Tapped Out Walkthroughs: Level 28

Mayor Quimby kicks off Level 28
Legitimate Business
After tapping Quimby

Mayor Quimby: Thank you, Fat Tony, for your generous donation to my Super PAC, “American U.S.A. Minutemen for Freedom, Liberty, Patriotism, and America.”
Fat Tony: Will it be satisfactory to secure the reconstruction of my headquarters?
Mayor Quimby: Easily done. The person playing this game builds whatever we ask. And pays us whatever random sum of money we demand!
Fat Tony: There’s one born every minute, I suppose.
Build the Businessman’s Club- 24hr build
TSTO level 28 Businessmen socialclub
Keep Mr. Burns and Smithers free when complete

New Character Unlock!
level 28 character unlock fat tony
The Cleaner Pt. 1
After tapping Smithers

Smithers: Fat Tony? Mr. Burns requests your company for dinner this evening, to discuss matters of the utmost evil.
Fat Tony: I’m always happy to have dinner with a fellow villain… which I consider myself, despite the fact I somehow got categorized as an “Wise Guy”.
Make Fat Tony Join Mr. Burns for Dinner (Mr. Burns is required)- 6hrs
Keep Mr. Burns Free when complete.

The Cleaner Pt. 2
After tapping Mr. Burns

Mr. Burns: Fat Tony, I need your help. There’s a problem I wish to “go away.” I trust you see my eyebrowns waggling meaninigfully as I say “go away?”
Fat Tony: Just tell me who. My crack team of sociopaths will handle everything.
Burns: It’s not a “who”, it’s a “what”. Some nuclear waste I wish to dispose of.
Fat Tony: We could hide it inside a body bag. People see me burying body bags all the time. It’s kind of my thing.
Burns: Excellent.
Make Fat Tony Get Rid of a Problem– 12hrs
Keep Chief Wiggum free when complete

The Cleaner Pt. 3
After tapping Wiggum

Wiggum: Hey, Fat Tony! Wanna tell me why you were digging a hole out in the middle of the night?
Fat Tony: I was gardening. That’s still legal in this state, is it not?
Chief Wiggum: Sure, I think. I’m not really up on what’s legal and what’s not. But if you really WERE gardening, tell me what you were planting.
Fat Tony: Plants.
Chief Wiggum: You’re good, Fat Tony. Very good. And I am correspondingly bad.
Make Fat Tony Play the Violin- 1hr
Fat Tony Starts the next task

The Cleaner Pt. 4
After tapping Fat Tony 

Fat Tony: Mr. Burns, I have taken care of that favor for you. And now I would ask you a favor in return.
Burns: Ugh, you Mafiosi and your favors. How come you just can’t accept money as compensation like everyone else in the world?
Fat Tony: Don’t worry – this will require money. I need to rebuild my compound so that my beloved goons will return to me. I’m tired of being a Mafia of one. My gun hasn’t had a night off in weeks.
Burns: Consider it done. Every powerful man needs his sycophantic hangers-on.
Smithers: You called for me, sir?
Build Fat Tony’s Compound- 36hr buildTSTO level 28 fat tony compound

Keep Fat Tony Free When complete
New Character Unlock!
tapped out level 28 character unlock louie tapped out level 28 character unlock legs

After tapping Fat Tony

Fat Tony: Welcome back, boys. I trust you have kept your law-breaking skills sharp?
Louie: I practiced my felonies every day.
I extorted mannequins so I wouldn’t forget how to do it to people.
Fat Tony:
I look forward to bleeding dry this town we so love.  But first, let us toast our touching reunion.
Make Legs Drink at Moe’s– 8hrs
Make Louie Drink at Moe’s
– 8hrs
Make Fat Tony Drink at Moe’s
– 8hrs
Keep Bart free when complete

El Bartito’s Way
After tapping Bart

Bart:  Hey Fat Tony!  I’ve been looking to take my mischief to the next level.  Any chance you could use an extra set of hands?
Legs: Maybe. Do you know how to mix a Manhattan?
Bart: Umm…booze, some hooch, and then whiskey?
Legs: That’s pretty close, boss. I’ll vouch for him.
Fat Tony: Congratulations, urchin. You are my new bartender.
Make Bart Serve Manhattans- 24hrs
Keep Marge free when complete
Marge: Bart Simpson!  What did I tell you about joining La Cosa Nostra?
 Bart: You said not to
Marge: If you go joining any mobs, you’ll lose TV privileges for a week.
 Bart: All right, all right!  There’s no need to get crazy.

