Your Other Device Didn’t Save? What Other Device?

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Hey Tappers!

Sometimes, if your internet connection drops while you’re playing the game, you’ll get a message saying “WARNING! Your other device didn’t save your Springfield.  Please sign into that device before playing” and you’ll be prompted with an OK or a Play Now button.  Getting a message that your other device didn’t save can be worrying – especially if you don’t have another device.  Don’t worry – if you really don’t have another device, it’s still safe to proceed. So go ahead and tap Play Now.  You’ll of course be prompted with an “are you sure” box, and if you don’t have another device, it’s generally safe to tap “Continue” – there’s usually no progress lost at all.

By the way, if you actually do have another device, it’s perfectly normal to see this message. All you have to do is do what it tells you and everything should be okay!

Happy Tapping Friends!

10 responses to “Your Other Device Didn’t Save? What Other Device?

  1. I no longer have access to my other device, what should I do now?

  2. On level 70 n 4 2 weeks my game will not load says unfortunately tapped out has stopped closed and reported many times but no luck any body know how i can fix it ?

  3. What if I don’t have the device anymore

  4. Thank you. Im getting a little concerned about getting my pg to come up. 4 hrs of waiting and trying just wondering if im not doing something right here. My phone notifies me my friends of visited but i still am nit able to connect. Is this normal or is there a solution to this problem? I have encountered this in the past but it usually corrected itself very shortly. Leaving me to wonder if im doing something inaccurately.

    • If anything…just do as we say… tap on play anyway and continue. Ifeel it starts a new game on level 1…don’t worry. Play it til you can visit Neighbors, then log into your account email and password. (That info is in the other link I gave you)

      It happens now and then at times if you uninstall the game from your device. Other times updates and patches will log you out completely and you just need to log back in. So try it.

  5. This has happened to me and its put me right back to level 1?

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