos!  How the heck are you on this foine Friday?  So, once again it has been a while since we had a meeting of TSTO Anonymous and right about now it’s about that time.  Valentine’s Day in real life is over (hopefully it was good for all) and the VD event is nearing what a lot of us hope is its completion (but not before every addict gets the Tunnel).


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TSTO Anonymous… forget TSTO, it’s Superbowl Time!!!

UPDATE from Alissa: We’re back…kinda sorta maybe.  All of the info (posts, images and your AMAZING comments) have been ported to our new server.  However, now we’re just waiting for the domain name to play catch up across the internet.  So some of you are still seeing the old site (if you see this message you’re seeing the old site) and others will see the new site.  We’re hopeful it’ll all be resolved shortly.  Believe me Bunny, Wookiee and I are going NUTS with out being about to post and answer your comments….we miss our favorite Addicts!!

That reminds me…if you posted a comment yesterday and have yet to see it post…we have it I promise.  It’s still in moderation because we want to make sure it carries over to the new site.  I promise you that I will make sure your comment gets posted on the new site.

Well hey there Addicterinos!  Did you miss us yesterday?  It’s been a little since we held our last TSTO Anonymous meeting and with the realization that The Simpsons won’t be airing new material for a month, I figured it was definitely time to gather all the Addicts together.

Why do we not get fresh material?  Easy… the Super Bowl and the 2014 Winter Olympics.  Everyone is familiar with the Olympics, but why the Super Bowl?  Isn’t that just an American thing?  Well, FOX has the monopoly on this event and that means our beloved family sits on the sidelines while giant men in pads crash against each other to get an oblong and pointy ball across 100 yards of grass.  Basically our version of rugby that steals the true name of soccer.

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