Casino Racino
After tapping Marge

Marge: Mayor Quimby, as a mother and a worrywart, I’m concerned about Springfield’s growing Mafia problem.  There are even reports of unsavory characters down at the dog track. Of all places!
Mayor Quimby: Marge, I promise you – this office will not rest until it looks like we’re doing something about the whatever-you’re-on-about. In fact, I’m so against corruption that many people say “Corruption” is my middle name.
Marge: Hmmmm…
Make Marge Protest…Something– 24hrs
Keep Fat Tony Free when complete

Taking Care of Business
After tapping Fat Tony

Fat Tony: Boys, Marge Simpson is onto us. Someone in our organization squealed. I need you to find out who.
Louie: Wouldn’t it just be easier to “take care” of this Simpson lady?
Fat Tony: Louie, Louie, Louie. Women are for taking care of, not “take care” of. Find some guy to nuts on instead.
Make Louie Interrogate a Squealer- 1hr (this is a joint task, that requires both Legs and Louie, but you only have to assign one of them to start the task.  The other will follow)
Keep Luigi free when complete

The Italian Job
After tapping Luigi

Luigi:  Welcome, back, a-Fat-a-Tony, I can’t tell-a you how much I’ve missing paying for-a your protection.
Fat Tony: Which I will now collect. Back-dated, of course, to the birth of New Springfield.
Luigi: But I didn’t get unlocked until level 18. It’s-a not fair!
Fat Tony: Then you can file a complaint at the monthly meeting of the Extortionee’s Committee. The system is in place for a reason.
Make Fat Tony Have a Dinner Special at Luigi’s- 4hrs 

Gangster Paradise
After tapping Fat Tony 

Fat Tony: Boys, I require your services
Legs: Do you mind? “Antiques Roadshow” is on!
Fat Tony: My apologies.  The Roadshow, as always, takes precedence.
Make Legs Sell Smuggled Goods- 8hrs
Make Louie Perform a Hit-
Keep Wiggum free when complete

Puff Justice
After tapping Wiggum

Wiggum: Fat Tony?  You and your crew are under arrest.
Fat Tony: Whatever for, Officer?
Chief Wiggum: Impersonating an Ethnic Stereotype. You’re sentenced to 24 years in prison. Oops, this says 24 hours. Must be a typo. You’re lucky I don’t like refilling out forms.
Make Fat Tony Run Organized Crime from Prision- 24hrs
Make Legs Take a Break in the Slammer- 4hrs
Make Louie Take a Break in the Slammer– 4hrs
Keep Fat Tony Free when complete

Business As Usual
After tapping Fat Tony

Fat Tony: Break’s over, boys.  Go forth and terrify.
Make Legs ‘Protect’ Local Businesses-12hrs
Make Louie Collect Tribute- 12hrs

And with that level 28 is complete!

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  1. Hi bunny, my ‘interrogate a squealer’ quest line never started even though both legs and louis are available. There is no ‘go’ button on the task and there’s a no entry sign on the task icon. I have everything in place but the task doesn’t say what it is waiting for.

    Any thoughts?
    Thanks, Su.

  2. I’m currently on level 35, and I’ve built all buildings in prior levels, but the Legitimate Business quest hasn’t started, and I need Legs’ in order to unlock more storage at the LA Body Works. I’m stuck in Springfield Heights because I cannot unlock more storage without Leg’s at LA Body works. Was there maybe an update recently that pushed the Legitimate Business quest back a few levels? Or maybe I’ve done something wrong? Help!!

    • XP Level at bottom of the screen isn’t same as Game Play ie Questlines completed and Charcters unlocked. Check your Task Menu and list the open task names and part #s. Compare that to our walkthroughs and see where your actual Game Play is and what you need to complete to move forward on Levels

  3. I am past level 28 but the legitimate business quest is not starting even though Quimby is available. Is there something else I need to do?

  4. I started the building of Fat Tony’s compound right before the Soccer event started. I completed El Barrito and wanted to continue to the quest for Myor Quimby to start, but the icon for Fat Tony disappeared from my game text book sidebar. How can I continue the quest now?

    • Sometimes they just get hung up and take a little bit to appear in the task book. Give it a little time, finish some other quests and see if it retriggers. If you don’t see it contact EA.

      • I was thinking of that too, especially since I have several quests going on right now. Thank you!

  5. Question: Who is Jebediah(sp) and how do I find his statue, Just learned that it existed.

  6. I’m tryin to complet Taking Care of business, but it keeps saying requires river.

  7. I didn’t look at how much the Businessman’s Club was when I bought it a few days ago, but the Fat Tony Compound is only $85,000 these days.

    • Yea the prices adjust after so many level updates. We constantly update the Red Blazer Realty Guide, but do forget to update the walkthroughs from time to time. Thanks for letting us know, I’ll make sure it gets adjusted! 🙂

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