Tapped Out Walkthrough: Level 34 Part 2

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As promised I’m back with Part 2 of the Level 34 walkthrough!  If you missed the first part of our walkthrough you can find Part 1 here.  
When we last left off Chalmers made his grand entrance into Springfield and was preparing to fire Skinner for the low science test scores at Springfield Elementary.  In an effort to save his job Skinner, with the help of Lisa, build the Knowledgeum.  We pick our walkthrough back up with the completion of the Knowledgeum and Lisa talking to Principal Skinner….

Night At The Knowledgeum Pt. 2
After tapping Lisa

Lisa: This is truly amazing.  I feel like I am surrounded by knowledge, cradled in the bosom of learning!
Skinner: I would echo your sentiment, but if I say the word “bosom” around a child, I could lose my job.
Lisa: Let’s split up.  Remember– we’re looking for ways to make science fun for kids.
Skinner: Or, barring that, some sort of kid-shaped automation that is good at science tests.  Or, barring that, let’s try to determine if there are any job openins in their janitorial team.  And if so, if they’d be interested in someone like me.
knowledgeum animation
Make Lisa Spend the Night at the Knowledgeum-12hrs
Make Skinner Spend the Night at the Knowledgeum-12hrs

Night At The Knowledgeum Pt. 3
After tapping Lisa

Lisa: I think I know how to revitalize the science curriculum.  Let’s do what this place does, and show that science is fun!
Skinner: Whoa, whoa, whoa, Lisa.  “Science Is fun?” I have a Masters in Education, young lady.  And one of the things I learned in graduate school is that science is boring and, to use a technical term, sucky.  Even Einstein knew science was a total snooze-fest!  Probably.  I mean, he was super-smart, so he must’ve known that.
Lisa: I’m telling you—follow my advice, and Springfield Elementary will be filled with budding scientists in no time.
Make Lisa Fix the Science Curriculum-12hrs
Make Skinner Fix the Science Curriculum-12 hrs
Keep Chalmers free when complete

After tapping Skinner

Skinner: Um, Superintendent Chalmers?
Chalmers: Can’t you see I’m busy?  I’m trying to determine the most painful, humiliating way to fire you.  What I have so far is good, but it doesn’t really “sing” yet, you know?
Skinner: Yes, of course.  But I think the children should be retested now that they’ve learned how fun science can be.
Chalmers: “Science is fun?”  That very notion goes against centuries of Western thought.  I’ll admit it—I’m intrigued.
Make Chalmers Administer a Science Test-4hrs
Chalmers:  Well, look at that.  The kids’ test scores are up.  Way up!  I’m talking “satisfactory” up!  Well done, Seymour!
Skinner: Thank you, sir.  Although I have to admit, I had help.
Chalmers: Yes, yes, well all assumed that.

High School Low Pt. 1
After tapping Chalmers

Chalmers: Look at this!  Improved test scores have earned me a citation from Town Hall, “in recognition of exemplary performance.”  You did all the work, Skinner, and I got all the credit!  It’s every bureaucrat’s dream!
Skinner: And it’s every toadying lickspittle’s dream to make his boss’s dream come true!  Congratulations!
Make Chalmers Visit Town Hall– 8hrs
Keep Quimby free when complete

High School Low Pt. 2
After tapping Quimby

Quimby: In recognition of your fine work turning around Springfield Elementary, Superintendent Chalmers, you are hereby promoted to Intendent of Springfield High School.
Chalmers: Thank you, Mr. Mayor.  Two questions: one, how is going from “Superintendent” to “Indendent” a promotion; and two, are you aware that Intendent is a made-up word?
Quimby: I oughta be, I made it up!  It means a “principal,” but where the town doesn’t have the money to hire a principal because of widespread corruption that is in no way the mayor’s fault.
Chalmers: I got into education because I wanted to cut art budgets, not have contact with children!  I won’t last a day!
Make Chalmers Intend Springfield High School-12hrs
Chalmers starts the next

To be continued….

I’ll be back with the 3rd (and final) part of the walkthrough tomorrow tappers!  Enjoy level 34, it’s got a lot of great tapper humor in it!

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