Tapped Out Walkthrough: Level 27

Rev. Lovejoy Starts things off

Buddha’s Got Back Pt. 1
After Tapping Lovejoy

Rev. Lovejoy: Ah, Lisa Simpson!  You wanted to speak to me about a spiritual crisis.  Perhaps you’ve come to hear a humble ‘I told you so’.
Lisa: Actually, I’m trying to find meaning in this world of daily drudgery.
Reverend Lovejoy: All you need to do is trust in the wisdom of the Almighty Finger. I mean, God.
Lisa: Actually, Springfield exploded and then returned. I’ve been thinking this might be proof of the Buddhist concept of Samsara –
Reverend Lovejoy: Oh Lord. Is this another conversation where you convince me Buddha was just a chubby Jesus?
Build the Springfield Buddhist Temple-24 hour build
TSTO Level 27Buddhist temple
Keep Lisa free when complete
New Character Unlock!
TSTO level 27 character unlock lenny TSTO level 27 character unlock carl

Little Miss Mantra
After Tapping Lisa

Lisa: Now that the Buddhist Temple is back, I can continue on my quest toward spiritual enlightenment.
Marge: Oh, honey, can’t you just go to normal church with the rest of us? I don’t want us all to end up in different heavens.
Homer: Eh, let her go, Marge. The boy’s not going to be there anyway – it’ll be nice for you and me to have some alone time.
Lisa: Thanks, Dad…I guess.
Make Lisa Meditate30 minutes

Buddha’s Got Back Pt. 2
After tapping Lenny

Lenny: Wow, we suffered a fiery nuclear death and now we’re reborn!  I guess the Buddhist theory of reincarnation is right.
Carl: Yeah. And we came back as ourselves. Boy, we must’ve really screwed up last time.
Lenny: But we did everything right. Gave to the poor. Helped old ladies cross the street. Made sure our magazines were, at the minimum, barely legal. I was hoping to be reincarnated as you.
Carl: I don’t understand it either. We need to go someplace where we can contemplate the mysteries of our existence.
Make Lenny Drink At Moe’s- 8hrs
Make Carl Drink At Moe’s-
Keep Moe Free when complete

Buddha’s Got Back Pt. 3
After tapping Moe

Moe: It’s great to have my closest friends back.  Now, settle your tab before I stab out your lungs.
Lenny: But Moe, all our money burned up in the explosions.
Moe: So did my bar tabs… but I still expect you to pay them!
Homer: If you need money, you guys should get your old jobs back at the plant.  Then you can cover for me when I’m never there.
Send Lenny to do a Plant Shift- 16hrs
Send Carl to do a Plant Shift-
Auto starts when you send them on the Plant Shift
Smithers: Thank you both for reporting to work.  Unfortunately, with so few people in this town, and my recent raise, we only have enough money to pay one of you.
Lenny: Only one? Well, then I say give the job to Carl.
Carl: I say give the job to me as well.
Lenny: Hey! I thought you were going to do that thing where you say no, give him the job, and then we argue over something good.
Carl: Nope. Did that thing where I just take it.
And Lenny and Carl begin their plant shift – but only Carl will get paid (16 hours – Lenny and Carl will begin the next part)
With that they both start their plant shift, but only Carl will get paid for it.
Lenny starts the next part

Buddha’s Got Back Pt. 4
After tapping Lenny

Lenny: Guess I have to rely on my fallback teaching job.  Good thing I’m an expert on how to chew tobacco
Carl: I knew you’d bounce back.  Speaking of bouncing and this that have back, I have a date with your sister.
Build the Adult Education Annex- 24hr build
TSTO level 27 adult education annex
Make Carl Date Lenny’s Sister– 1hr
Make Lenny Teach Class on Chewing Tabacco– 1hr
Lenny starts next part

Lenny’s Downfall Pt. 1
After tapping Lenny

Lenny: I forgot that my fallback teaching job is unpaid.  Guess I gotta go to my fall back fallback job: being a best-selling novelist
Make Lenny Work on his Mystery Novel– 12hours

