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Oh Moe!  Level 15 of TSTO introduces Moe, his tavern & Marge into the game…everything Homer loves most in this world!

More details on Moe (and his Simpsons back story) coming soon…but for now let’s take a look at his in game quests:

Task Time Payout
Shop at Kwik-E-Mart 1hr $75/20xp
Visit the Track 3hrs $150/35xp
Visit Jake’s Unisex Hair Palace 4hrs $175/45xp
Smuggle Engangered Species 8hrs $275/75xp
Spy on Midge 12hrs $350/100xp
Water Down Beer 24hrs $600/150xp

And (although no longer available) there was a Respectable Moe Skin launched back in the Spring for 2013, an episode tie-in for Whiskey Business.  Here are the tasks associated with Respectable Moe (note the 1hr task does require the premium limo that was available during the same tie-in):

Task Time Payout
Fun in the Limo (Requires Limo) 1hr $70/17xp
Dine at the Truffle 2hrs $110/27xp
Charge More for Drinks 4hrs $175/45xp
Strut in Suit 12hrs $420/100xp
Distill 15-yr Old Wiskey 24hrs $600/150xp
Clean Up The Tavern 2days $1000/250xp

Looking for a walkthrough for Moe’s quests?  Check out the Level 15 guide here!

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  1. That picture is not of Moe as a child. It is of an unnamed child that is called Little Moe Szyslak by Martin when he is trying to figure out whose initials are LMS (turns out to be Lisa M. Simpson).

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