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TSTO Fiction… Religulousity

You ever find yourself designing your town and creating little stories in your head while you do it?

Maybe it’s just me but I find myself doing it all the time.  In an effort to see if my madness is something shared by others, I figured I’d show off one of mine I’ve been thinking about recently.

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You Put the First Church of Lard Lad Where?!

Hey Howdy Hey Addicts!
One of the decorations we’ve unlocked as a community GOO Collecting is the First Church of Lard Lad (no crazy orange robes or turbans, just jelly-filled underwear!) At 5 billion GOO this was the first item we unlocked as a community. What I want to know is where you put it and what you’ve done with it?

Here’s a few that we saw..
Here’s mine:
lardlad mine
Not much I know.  Halloween and level 36 have hit my town hard.  A redesign is needed as soon as there’s a lull in updates! 
Here’s Wookiee’s:
Appropriately by the Heck House 

And here’s another one from a neighbor, Galaxykill:
lardlad_galaxy kill
Looks like King Snorky is going in for his dose of Jelly Filled Underwear! 

So, show us yours! Leave the link for your First Church of Lard Lad screen shot in the comments below. You can upload your screen shot to our Flickr Site or by using Dropbox.  If you need help uploading photos using either method you can check out our how-to’s here:  Flickr & Dropbox.

Look forward to seeing just where you put that Donut Church!

Tapped Out Halloween Walkthrough: First Church of Lard Lad

I am sure by now you have noticed we DID hit that 5 billion community mark. Everyone should be seeing the messages now that they have The First Church of Lard Lad in their inventory.  (Note:  If you don’t see the First Church of Lard Lad pop up immediately after you sign into your game, this happened to Alissa, just collect some more GOO.  It will pop up shortly thereafter)

There was a lot of discussion that this item may end up being just a skin. Here at Addicts we didn’t think so, as not everyone purchases premium items (plus we peeked at the game files :)). So, I am happy to report EA released yet another FREE item to everyone for their town. The great thing is the Church will also provide you a payout of $90 and 10 XP every 4 hours,  which definitely is a plus.

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killer dolphins

No…. the killer dolphins aren’t the news but I couldn’t help myself.  If you don’t know already… we just got The First Church of Lard Lad.


I must confess I sat on my game and watched the last 5 million or so GOO that clicked off on the community pot.  Life. Well. Spent.




SO AWESOME!  As I already had a Lard Lad’s, I am even happier that we all got another (or your first) donut shop for Springfield!

There has been a lot of speculation about the community prizes but it seems like EA will give us one present with each goal met.  This is basically what we all figured, especially considering the little arrow on the Community Prizes screen pointing to The First Church of Lard Lad.


The next goal is 10 BILLION GOO and the prize is the Clawing Zombie.  Considering it only took 7 days to reach this mark, we should be good for all 5 prizes considering the event is 38 days long.

Stay tuned for more info on this prize later Halloween Party People!  Wookiee out!