Lenny’s Downfall Pt. 2
After tapping Lenny

Lenny: One paragraph down.  Seven-thousand, six-hundred, and forty-two more to go.  Writing always puts me in the mood to grab a beer and not write.  Whaddaya say we go to Moe’s Carl?                                             Oh, right—Carl and Moe’s are both out of my life.  Well, I can’t just sit around feeling sorry for myself.  I’m going to WALK and feel sorry for myself.
Make Lenny Mope– 24hrs

Lenny’s Downfall Pt. 3
After tapping Lenny

Lenny: Hi, is there a problem officer?
Wiggum: There sure is.  For starters, it is illegal to kick a can in the town of Springfield.
Lenny: But that law is outdated.  It was in Season 16!
Wiggum: Also, you jay-walked back there, you don’t have a license for those suspenders, and you just talked back to a police officer.  Strike four!
Make Lenny Go in for Questioning– 8hrs
Snake: What a relief.  Now that criminal is off the streets, I can go out and rob people.
Keep Quimby free when complete

Lenny’s Downfall Pt. 4
After tapping Quimby

Quimby: Since there are no, er-um, judges or lawyers yet in our city, your punishment is up to me.  First question, have you ever donated to my campaign?
Lenny: No. I don’t have a job or any money.
Mayor Quimby: That’s terrible. But at least I can offer you a place to eat and rest.
Make Lenny Serve Time-24hrs
Keep Mr. Burns and Carl free when complete

Carl’s Rise Up the Ladder Pt.1
After tapping Mr. Burns

Mr. Burns: Smithers, I need to promote someone.  The towel boy in the executive washroom is starting to get lonely.
Smithers: But sir, we only have two other employees. And one of them is Homer Simpson.
Burns: Then we’ll have to promote the other one.
Carl: Thank you, Mr Burns, but I’ve reached the phase of Buddhist enlightenment where I feel no attachment to material wealth.
Burns: I’m willing to give you a sixty-percent raise and a four month signing bonus.
Carl: Thanks again. I’ve never really tried being rich before. Executive washroom, here I come!
Burns: Excellent. Let’s, shall we say, seal the deal. I hope dinner at 5:30pm is not too late.
Make Carl go to Dinner at Burns Manor- 2hrs
Keep Smithers free when complete

Carl’s Rise Up the Ladder Pt. 2
After tapping Smithers

Smithers: Excellent first day Mr. Carlson!
Carl: Thanks.  Hey, uh…normally I hang with Lenny.  But since he’s not around, would you-
Smithers: Ooo, are you inviting me out for apple-tinis?
Carl: Well, not that.
Smithers: Yay! Appl-tinis!
Make Carl Sip Apple-tinis at Moe’s- 4hrs
Make Smithers Sip Apple-tinis at Moe’s-

Moe: So Carl’s hanging out with Smithers now, huh?  He always goes for the same type.
Keep Brockman free when complete

Carl’s Rise Up the Ladder Pt. 3
After tapping Brockman

Brockman: What is it that is happening, Carl, my brother.  We minorities have to stick together.
Carl: Say what now?
Brockman: Us in the 1%.  With the whole 99% looking to tan our hides.  Car to join me in using my ill-gotten-tax-free-capital gains to eat at pricey restaurants?
Make Carl Dine at the Gilded Truffle-2hrs
Make Brockman Dine at the Gilded Truffle-
Make Carl Dine at El Chemistri-
Make Brockman Dine at El Chemistri-

Keep Homer free when complete

True Bromance Pt. 1
After tapping Homer

Homer: Hey Carl.
Carl: Homer, please, call me Mr. Carlson
Homer: Uh, yeah. Have you seen Lenny lately? ‘Cause if not, I have him right here.
Lenny: Hey guys, thanks for agreeing to meet me. I’d like to offer you a great opportunity to give me money. I need it to buy back my freedom from this guy I met in prison.
Carl: Jeez, Len, you don’t look so good. Or act so good.
Lenny: I’m trying to outrun the inescapable feeling of failure and disappointment. WHAT’S THAT BEHIND ME!?
Carl: I think you need to rest, buddy. And I need to think some things over. Soberly for a change.
Make Carl Meditate-4hrs
Make Lenny Crash at the Buddhist Temple-

