Tapped Out Walkthroughs: Level 29

Luigi gets things started in Level 29

Principalling Around
After tapping Luigi

Luigi: Ah, a Principal Skinner!  How good to a-hear your happy a-whistling.  You are as full of life as pasta sauce is full of mustache hair.
Skinner: Who wouldn’t smile in this wonderful, new Springfield? Nothing could ruin it.
Bart: Hey Seymour, your office is full of anteaters. Also ants. Also you need to tell the cafeteria to order more honey because your office is full of that too. Heh heh.
Skinner: Delightful! I needed some busy work for Willie. When he has nothing to do, he keeps inviting me to play board games. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to relax and take in the avian grandeur of our fair town.
Luigi: And I will-a-romance the air with a-beautiful sounds of the accordion, the bagpipe of Italy.
Skinner: Terrific. Hopefully, there aren’t any trees near your restaurant.
Make Skinner Go Bird Watching-24hrs
Make Luigi Play the Accordion-

Keep Milhouse Free when complete

Hey Milhouse—Eureka!
After tapping Milhouse

Milhouse: Hey Bart, can I borrow some pillows?  I want to build a pillow fort and see if my mommy and daddy appear in it.  For dinner last night, I sucked on pasta shells until they got soft in my mouth.
Bart: Hmm, Springfielders do tend to appear when we build a new building. That gives me an idea…
Milhouse: To help me not to be an orphan?
Bart: No, to really prank Skinner! We need to bring back the one thing that can get inside his head and ruin his happiness. His mother.
Milhouse: Okay. But if we’re going to build Skinner’s house, we’re going to need a lot more pillows.
Build the Skinner House– 24hr build
TSTO level 29 skinner house
Keep Skinner free when finished.
New Character Unlock!
TSTO level 29 agnes skinner character unlock

There are Winners and Skinners Pt. 1
After tapping on Skinner

Skinner: My house?  Dear Lord, no.  That means….
Agnes Skinner: Thought you’d gotten rid of me, did you. Now put on an apron and tidy up. Turns out limbo is pretty dusty.
Skinner: But Mother…
Agnes: No buts, Seymour. Get to work! When I get back from Bingo tonight, the table top better be clean enough for me to see my disapproving face in it!
Make Agnes Hustle At Bingo– 4hrs
Keep Skinner free when complete

There are Winners and Skinners Pt. 2
After tapping on Skinner

Skinner: How come my computer isn’t working?  Mother, did you add parental controls to the internet?
Agnes: You’re darn tooting. There are a lot of naughty pictures in the Wikipedia.
Seymour: I don’t have time to fight you right now – I have to get to work… where no one can tell me what I can and can’t look at, because we don’t have any computers.
Make Skinner Monitor the Halls– 12hrs
Keep Comic Book Guy and Agnes free when complete

The Odd-Looking Couple
After tapping on Comic Book Guy

Comic Book Guy: Ahem, is Agnes home?  I could like to an evening of finding the service unacceptable and other such pleasures.
Skinner: Mother, it’s the Harold to your Maude.
Agnes: Comic Book Guy! I can’t believe there’s enough room in this tiny town for your fat behind.
Comic Book Guy: Agnes, is that you skin, or did the Magna Carta loan you its dried up parchment?
Agnes: Don’t wait up for me, Seymour. And don’t come into my room in the morning without knocking first.
Make Agnes Go on a Date with Comic Book Guy– 2hrs(joint task, so both Agnes and Comic Book guy are required)
TSTO level 29 agnes date Comicbookguy

Keep Anges free when complete

There are Winners and Skinners- Pt 3
After tapping Agnes

Agnes: Son, I realize since I’ve come back, we haven’t spent any quality time together.  So I’m forcing you to stay in and have fun with me.
Skinner: I was planning to do one of the many exciting activities I often do, like bird watching or going to the Kwiki-E-Mart or stargazing, if that’s an option for me yet.
Agnes: I guess this new Springfield is just like the old one – full of you disappointing me.
Skinner: *sigh* Fine, Mother. I’ll stay.
Agnes: Pfft, Momma’s boy.
Make Agnes Do Silhouette Night– 12hrs
Make Skinner Do Silhouette Night-

