TSTO Anonymous… I have no social life!

So… this game is “Life-Ruiningly Fun” and “a social game for crying out loud” but lately this Wookiee feels on some days that he has no social life. Probably my own fault but like any good Addict, I have chosen TSTO as my scapegoat lol. This process is called transference, look it up if you like!

We begin today’s bi-monthly meeting of TSTO Anonymous with a video provided by one of our members. He goes by the name Drew Dabble and is an outstanding blogger in his own right. (click here to check out his icy couch) Drew, or Double D as I like to call him, kindly let me share this video with all of us. He’s an advocate for… err…. I mean against TSTO ruining your life.

Wow… that really showed some seriously educational information. I didn’t know I could take moonlight strolls with Homer down the beach or play drums in a band! I’m so gonna have to go check it out………


Ok, sorry…. I know I was gone a while but Marge had to walk Maggie and then I noticed one of my 2D’s needed a slight tweak and then had to do some other stuff. Funnily enough, the above line was meant as a joke but then Homer did the racing theme and I actually left this post chilling out. How’s that for addiction?

crazy krusty

I know how crazy an Addict can get when EA has server issues or a building takes 5 days or my tapped-out friends don’t respond quickly enough. But as much fun as I have immersed in TSTO and all things The Simpsons, a good life needs balance.

So today’s meeting is dedicated to having a social life. This weekend, to show we’re actually trying to curb our addiction, try and do something fun that is non-Simpsons related. Here’s ten ideas I came up with (listed numerically in Swedish in honor of yet another supportive Addict, the one and only Em Cha).

En: Spend some quality time with the kids

Family time (2)

family time

Två: Go hunting or fishing



Tre: Hang out with friends you may have been neglecting


Fyra: Crochet or scrap book or whatever it is that old people do

old people

old people1

Fem: Go golfing without your cell phone



Sex: Go out to dinner with somebody, anybody, just as long as their name isn’t Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa , Maggie or Gary Coleman

gary coleman



Sju: Search the internet for Futurama related content (that one’s for you Drew!)

bender shortseater

Åtta: Go to the park, hike, have a picnic… just get outside already (preferably in an area with no cell service lol)


Nio: Get a tattoo

marge tattoo


Tio: And lastly, try hard to avoid whatever channel shows the Simpsons on Sunday (unless that channel also plays American Football)


There are so many options available. No matter how you spend your weekend, I hope it’s a good one and don’t forget to contact your sponsors if you feel yourself slipping. I’d love to hear what shenanigans you all get up to in the comments. Well, the coffee is going cold and I’m all out of ideas to keep this meeting going. Let’s end with the TSTOA Serenity Prayer.

“EA, grant me the serenity to accept the updates I cannot change, the courage to recommend the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

FYI… if you type in Simpsons Addiction on Google and click on images… two of my 2Ds are actually in the top 75 images (one is even in the top 50). You know you’re an addict when….

Wookiee out!

4 responses to “TSTO Anonymous… I have no social life!

  1. Älskar nedräkningen! [love the countdown]!

  2. I went out to dinner the other night with my “friend:” and we went to his house and watched a movie, World War Z, I am babysitting my nieces and nephew right now and was talking to my son and his gf ( we might go fishing tomorrow), I am looking into a new tattoo.

    I guess I am doing pretty good this week.

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