Mini Update 10/30-Preparation for Halloween

Hopefully most of you in both Android and Apple markets have got the mini update loaded to your phone by now (my Android phone went all sorts of crazy and jumped back to 1 then spun through all the updates a million miles an hour til it was complete. Lol). This should be in preparation for the “free treat” EA has planned as yet another gift for the Halloween Event. There was much speculation and many items that could possibly be gifted to us. Being the cruel and mischievous Bunny that I am, I will not spoil this one. Just make sure you log into your game tomorrow to get your treat as it will ONLY be available on 10/31/2013 (U.S.A).



9 responses to “Mini Update 10/30-Preparation for Halloween

  1. lalalaaa!!! Not listening… good night! I’ll check in after I see the surprise! lol

  2. Im in AUS will we get the gifts?
    Its the 31st today and it did an update, will it be here tomorrow or later today?

    • You will…like I stated in my post…it is 10/31/2013 USA time. It is still Wednesday night here in the US. Still the 30th. I would start checking your game within the next 12 hours. That’ll be about 7 am time where EA is located. Hope that helps. πŸ™‚

    • Also…as usual…we will put up details and info as soon as we start to see it, so keep an eye here on the blog too. πŸ™‚

  3. hey can you send me info via emial?

  4. hey bunny, we have a spoilers topic over at the forum. I already posted one speculation. can you drop by and give us a hint of what you’ve heard? thanks πŸ˜›

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