Keep Martin free when complete

Mad with Municipally Funded Power
After tapping Martin

Martin: Egdas!  I seem to have been mistakenly given a notice to tarry in detention.
Milhouse: I got one too.
Lisa: It looks like the whole school did.
Skinner: And with the whole school in detention, both Mrs. Krabappel and I will have to stay late to supervise you. Very late.
Edna: You monster! You can’t do this tonight!
Skinner: I’m not. I’m doing this for the next several nights.
Make Martin Serve Detention (x3)– 6hrs each time
Make Lisa Serve Detention (x3)- 6hrs each time
Make Milhouse Serve Detention (x3)-
6hrs each time
Make Bart Serve Detention (x3)-
6hrs each time
Make Ralph Serve Detention (x3)-
6hrs each time
Make Nelson Serve Detention (x3)-
6hrs each time
Make Mrs. Krabappel Hose Detention (x2)-
12hrs each time
Make Skinner Host Detention (x2) –
12hrs each time

Keep Agnes free when complete

There Are Winners and Skinners Pt. 4
After tapping Agnes

Agnes: Seymour!  You’re always sneaking off to your hidey-hole.
Principal Skinner: It’s called a “school”, Mother, and it’s my job.
Agnes: Well, I need your help with my crossword. What’s a five-letter word for “someone who fails”? I tried “Seymour”, but it doesn’t fit.
Principal Skinner: *sigh* L-O-S-E-R
Agnes: Thanks. I knew you’d be an expert.
Make Agnes Do Crossword Puzzles– 8hrs
Keep Bart free when complete

The World is my Teacher Pt. 1
After tapping Bart

Bart: Skinner is worse than ever.  It’s almost like making life miserable for one person has consequences for those around that person.
Make Bart Skip School– 8hrs
Skinner: Ah, Bart.  Just the truant I was looking for.
Bart: Ahhhhh!

The World is My Teacher Pt. 2
After tapping Bart

Bart: I wasn’t playing hookie, I swear.  A guest of wind pushed me out of school and forced me here.  It was the wind, I tell you, the wind!
Skinner: Relax, Bart. I’m not going to punish you. I want to learn from you.
Bart: Trying to get away from that old bat?
Skinner: That lives in the school’s heating duct? No. I’m trying to escape my mother. But she always finds me. I know from years of hide-and-seek research.
Bart: I feel bad… that this somehow happened to you. If you need a place to crash, you can use my treehouse. I just have to evict Milhouse for being behind on his rent.
Make Skinner Crash at Bart’s Treehouse– 12hrs
Keep Willie free when complete
Skinner: Bart, why did I wake with one hand in a bowl of water and the other filled with uncanned canned chili?
Bart: Sorry, the temptation was too great.  A prankster can’t live so close to his prey.

Counch Surfin’ U.S.A Pt. 1
After tapping Willie

Willie: Why aye!  Of course, ye can stay with me in me shack!
Skinner: Thanks, Willie. I knew I could count on you to say yes, since you work for me and my request was an order.
Willie: I need this job for me work visa. So make yourself at home, you threatin’-to-call-INS bastard!
Make Skinner Crash at Willie’s Shack- 12hrs
Keep Agnes free when complete
Skinner: My Lord, man!  The smell! The smell!
Aye, it’ll get in ye.  Inside these wood walls, you’ll age like a fine whiskey in cask of Willie’s Man Musk.

Mom is the Loneliest Number Pt. 1
After tapping on Agnes

Agnes: Seymour!  Seymour…? I should talk with my friends. maybe one of them has spotted where he’s gone.
Make Agnes Feed the Pigeons– 1hr
Keep Mrs. Krabappel free when complete

Couch Surfin’ U.S.A Pt. 2
After tapping Edna

Edna: Ha! No way, Seymour.
Skinner: Please let me stay at your apartment, Edna. It’ll be fun. We can do our own version of Silhouette Night!
Edna: I’m not playing “mommy” with you. No means no.
Make Skinner Crash at Willie’s Shack-12hrs
Keep Lovejoy free when complete

Couch Surfin’ U.S.A Pt. 3
After tapping Lovejoy

Lovejoy: Certainly, Principal Skinner, you are welcome here.  The humble of spirit may always crash in the Lord’s House.
Skinner: Thank you, Reverend. I haven’t been able to get a decent rest in days.
Lovejoy: Well, I hope our evening activity night won’t disturb you. It’s Bingo Night.
Skinner: Bingo Night! I must flee before Mother comes to clean you out. I’m sure God won’t mind if I leave the church ducking out through this stained glass window.
Agnes: let’s get ready to roll them balls!
Make Skinner Crash at Willie’s Shack-12hrs
Make Agnes Hustle at Bingo

