I’m Bart Simpson, who the hell are you?

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Bart: “Let me start at the start, then take it away.
My name is Simpson, Bartholemew J.
That’s Bart, with an art, and a capital B,
Then Simp, plus S-O-N, that’s me!

Introductions aside, let’s move right along,
You can all sing along at the sound of the gong.”


Simpsons sing the blues

Well hello there friends! Excuse me, I was blaring my music on cassette tape in my Walkman there for a second. Oh you heard? Rad! If you don’t recognize those lyrics, they are from Deep, Deep Trouble (one of my favorite Simpsons songs that was on The Simpsons Sing the Blues). I encourage you to look up all the lyrics online because they are quite funny. (search “deep deep trouble lyrics” in your engine).


Little known fact about this song is it was created by Matt Groening and DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince (aka Will Smith). When this album dropped in 1990, they were the cat’s pajamas AND the bee’s knees. Ok, I’m dating myself… how to divert your attention from my actual age… I know! Most people prefer instant gratification thse days, right? Instead of a google search… here’s the music video…

Phew… that was a close one… Ok… I promise I have a point. This post is about Bartholomew JoJo Simpson. Bart is arguably the most recognized member of The Simpsons Clan and is the oldest of his 3 siblings.


Many episodes of the show are centered around this mischievous 4th grader. His trademark catchphrases of “Don’t have a cow man”, “Get Bent“, “Ay, Carumba”, and “Eat My Shorts” are great and admittedly helped this furry guy deal with a lot of my pre-teen angst in the 90’s lol. I for one was definitely caught up in Bartmania and grounded once or twice for my emulation of Bart. Somehow, “I didn’t do it, nobody saw me do it, can’t prove anything.“, never seemed to help.


Bart is unlocked in TSTO in Level 12 when you build his treehouse ($25000). After that, it’s all of his usual antics of mischief, rebellion, disrespect towards all forms of authority and irresponsible behavior (some of which is quite dangerous).


Bart is a voiced character and of course, FREE! (NERD ALERT: He is voiced by Nancy Cartwright. For the show, she originally tried out for Lisa and Yeardley Smith tried out for Bart. This Wookiee is so happy they got swapped due to the pitch of their respective voices.)

Tasks for El Barto:

Run away with Kang (10 min, $17, 5 XP) [Requires Kang who was a 2012 Halloween tie-in character but rumor has it he may be back in 2013!]


Loiter at Android’s Dungeon (30 min, $40, 10 XP)


Shop at Kwik E Mart (60 min, $70, 17 XP)

Paintball in Brown House (2 hrs, $110, 27 XP)

Sneak into an R-Rated Movie (3 hrs, $150, 35 XP) [This requires the Aztec Theater which is a premium building that costs 80 donuts.]



Go to School (6 hrs, $225, 55 XP)


Skip School (8 hrs, $275, 70 XP)


Sunday School (12 hrs, $350, 100 XP) [Requires the First Church of Springfield which unlocks at Level 14]


Have a Sleepover (24 hrs, $600, 150 XP)


I could probably think of some other cool tasks for Bart but c’est la vie. These aren’t too shabby. Bart’s only skin to date in TSTO is the Kamp Bart Costume. This comes when you purchase Kamp Krusty which is a premium building and costs 200 donuts.


Kamp Bart’s Tasks:

Take Over Kamp Krusty (60 min, $105, 26 XP)

Go on a Rampage (4 hrs, $260, 70 XP)

Burn Krusty Effigy (see above… 8 hrs, $420, 105 XP)

Roast Marshmallows (12 hrs, $600, 150 XP)

Spend the Night at Kamp Krusty (24 hrs, $1000, 225 XP)

Well tapperinos… what more is there to say about the cowabunga fella. Since words seem cheap, here’s a few more images. Wookiee out!




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