Shop Till You Drop: Maximizing Your Conform-O-Meter Consumerism Rating

Back with another installment of the Conform-O-Meter posts!  Recently I started breaking down what the Conform-O-Meter is and how it works.  The Conform-O-Meter is an important part of Tapped-Out because it provide you with a bonus boost in your cash and XP from everything you collect in the game.  When you achieve a 5-Star Town (it’s max rating) you will receive a 5% bonus on all money and XP collected in your town.  If you missed the previous Conform-O-Meter posts check here for the basics and here for how many points you’ll need to reach 5 stars.
Today I want to talk about your Consumerism Rating and what you can do to maximize it on your Conform-O-Meter….so let’s go shopping shall we?
tsto conform o meter consumerism

You can open up your Conform-O-Meter and check where you’re currently sitting with your Consumerism rating by tapping the stars on the bottom left of your main screen, while your in Springfield (Krustyland has it’s own Krust-O-Meter which you can read about here).  When you tap on the stars this is what opens up:

consumerYour Consumerism rating is impacted by the number of shops in your town (as TSTO says, “buying stores for suckers to drop dough”).  The more shops you have the higher your Consumerism rating will be. Every shop in the game adds 10 points to the consumerism rating.

So just how many points do you need to max out your Consumerism Rating?  Here’s a handy guide to help you max out at all levels:

Level Points # of Buildings Needed
1 thru 4 12 2
5 24 3
6 30 3
7 thru 11 60 6
12 thru 13 72 8
14 84 9
15 132 14
16 thru 18 168 17
19 thru 29 180 18
30 thru 31 192 20
32 204 21
33 thru 35 240 24
36 thru 37 252 26
38 262 26
39 264 27
40 272 28
41 thru 43 282 29
44 288 29
45 318 32

Which Buildings Help Your Consumerism Rating?As you can see the higher the level you achieve in the game, the more points are required to maintain your 5 Star rating.

Android’s Dungeon
King Toot’s
Herman’s Military Antiques
Sir Putt-A-Lots
Springfield Grocery Store
ZiffCorp Sign
ZiffCorp Office Building
Fortress of Choclitude
Honest John’s Computers
Vulgari Jewelry Store
Noiseland Arcade
Itchy & Scratchy Store
Malaria Zone
Turban Outfitters
My First Tattoo
Just Rainsticks
Crypto Barn
Ferris Wheel*
Limited-Time (NLA)
House of Evil
Mapple Store
Howard’s Flowers
 Money Pool
Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop
Blocko Store
Caesar’s Pow-Wow Indian Casino
Present Depot
Santa’s Workshop
Springfield Mall
Mr. Sparkle Billboard
Sprawl Mart
Fireworks Candy & Puppy dogs
Lotto ‘N’ Liquor
*Denotes multiples can be purchased

So how do you hit the magic number?  Well once you reach level 12 in the game you unlock the Kwik-E-Mart Franchise.. This allows you to purchase multiple Kwik-E-Marts to help you reach the number of shops you’ll need to hit 5 stars.  If you’re a premium player you can also purchase multiple Ferris Wheels for your Squidport.

I’ll be back with more Conform-O-Meter information in the coming days!

34 responses to “Shop Till You Drop: Maximizing Your Conform-O-Meter Consumerism Rating

  1. Just curious how up to date the consumerism list is. Thanks for all you do. 🙂

  2. Hi, im just trying my very best to get my last half star of consumerism but to no avial…im on level 51….have almost everything including 36 kwik e marts and all the tasks completed till that level…. but can’t get the last half star…. 🙁 ….any suggestions??

    • Consumerism is tough. There’s really no trick to it. All I can tell you is more kwik-e-marts. Or The farmer’s market will boost it by 10. There aren’t many items that boost consumerism that you can purchase a lot of (except KEMs and Ferris Wheels)

  3. Hi 🙂

    I am trying to get my last star, but consumerism is holding me back. I cannot find the Zip Corp sign. Was that a limited time item? Is it still available?