Keep Agnes free when complete

Mom is the Loneliest Number Pt. 2
After tapping Agnes

Agnes: So that boy’s run off…just like he did to me during Vietnam.  And like he did his platoon in Vietnam.
Lovejoy: He asked me if he could crash at the church. I had assumed with your approval, of course.
Agnes: I’m sick and tired of his crashing. All he ever does is crash! If he crashes one more time, I’m done with him. DONE!
Lovejoy: Well … let’s not do something hasty. Why don’t you relax, get the frustration out, and think it over some more.
Agnes: What I should do is exercise. I need to build up strangth, so I can spank the hair off him.
Make Agnes Sweep up Springfield-6hrs
TSTO Level 29 agnes sweep up

Keep Carl free when complete

Couch Surfin’ U.S.A Pt. 4
After tapping Carl

Carl: Sure, Skinner, stay as long as you need to.  The Buddhist Temple is for all, especially those who want to upset their parents.
Skinner: It’s more that I want to avoid her. Not upset her.
Carl: Same diff. Take any mat you like. Morning prayers start at 3am and never end.
Skinner: Thanks. Wow, these mats are comfy. POW camp comfy!
Carl: Yeah. We got them used.
Make Skinner Crash at the Buddhist Temple-12hrs
Keep Wiggum free when complete
Skinner: Prayer chanting ohms everywhere.  Constant buzzing taking over mind.  Must ohm get ohm outta ohm…

Couch Surfin’ U.S.A Pt. 5
After Tapping Wiggum

Wiggum: If you need a place to lay your head down, Principal Skinner, the Wiggum family would be delighted to help you out.
Skinner: Oh, thank you, thank you. Finally an actual house.
Wiggum: That is, if you promise to guarantee that little Raplhie gets A’s in every class from here on out.
Skinner: In all honesty, Chief, no one would ever believe that. It would turn our laughing-stock school into a veritable guffaw-cooperative.
Wiggum: It’s called quid pro quo – and old Latin phrase meaning “gimme what I want”.
Skinner: So, you want me to trade all that’s left of my integrity for a roof and a bed? You have a deal.
Ralph: Yay! I now have a Princey Pal!
Make Skinner Crash at the Wiggum House-12hrs
Keep Agnes free when complete
Ralph: After I get into UCLA, I’m going to get into the rest of the letters of the alphabet!  Like Q and smiley face and gumball!
Skinner: I’m sorry, Chief, I can’t be party to this.  I just can’t.

The Prodigal Skinner Pt. 1
After tapping Agnes

Agnes: So ya finally come crawling back home? Well, I still see you standing.  So, get to more crawling.
Skinner: Ugh, I’m going to break into a Brown House and crash there. Everyone else is doing it.
Agnes: No Seymour, wait! I just can’t stand it anymore. All this time you’ve spent crashing has been the most irritating time of my life. Can you promise me, if I be good, that you’ll never crash again?
Skinner: Okay, I promise there’ll be no crashing… *game crashes*
Make Agnes Do Silhouette Night– 12hrs
Make Skinner Do Silhouette Night-

The Prodigal Skinner Pt. 2
After tapping Skinner

Skinner: I know you always tell me fun is for the shiftless.  So please don’t yell at me, Mother, when I tell you that was fun.
Agnes: I enjoyed it too, Seymour. I know it seems like I’m never not mad at you. But that’s only because you constantly make me angry.
Skinner: Maybe there is another target in town that you can mock and humiliate?
Agnes: Hmmm. I could go razz those bags with skin tags at the Retirement Castle. Bunch of pathetic nitwits with no house or child to live with. Because their children locked them up in there.
Skinner: Wait, children can put their parents there and just leave them?
Agnes: You don’t have the short and curlies, Seymour!
Skinner: No mother, I don’t.
Make Agnes Taunt Old People– 24hrs

Congratulations you’ve completed, the very long, level 29!

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  1. I know this is a bit lagging as many are already past this stage, but I just got started a little while ago and have just gotten to this quest/dialog. For me, anyway, the Agnes/Comic Book Guy dating thing is different. Dialog and task revolve around helping her cross the street. Anyway, love this site. Great job all.

    • That is due to this was written a while back. Since then they added CBG “wife” Kumiko and therefor he cant date anymore. Lol. So he helps the old lady instead. 😉

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