Simpson, Homer Simpson…. he’s the greatest guy in history….


From the, town of Springfield… he’s about to hit a Chestnut tree… D’oh!


Apologies… that phrase just has to be finished. Is the jingle stuck in your head yet? Let’s all sing together…


Hey… cut off that infernal racket… I’m blogging here…

Homer Jay Simpson. A character so popular that if you even know a little bit about the Best. Show. Ever., you don’t even have to look information up about him. Whether he’s stuffing his face with (insert food item here) or blundering into another crazy scheme, drinking his face off or trying to be a “good” parent/husband/employee, he is utterly and unquestionably hilarious albeit highly unresponsible. His catchphrase D’oh aka (annoyed grunt) is so awesome it is even in the Dictionary! (Merriam-Webster, added in 1993, used as an interjection, definition: used to express sudden recognition of a foolish blunder or an ironic turn of events)

In The Simpsons Tapped Out, Homer of course blows up Springfield because he is too busy playing a Tapped Out-esque game.


While hopefully no one reading this is at risk of committing an error of this magnitude while attending to their addiction, I’m glad Homer hooked this Wookiee up, because I love, love, love this game!


Homer appears immediately in the game (FOR FREE!) and goes right to “work” assisting you (the almighty sky finger) in rebuilding Springfield. He is a voiced character (Dan Castellaneta) and usually plays an integral part in the varied levels EA comes up with.

Here are Homer’s tasks: [Levels are only listed if after Level 10]

Clean Up Springfield (6 sec, $35, 1 XP)

Although the quick cash may seem worth it for newer players, make sure you don’t want your rubbish before you clean up as the detritus does make cool decorations in a town. In addition, some of the trash works well for 2D Decorating.

Play with his myPad (45 sec, $3, 1 XP)


Isn’t this how the whole problem started?

Break into the Brown House and Watch TV (3 min, $6, 2 XP)

The Former residence of Ruth & Laura Powers, Sideshow Bob, and Flanders’ cousin Ted.

Trip to Lard Lad (5 min, $15, 5 XP) [This requires a premium building for 110 donuts. Gotta pay some to get Homer some donuts. Mmm… donuts.]

Go for a Checkup (10 min, $17, 5 XP) [Requires Hibbert Family Practice, Level 24]

Eat at Krusty Burger (30 min, $40, 10 XP)

Shop At Kwik E Mart (60 min, $70, 17 XP)


Dine at the Truffle (2 hrs, $110, 27 XP) [Level 16]


Visit the Track (3 hrs, $135, 35 XP) [Requires Springfield Downs, Level 16]

Way Over Sleep for a Power Nap (4 hrs, $175, 45 XP)


Homie likes to sleep a ton. On the couch, at work, while driving… perfect task for him.

Browse the Mapple Store (5 hrs, $200, 50 XP) [This is a task using a limited-time building from Christmas 2012]


Lounge in the Pool (6 hrs, $225, 55 XP)


This has always been one of my favorite Homer moments.

Drink at Moe’s (8 hrs, $275, 70 XP) [Level 15]


Attend Church (12 hrs, $420, 100 XP) [Level 14]

Plant Shift (16 hrs, $500, 110 XP) [Level 11]


Go Bowling (20 hrs, $750, 200 XP) [Requires Barney’s Bowlarama, 250 donuts]


Watch Monkey Trauma Center Marathon (24 hrs, $600, 150 XP)

In addition to all these tasks, for those lucky enough to have been playing during limited time offerings, Homer has the most costumes (aka skins) of any character in TSTO. Not to mention each of these come with unique tasks? Woo hoo!

From Halloween 2012… Mayan Homer


From the Season 24, Episode 7 (The Day the Earth Stood Cool) Tie-in… Cool Homer


Christmas 2012… Santa Homer AND Mr. Plow


Whacking Day 2013… Ninja Homer


All of the tasks for Homer can be found on The Simpsons Tapped Out Wiki btw (the costume links are towards the bottom). A lot of the animations are really cool and I hope a bunch of us have these skins. Well, that’s about it for good old Homer J. Happy tapa-tapa-tapping every one.

4 responses to “Simpson, Homer Simpson…. he’s the greatest guy in history….

  1. I am playing since Christmas 2012, and I don’t have a single Homer costume yet – Do’h!

  2. You’re very welcome Em. I love having jingles stuck in me noggin.

  3. Thx alot! Now that tune will be stuck in my head for the rest of the week!
    The chick is Renee, I think. Flowergirl. Homer “steals” and are suppose to crash Moe’s car for insurance…

  4. Who’s Moe’s chick in the gilded truffle picture?

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