How Do Decorations Impact My Krust-o-Meter?

The available decorations in Krustyland don’t generate any income (or tickets) for you but they do impact your Krust-o-Meter raking, which in the end does impact how many tickets you earn.

The Krustyland decorations impact either your Grub, Merch or Kitsch rating on your Krust-o-Meter.  Want to know which decorations give you the best Krust-o-Meter bang for your ticket?  Here’s a breakdown of the Krustyland Decorations and which type of rating they affect and how many points they award:

Decoration Krust-o-Meter Category Points
Cotton Candy Stand Grub 10
Krustyland Hotdog Stand Grub 10
Krustyland Popcorn Stand Grub 10
Krustyland Fried Dough Stand Grub 10
Krustyland Fence Kitsch 1
All Shurbs Kitsch 5
Krustyland Bench Kitsch 10
Krustyland Garbage Bin Kitsch 10
All Flowers Kitsch 10
All Trees Kitsch 25
Pavilion Tents 1-3 Kitsch 50
Wheel of Chance Merch 10
Ring Toss Merch 10
Strike Three Merch 10
Knock Over The Fuzzy Guy Merch 10
Sideshow You Merch 10

Unfortunately, if you’re not using donuts, you will need duplicates to reach 5 bouncy balls, but hey what park doesn’t have a popcorn stand at every corner?

Happy Tapping friends!

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3 responses to “How Do Decorations Impact My Krust-o-Meter?

  1. Hi, something isn’t quite adding up in my krustyland. I have 30 trees (along with a few pavilion tents benches flowers etc) which according to these tables should mean that I have more than 750 kitch points, but my kitch rating is still at two bouncy balls.
    Any ideas? have they upped the thresholds?

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