  4. kingofstillwater

    Are there any decorations that effect the consumerism rating

    • Not really regular items that you can get to add multiples of to raise it. Off the top of my head I believe the ziff corp sign does, but you can only have 1 of those. Outside of that and decorations that boost it have been limited-time

  5. Thanks for the info! This would help me a lot on playing Tapped out on Level 44, I’m having hard time increasing my Consumerism rating. But not this time. Thanks again!

  6. so I maxed out my rating to 5 stars but I did not get the 5% multiplier. what gives?

  7. I am on level 36 and have purchased two Kwik E Marts, but both have Apu related to them. How do I get it to be a franchise one? Great site, awesome advice.

    • The ONLY way to tell what is the regular and what is the Franchise (outside the cost to buy it in beginning) is to store them. The one the pulls Apu completely out of the game is the Original. (It may even show as not for sale or selling for less when you try.)

  8. Where do premium buildings with characters fit in? Like the bowling alley with barny?

  9. How is the ferris wheel at 120 donuts co spidered non premium?

  10. Now we have had a lot of level upgrades is there an update to this post anywhere about the new buildings that count?

    • We put out new conform posts each update. A new consolidated one is coming. Just a lot of work and other posts take priority now.

  11. I just won the BLOCKO store (the first & only building so far) and am glad that it goes towards CONSUMERISM. Is there any building or item which contributes more than 10 points? I wish it were like VANITY, and TREE-HUGGING where some items are worth more points? OR is there a “TRAINING WALL” decoration-style equivalent? Something that would not take as mus space as a KEM.

    Freemium items are my preference, but if there are some items which take a small amount of donuts, then I may spend the ones I picked up during normal game play.

    • Unfortunately not. All buildings only contribute 10 points. And kwik-e-marts and Ferris wheels are the only ones you can have multiples of.

  12. FINALLY. I have gotten my the last half star that I was lacking for my five-star Springfield!!! Consumerism was a real snitch to max out. Without spending donuts on SprawlMart, ferris wheel, or TryNSave, I had to build *8* KEMs. Three are openly visible, three are hidden behind Costington’s & the Empire State Building, one behind the High School, and one behind the Grocery Store.

    Since 8 KEMs + the 12 shops listed above that I have (10 nonprm +HF+HoE) = 20, I’m guessing that there are some buildings missing from the list. I hunted all around the interweb for a comprehensive list and couldn’t find one. The Grocery Store must be one of the four not accounted for; what are the other three?

    • They are scattered throughout the posts on our site in regards to Conform-O-Meter changes for each event and each new Level Update.

      We are working on a Master List, however it is quite a LOT of information to put together and in a way that makes sense. We will post it when complete. In the meantime, feel free to use our “Search” option in the tops menus on the Home Page. Just search for Conform-O-Meter and it will pull up all the posts we have on the site. (Basically a Google search for just Addicts site.)

      Or to make it really quick…go to our Tips & Tricks section and the “Conform-O-Meter”.

  13. Mmhmm, so the struggle to get my consumerism rating from 4.5 to 5 stars ends at the kwik-e-mart?! egggg-cellent!

  14. Okay, I know this is a dated question but I was reading another TSTO blog ( I know, I am sorry. I will send Bunny some extra “water” to pay for my lapse in judgement.) and it indicated that the Mapple Store made a return during the Christmas 2013 event.was this true? If so I can kick myself for missing it,.but dont remembering seeing it. If it did return did it only return for Apple players? If it did, and I would have known I would have borrowed my friends IPAD to purchase it for my town..

    • It did not return and you didn’t miss it. Hope that makes you feel better. As for reading other blogs, it’s all good. We know there is a lot of info on the ultraweb. What matters to us is you keep coming back here.

    • Lol…BLASPHEMY!!! Actually there are some great people that write all around (just as long as I (we) are still your favorite, right?)

      I still loves yah. 😉

      • Bunny you are right this is my main go to blog. I used to frequent another but once I found this site it quickly became my favorite and main site. I love your mix of humor and facts!!!!

  15. I found it! Nevermind! Thank you! Lol =p

  16. Is there an updated report like for level 38? I do not want to seem illiterate but I’ve been looking all day and reading everything and can’t find any updated for level 38. Please help.

  17. Awesome blog man really helpful! Love it!

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