Is this a dream…or a NIGHTMARE???!!!!

Sometimes…late at night…while I am in my stretchy pants…I have these AWFUL dreams take over my mind. Nightmares if you will. In them…THERE IS NO 2D ART, ANYWHERE!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Just a short time ago, Wookiee and I had mini contests associated with our 2D art. What do you know, our frequent reader Mags won on them both. On Wookiee’s for her 2D Maggie creation, and “How many…how much” on my Sideshow Bob 2D art. (FYI…Mummie won as well. Stay tuned for what she comes up with.) Mags prize? A custom 2D from each contest. How lucky is she? Well…EXTREMELY. 😛

In choosing a custom 2D, the sky is the limit. It can be difficult to pick just one. She won twice, so what did Mags pick? A combined 2D…in a way. For all you Addicts of TSTO, I am sure you are also Addicts of the TV series just as much. Mags idea came from Treehouse of Horror IX. During the opening/couch gag, we can see Freddy & Jason sitting patiently on the couch awaiting the arrival of the Simpsons. Little do they know, most of the Simpsons perished outside the garage door.  Freddy exclaims, “Where are they? They should be here by now!” To which Jason replies, “Eh. Whaddya gonna do?” They then proceed to just watch TV.

Mags would pick these two. Why you ask? Well for starters, Maggie appears in a Jason comic book. Then wouldn’t you know it, Maggie is Freddy’s daughter. REALLY! (Family portrait Mags?)

…and so our journey into my nightmare…err…I mean my creation begins.

What did I use? Well I couldn’t make up my mind…so I just colored it all with a big fat purple crayon. 😛

…and so ends the 2D for today. Huh? Whaddya mean, “IS THAT IT??!” Sheesh. Spoiled lil children, aren’t yah? FINE FINE FINE FINE!!! Only cuz Mags begged and pleaded…and cookies were exchanged…and souls given away…

I had originally thought to put the two of them together on the couch. I just didn’t think I had the space to do it, so I figured I could create them separately.

couch attempt

So I started out on Freddy first, it is Mags Daddy after all. (FYI, I jumped towns to do this work, unfortunately this town had NO propane tanks. SAD DAY!) I compromised and decided to try and use trash cans to make the eyes, accompanied by the snapdragons. I used the usual small shrub to outline the face features. Eyes, noes, mouth, and ears.

Now this is where being sick, on meds, and out of my frakkin mind OUTSIDE the normal messes with me doing 2Ds. I jumped all over the place. I started to work on his hat…this part is a lil fuzzy. (Maybe Freddy was starting to get into my head, or me into his?) I attempted to make a hat for him with the boardwalk benches. Looked like crap. So I figured I could try the boardwalk fences instead.

Things happened. Voices were heard. There may have been some crying involved. Then **POOF**, a hat appeared like magic. Three, Four…I’d better lock my door.

Five, Six..where the heck is my crucifix?

Hey, why are YOU shivering? This happened to ME! Story too scary for you? TOO BAD! On we go. Keep up will yah. Don’t want the scary guy with the knives standing behind you to catch up. Seven, Eight…I’m staying up too late.

Now nobody in their right mind likes to run around with their clothes off, well….ok…MAYBE in horror stories…but I do NOT want to see that. SO PUT SOME ON…Freddy… Newspaper dispensers for a splash of red, and small shrubs for the green…

…and we are jumping again. Apparently my brain checked out and my hand took over to make Freddy…a hand. Trash can and boardwalk fence hand. (Oh, and somewhere in there the eye trash cans were replaced with carved ice sculptures.)

Nope didn’t like that one…so we will try another one…and at this point I got the epiphany to fill in his face with orange cones/pylons.

…and we’re back to clothes again. Hands, clothes, face, hands, clothes, face…sigh. Then the filling in of said clothes. LOTS N LOTS N LOTS N LOTS N LOTS of filling in of clothes (this town doesn’t have a stockpile like I am used to).

Are we done yet? OH, we are? Good. 

K. All done…that completes our…WHAT NOW? I said I was gonna make two? Oh yah. Shoot. Must be nice you all can sleep and I gotta stay up and keep watch.
Nine, Ten…I’ll never sleep again.

Jumping around. Changing my mind. Talking to some weird guy in the corner with a hatchet…we decided to put the two back together…again.

Now without my precious-es, propane tanks…I decided to give the old carved ice sculptures a try to make the hockey mask. Due to the very odd shape and size of these, I could only do a rough outline. Filling it in looked sooooooo weird. (I’ll show yah in a bit). Snapdragons worked for the eyes and random air holes.

Small shrubs for the small part of his head and ears you can see. White fences for the head strap.

A touch of wooden fences for his t-shirt underneath. The main shirt will be a mix of the blue/green shrubs and small shrubs, snap dragons for buttons…

…and we are nightmare jumping again…weeeeeeee fun. The big guy in the corner is motioning to me that he wants his hatchet. So a hatchet it is. Trash can hatchet. Sheesh this guy is pushy…errr…I mean…YOU’RE SO AWESOME DUDE! 🙂

Back to the filling in of the clothing. Filling n filling n filling.

Last, but certainly not least…the infamous Simpson Couch. Boardwalk bench couch. (Doesn’t sound very comfy to me).

(OH…almost forgot…this is what a filled in carved ice sculpture face starts to look like. Just a blob of white. No features.)

…and thus two creepy men sitting on a couch…

I mean …here they are…AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!

…and thus ends the nightmare I have been trapped in for the last few hours…errr…I mean…HERE IS YOUR SUPER COOL 2D MAGS…YOU BETTER…errr…I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!! 😛
Time for me to hop off this crazy dream. Until next time. Keep on tapping.


Hey…I WAS trying to sleep here…whaddya want now? Oh? Will there be another contest? Well OF COURSE!! One is actually going on RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE. So clicky the linky and get-ty to…ummm…stuff-y. Yah. Hurry up. Not many have entered and the top 5 are guaranteed a prize. FREE DONUTS! WOOHOO!!

8 responses to “Is this a dream…or a NIGHTMARE???!!!!

  1. Really, really, REALLY Awesome!!!! 😀

  2. Love the crayon drawing, Bunny! Also, fantastic work on 2-d Freddy. Awesome that Freddy is Mags’ dad! The 2-D version of Mags’ dad isn’t nearly as scary as the movie version. 🙂

  3. LMAO!!! This is fantastic!!!!! I love it ! I do appreciate your work into it. I did tell you didn’t have to, but I am glad you did. Here you been sick also. Thank You!

    • I didn’t have to but I WANTED to. 🙂
      Sick or not, 2Ds bring me such joy and giggles. I love making them. 🙂
      They help me feel better when I’m at my worst. Keep the ideas coming. 😛

  4. Classic horror movies, Simpsons, Bunny 2D and humor… EPIC!

    P.S. Your Freddy is much scarier cuz he has 2 claws! Sorry but I just noticed and couldn’t help myself.

    Nothing but 2D love for ya Bunns…

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