Addicts 2013 Halloween Event Coverage


Hi Everyone!

Frequent readers of Addicts might notice a few little changes we’ve made to the site today, mainly in the menu bar.  These are small things we’re doing in preparation for the Halloween Event due out tomorrow!  We’ve tidied up our menu bar to make things easier for you, the amazing readers of Addicts, to find.

In addition to the menu bar clean up we’ve also created a page exclusively for the 2013 Halloween Event!  There you will find everything we’ve written about the Halloween event for easy access!  The Halloween page will not only be accessible from the top menu bar (under events), but also from the side bar to the right.  Just click on the Tapped Out Halloween image and it will take you right to our coverage!

We’ve also added one more great feature to our site…the official TSTO Addicts Forums!  While we absolutely love when you guys comment on the blog here (we we hope you still will) we’ve had some requests from readers that they’d like an easier way to communicate with each other.  We hope you’ll use the forums as a way to communicate with each other to help grow the TSTO Addicts community!  Again we still love your comments on the site & hope they keep coming!

Hope you all followed Bunny’s advice yesterday to get yourselves ready for the update tomorrow & remember this will most likely be an App update.  So keep checking your App stores (iTunes or Google Play) for the update!   Oh and you can add friends in preparation for the event here.

We’ll be working around the clock to keep you all updated with the most up-to-date information about the update!

Don’t forget to make sure your characters aren’t assigned to any 24hr tasks that will run into tomorrow.  Keep everyone on short tasks so they can be free when the update launches!

Until tomorrow!


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  1. Add me 🙂 pandaaalion I’m a daily user and visitor

  2. I don’t like waiting for America time to catch up….it’s 7 pm Tuesday 1 October….need update….but i am guessing i will be awake til the wee hours of the morning….waiting…waiting

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