Tapped Out Walkthrough: Level 33 Part 4

Hey Tappers!

Back with the 4th and final part of the Level 33 Main Quest walkthrough!  Miss the first 3 parts?  You can find them here: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.
When we last left off Eddie, Lou and Chief Wiggum were rounding up, just about, all of the residents of Springfield and arresting them for anything and everything under the sun.  We continue the walkthrough with Chief Wiggum realizing, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to arrest kids…
Kent Brockman kicks off this part of the quest

The Crackdown Pt. 4
After tapping on Kent Brockman

Brockman:  This is Kent Brockman reporting.  Abuse of police power has reached epidemic proportions.  It seems that no one is safe from their persecution, not even our clergyman, our upstanding citizens, our children….
Wiggum: Our newsmen.
Brockman: Exactly! Wait, what?
Wiggum: Just finishing your sentence.  Which is funny, because we’re going to get you started on a new kind of sentence right now!
Make Brockman go in for questioning- 8 hrs
Keep Wiggum free when complete

The Crackdown Pt.5
After Tapping Wiggum

Wiggum: Okay, so maybe arresting a bunch of kids and throwing them into a dangerous prison didn’t work out as well as I thought it would.
Lou: We should get those kids out of jail before anything terrible happens.
Wiggum: You’re right.  Like missing their social studies unit at school.  I hear that it’s about the Pueblo Indians and they deserve all the attention they can get.
Lou: I don’t know if they’re so great.  They live in the same kind of adobe huts for hundreds of years while people in Europe were building castles.
Wiggum: They were happy Lou!  Isn’t that more important than having a tile roof?  Geez! Now get those kids in reform school and make sure they learn about the Pueblo!
Make Lou Teach Reform School- 4hrs
Make Bart Attend Reform School- 4hrs
Make Milhouse Attend Reform School- 4hrs
Keep Quimby Free When Complete

Springfield Confidential Pt. 2
After tapping Quimby

Quimby: I hope that with all the increased police activity, you aren’t having any trouble, er, conducting business.
Fat Tony: The only difficulty I have encountered is that there are not enough attendees at the racetrack to boost the betting pools.
Quimby:  I’ll see to it that the police release anybody who’s got a racing sheet on him or who looks clinically depressed enough to go to the track.
Make Quimby Collect Bribes-4h
Make Fat Tony Fix Races-2h
Keep Fat Tony Free when complete.

Springfield Confidential Pt. 3
After tapping Fat Tony

Fat Tony: Boys, we live in fortuitous times.
Louie: How’s that, boss?
Fat Tony: Our legitimate enterprises usually have to operate within a certain shroud of secrecy.  But all the petty crimes have been keeping the poliza’s attention away from us. It’s refreshing to be in such a relaxed and stress free state while we strong-arm, murder, and swindle.
Make Fat Tony Collect Construction Kickbacks-8h
Make Legs Sell Smuggled Goods-8h
Make Louie Collect Tribute-8h
Keep Eddie free when complete

Springfield Confidential Pt. 4
After Tapping Eddie

Eddie: We keep getting emails from the Mayor’s office telling us to let gamblers and concrete union works out of jail.  Clearly Quimby’s got something going on with Fat Tony.
Lou: We could stage a coup and make Chief Wiggum mayor.
Eddie: No, the Chief has said he’d never accept that job because he doesn’t want to be named “America’s Fattest Mayor.”  Let’s investigate Quimby.
Make Lou Investigate Corruption- 12 hrs
Make Eddie Investigate Corruption-12 hrs
Keep Lou free when complete

Springfield Confidential Pt. 5
After tapping Lou

Lou: Mayor Quimby, we have evidence linking you to a known organized crime syndicate in Springfield.  You are under arrest!
Quimby: You, ah, you can’t do this.  I’ll see to it that none of you has a job in law enforcement again!
Wiggum: Well, it’s a bit of a go-nowhere field anyway.  I’ve been urging Ralphie to go into computer programming.
Make Quimby Serve Time- 24 hrs
This part of the dialogue auto starts when Quimby’s Task is complete, however Wiggum will start the next part of the quest so keep him free when complete.
Wiggum: Wow, who would have thought Mayor Quimby was corrupt? He’s got such a symmetrical face!
Lou: So, can we go after Fat Tony now, Chief?
Wiggum: Yea, now that Quimby’s not protecting him anymore, let’s show him who’s the real boss around here.
Eddie: How are we going to play it?  They’ve got a lot of guns.
Wiggum: We’re going to distract them by ordering a huge pizza delivery to their address.  There could be a lot of carnage this time, boys. I’m planning to rip through a deep dish sausage on my own!

Springfield Confidential Pt.6
After tapping Wiggum

Wiggum: Fat Tony, your days of snubbing your finger at the law are over!
Fat Tony: Is that so officer?  I would be very interested to know what you intend to charge me with, because I have been scrupulous in every single one of my….
Wiggum: Tax evasion!
Fat Tony: Legs, have we been scrupulously playing our taxes?
Legs: We’ve never paid any taxes, boss.
Fat Tony: So I’m guilty of the same thing as every charity and religious cult in America?  Well, looks like we’re in for a little vacation, boys.
Make Fat Tony Run Organized Crime from Prison – 24 hrs
Make Legs Take a break in the Slammer- 4 hrs
Make Louie Take a break in the Slammer- 4 hrs
Keep Lisa free when complete

Springfield Confidential Pt. 7
After tapping Lisa

Lisa: Now that a huge organized crime ring has been put behind bars, maybe this town can return to normal.
Bart: Don’t get carried away, Lisa.  They’re only going away for 24 hours.  Why can’t we send them away for longer, anyway?
Lisa: Because it’s more fun to tap on all 40 of your characters every single day to send them on 24-hour missions!
Bart: It is?
Lisa: Apparently.  Now shut up and make me do next week’s homework!
Make Lisa Do Next Week’s Homework-  24 hrs

Congratulations, you’ve just completed Level 33!  This has been one of my favorite quests so far in the game.  It involved, almost, every character, took a while to work through and had a decent, and humorous, dialogue to it.

Here are some quick stats for the Level 33 Main Quest:
25 total parts
With out donuts it takes approx 274 hours to complete (about 11.5 days)

Hope you enjoyed it!
Happy Tapping!

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