Who’s excited for Season 25 of The Simpsons?! This guy that’s who!

Hi everyone!  I know our friends at Topix posted about this same topic (although slightly different) last week and I guess great minds do think alike!  Nick had sent us this post early last week and we decided to hold off on posting it until today (since the season premiere, in the US, is a week away).  Hope you all enjoy his take on the Season 25 premiere and possible tie-in items!

Hello Fellow Addicts!

As an avid Simpsons Fanatic since I was, well, Bart’s age I look forward to September every year & no not because I enjoy school!  September means 2 things to me 1) Football is back & 2) The Simpsons return!  How can you not love a Sunday where your day starts with Football games & ends with The Simpsons?!

So, it looks as though the first episode (airs September 29th) of The Simpsons quarter-century season will be a parody of ‘Homeland’, and Kristen Wigg will be guest starring, as an FBI Agent (Annie)!  From the previews I’ve seen it looks like it’s going to be a great episode.  Take a look:

You can also find a video preview of Kristen Wigg’s guest star spot here: http://screencrush.com/the-simpsons-kristen-wiig-homeland-homerland/

But this is a blog about Tapped-Out & not just The Simpsons, so I’ve been thinking of some possible episode tie-in items that could be added to TSTO and here’s what I’ve come up with:


s25e1 cloud
Mushroom Cloud

s25 e1 map
Power Plant Blue Prints

s25 e1 chair
Interrogation Chair & Headphones

s25e1 van
Terrorist Van

s25e1 weird thing under tarp
Weird Thing Under a Tarp


s25e1 annie
FBI Agent Annie

s25e1 security
Power Plant Security Guard


s25e1 homer freakout
Make Homer Freak Out at the Sight of Beer (if you watch the clip above you’ll see why)

What additions would you add for an episode tie in?  Will you be watching the Season Premiere?

Until Next Time Addicts

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  1. It would be great to see FBI Agent Annie as a character! I would also like to see polite homer costume and the terroist van would make a nice addition 🙂 Can’t wait to see what EA has planned. My guess the update would come between Tuesday and Thursday

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