Keep Carl free when complete

True Bromance Pt. 2
After tapping Carl

Carl: Excuse me, Mr. Burns, I was wondering if you could find it in your heart to hire back my good friend Lenny Leonard.
Burns: In my heart? Ho-ha, what a delightful jape!
Carl: Please, sir. Couldn’t you just pay me less, and use the money you save to hire Lenny?
Burns: But if I paid you less, you wouldn’t be making more money than you deserve… which means you could no longer be an executive.
Carl: Then I guess I’ll just go back to my old job.
Burns: Very well. Your compassion has taught me something… why I am ludicrously rich and you are middle class. You and your friend can have your menial, nuclear energy jobs. Now let your dainty sentiments never poison my ears again.
Make Lenny do a Plant Shift-16hrs
Make Carl do a Plant Shift-
Lenny: Carl, you got me my old job back! You are the truest of true pals – it’s times like these when I wish we could do more than bro hug.
Carl: I realized I needed you, Lenny. Standing next to you is the only way I look relatively attractive.
Lenny: I wish there was some disturbingly grandiose way to show you my gratitude.
If you have the donuts and purchase Mount Carlmore here (120 donuts) this line appears
Carl: Thanks, Lenny.  Let’s go spelunk my nose.

End of Level 27 Main Quest

15 responses to “Tapped Out Walkthrough: Level 27

  1. James Winters

    Somehow my quest are triggered but it stop at 3rd part, the cow? Now i’m level 127 and still don’t have Adult Annex whatever it called.

  2. I have no idea what triggered it, possibly completing Burns money mountain, but True Bromance triggered out of the blue. I’m lvl 59 for at least 2 months and got down to 1 task. I hadn’t even realised this questline wasn’t finished 🙂

    • My Carl’s Rise Up the Ladder Pt.1 just triggered this week too–even though I’ve been at level 59 for a long time and didn’t realize the level 27 walkthrough never finished. I also just completed the Burns money mountain, so I think that’s a good guess as to why it triggered. Thanks for posting–it made me feel less like “What just happened?” 🙂

    • Well, I just triggered Carl’s Rise Up the Ladder Pt. 1 — and I am at level 123!

      It is strange how this works (or doesn’t work). I recently completed the final level (11) of Money Mountain and the subsequent Mr. Moneybags quests. Apparently, the completion of Mr. Moneybags Pt. 4 triggered Carl’s Rise Up the Ladder Pt. 1.

      I guess that it’s just odd that it took me until Level 123 to get it.

  3. I am pretty confused with how these quest lines trigger. I am on level 36 and was on 27 2 weeks ago. I thought I finished this quest line but evidently after I finished building Springfield high school 4 new quests triggered. One of which being “Carl’s move up the ladder pt. 1” am I doing something wrong and that’s why my quests aren’t triggering in order? I’m still waiting for other half done level quests to start. But my characters are all free at once a lot of the time..?

    • No sometimes when you advance through levels quickly on the XP side, later quests get “stuck” in the quest track. As long as the build/character unlock tasks keep popping for your you can progress through each level. Some of those later quests (like the Carl one) may pop later when there aren’t as many quests in your task book.

  4. I am unable to continue onto Lenny’s Downfall Pt.4. I didn’t know about keeping certain characters free as the task completes. Up to this point it hasn’t been a requirement. How can I get Part 4 to start?

    • Just keep playing and see what pops up. Sometimes they will “catch” here and there and you just have to wait for them to trigger.

  5. shashank reddy

    i got the first part of the buddha got back quest but it has been three days and i have not gotten the other parts

    • It is ok, sometimes the quests hit a stand still. Have you got the Buddha Temple built yet? If so, try storing it, logging out, restarting your game, log back in, then replace it. See if it helps to kick start the next section.

      Also, if you are at the part including Moe’s, you can also try storing it too (just remember that will pull Marge & Moe out of the game til you put it back).

  6. its $74,000 in my game now.

  7. is the Buddhist Temple really $225,000?

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