2D vs 3D

People continually ask me what the difference in 2D vs 3D is. In my latest rambling of words and crazy ideas in my head, I will break them down for you in a very basic and short post.





Images, designs, and/or words that lay flat in your TSTO towns. This could be as simple as writing a name to the extreme of using over 1000 decorations to make an intricate photo across your land. The items seem to flow seamlessly into your land. These type of designs usually take up just the area you predetermine. You can also use the “wording” to leave a small message to a neighbor (if you are not in contact in one of the blogs/social sites already). Something like, “Hi, Joe!” It adds a little more options and a fun way to communicate that is currently not available in the game for us (hint hint EA).





Decorations that seem to almost grow out/pop out of your land. Rising anywhere from a little bit to several stories into the air. You can make a building look like it is on a higher level than the surrounding ones, make water appear to flow from a mountaintop down into a lake below, make steps leading up up up into a location or down down down under ground. You can also make extra building or structures that you are wanting, but are not available in the game. Like a parking garage, addition to a house, or extra wings/rooms for the hospital. Many times this type of design takes up a large amount of land due to you need the space to make the “step-up” or “step down” to another level.



You can always mix the 2D & 3D together.



Either way, they add a unique look to your town. The possibilities are endless. They also help to make your town stand out from the others. I hope this gives you a general idea of the difference between 2D & 3D . I will be making another post soon that will focus more on 3D designs and how to make them.


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  1. Are there paths available for strolling in areas set up as parks?

    • Honestly…nothing I’ve seen. So I use the pavement and add decorations/shrubs around it creating curves and waves to give appearance of a smaller path.

  2. I hope you like mine. I started with the Simpsons Skyscraper in March and did others since then. Google image Meldesigner and you’ll see more of my designs.

  3. Great article bunny! Wish there were more like this when I started the game.

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