TSTO Fiction… Religulousity

You ever find yourself designing your town and creating little stories in your head while you do it?

Maybe it’s just me but I find myself doing it all the time.  In an effort to see if my madness is something shared by others, I figured I’d show off one of mine I’ve been thinking about recently.


I love to imagine that once upon a time there was a vacant lot next to the First Church of Springfield.  Before the parishioners were even aware, a donut shop had sprung up right next to their sacred ground.  Evangelicals love them some delicious round pastries just like TSTO Addicts so no big deal…

Slowly things began to change.  The pews at the FCoS increasingly became more and more empty.  It couldn’t be because of the revival of Ned’s Heck House or the recent relocation to that creepy graveyard.  Reverend Lovejoy blamed the donuts.  Among the deadliest of sins, donut gluttony was up there.  He pondered these thoughts as the strange chanting continued to grow in volume day by day.

At Lard Lad’s, a strange thing had happened.  What had begun as simple innocent evangelicals purchasing pink frosted deliciousness had slowly morphed in to something else.  The joys that came with these little items just couldn’t be explained.  Once diet conscious folks found that for every donut they ate, the more they wanted/needed additional donuts.

The attendees kept coming at greater frequency, even on Sundays.  It was no time before one of them started writing about it and before any one was the wiser, The First Church of Lard Lad had begun.  Some might call it a cult or a following, but never a cult following.  Led by their fearless leader, Mr. Eeikoow, they stuffed their faces.

Meanwhile, Lovejoy was having the time of his life.  Yeah his parishioners had joined the dark side but boy was it peaceful and even that chanting had a nice ambience when he really thought about it.  The collection plates may have dusted but the revenue from his new Wedding and Burial service was skyrocketing.  He’d started booking quality performances at the nearby stage for the Wedding Parties and he’d even put a down payment on the beautiful house right next door.  Sure it had ghostly incorporeal occupants and better stained glass windows than his own church, but one of the phantoms claimed to have previously been The King and boy could that fat spirit get down.

Sugar highs and lows.  Life at the donutagogue was getting interesting.  Already a golden statue had been erected in the rear of the church to honor their sister deity to the almighty donut, the mother who giveth milk for dunking.  The leader stated he had seen it descend from on high from the Almighty Sky Finger.  Claims that it resembled a bull were nonsense.  Every one knows that milk comes from girl and boy cows.

The only problem now… the donut haters but the church had ideas for that.  Work had commenced on an annex to the church.  It’s symbolic magnifying glass reaching to the heavens to point out that zooming in on anything would make things clearer unless that something was the game Doom or Castle Wolfenstein.  How could anyone not see the beauty of donuts through this new icon’s magnificence.  Indeed, nothing could go wrong.

Phew… I feel a little loco for typing all that out but had to share.  Do you have any areas of your town with similar back stories?  Want to hear more?  Feel free to share image links and stories in the comments or put them up on our Flickr page (TSTOAddicts).  Maybe I’m alone in this craziness.  Wouldn’t be the first time.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

12 responses to “TSTO Fiction… Religulousity

  1. I have a lot of silly in game references to other things in mine. The simpsons house is the only one that still has Christmas lights up; homer was to lazy to put them down.

    There is a single lawn chair by the pool in homers front lawn. There is a single lawn chair missing from a pool area in front of the apartment complexes.

    The muntz house is by Cletus is by brown houses as a pseudo ghetto.

    At one time I had three neighborhoods in mine, the richer more variety had colorful houses. The other had a White House a couple blues and a brown. The third, which was right there by the school, had mostly brown houses with maybe a blue one. I cleared that out to make room for a park I’ve yet to finish.

    I have a commercial district and that’s where most random stores are.

    No where near as complex as yours, but it’s not uncommon for people to build stories and different little in jokes into their decorations.

  2. EA is an evil entity! The completely wrecked the staff’s writing schedule up! Not to say that the articles from today and yesterday aren’t amazing but like anyone else TSTOaddicts has a schedule to keep… and its a major bummer for that and not having the rationally expected update. Sorry about all of this guys. Wish there was something I could do 🙁

    • lol it’s ok. This is the calm before the storm for us (and allowing me to get some Christmas shopping done :)) but once that update hits we’ll be all over it!

  3. Never got into that much details but yeah, I have reasons with stories to justify where what is where LOL

  4. I’ve never gone into THAT much detail, but as I build, I’ll explain to my mom: “Well, don’t put the bar next to the school, or when the kids come out they’ll all get drunk,” or “I put the skyscraper next to the ray gun so that if King Homer becomes a problem they can shoot him down…”
    Those are the kind of stories I make up in my town. Gotta have a police car behind Wiggums’ house, gotta have a training dummy in Nelson’s backyard…those kind of reasonings. I think of them as stories in my town! (Oh, and I was about to buy the Sub, but it takes up more than a square of water! I don’t have enough money to buy more ocean and I can’t buy it and immediately store it; I gotta have a place for it. Grr. No sub for me, but hopefully Christmas will have cool s***)

  5. Mmmmmm I do have planning meetings and yes I guess I justify these by wee scenarios, Halloween land, cracker factory and duff brewery needing a depot, Not quite a ‘tale of two cities’

  6. Does anyone else wish objects could be placed in 4 directions instead of just 2? Or that you could place more than just the police barriers on the road?

    • Yes! That’s a common complaint among us Addicts! 🙂

      • I wish at least the benches could be 4 directional so some of these set ups would make more sense such as the open air stage would be better if you could make it look like the people will face the stage to watch the shows

    • Totally agree it is annoying guess it is something to do with the game set up

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